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talkthrough natalie brooks: secrets of treasure house part 7

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talkthrough natalie brooks: secrets of treasure house part 7

part 7

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Okay I finally got it and now to restart oh I don't wanna break my neck I'm glad his office was on the first floor and I need to get to the archery Archer I hope this Mother's Bowl help me find some evidence in the sky.

It's at the back door with a security system like this they inflate the doors will not yep they.

Sure can look at all these sensors this must be why for not looks like I'd. Better be careful it's the new mage for.

Powering down alarm system.

Card make it to the finish line one year and a so I mean that you were me to. Appreciate to the next one two arrows meaning that you have to three.

Well explanation we just need to turn on.

The lights let's get started I need to.

Find a baby.

And enough money for the alarm system and not new stairs.

Oops smoking. Give me the file everybody.

Chin down I could could prove useful but. I can't rip it off.

If it's not have to put the rest.

Aka dangerous chemical turning off but they record up we heated break-ins arrests October 15 1985 darkness became deformed.

A number of steps the most and famous.

Being that an ancient sword shield doing.

A crown from the natural museum these items haven't been done yet crack cracks been used a lockpick he.

Designed himself from the following objects bubblegum here spring staple payment and wire electric wire he stole. Valuable items from the museum right key I should keep tabs on him I've.

Got this file will tell me how to make one of these master keys.

Oh magnet my name is in Granberry Rodrick Oh Bob speaker and computers.

It's all I remember about magnets from a. Physician's class.

Okay now we're gonna let picking.

Object phone patience inspector large-scale lovely. According to surveillance data the suspect constantly changes locations and more from skillfully invades and seems to.

Know what we're going to do before we do it this led us to believe he has an.

Information in from me did in the police.

Department penetration hasn't yielded much information that operation.

Be considered a failure the only.

Information we hope we acquire is the.

Location of one of the suspects warehouses the cave south east of the city it says campus located southeast part of the city look let the search begin.

I hope nobody saw me just like any.

Series muffler this one is hiding outside outside the town all right the.

Doozer said something about south east. Of this think did you bu somewhere wow.

What a view I feel like Ella's chasing the white rabbit this muffler is definitely a romantic gorgeous you're selling some.

Exclusive machine there's the client so it's not going to work baby the cops raided my warehouse and took everything even their room I don't need warm I need radio bugs. Uh-huh the girl wants to be a snoop do. You want to keep an eye on your boyfriend or are you trying to cheat on the exam neither I have some issues with the planter please about chief Johnson to be got in.

Addition this sister let me see what I've got I have that old thing on that shelf it doesn't work but you could try it to fix it unless you want for what are you talking about baby for you everything everything's up on the house the chief and I are the big friends either if you know what I mean if you could fix my boat though I appreciate it like how.

He's 3d and everything.

So today wish I could okay something.

Circuses performance swallowing burning torches but I can't do this I don't even. Want to try.

I think we should fasten them for.


X22 for eight the latest model almost impossible to detect it's best to attach them to wiring socket serve bones.

Yeah yeah okay that's the same thing of a hammer.

All better fish and enough.


People look please can we break down mr. stupid cops.

It looks complicated yeah my brother made it make a sling and take a shot.

Just like didn't a shooting range.

And doesn't fit there.


Goodnight looks like an abortion.

Okay till next year.


Draw the picture.


What do you.

He's up.


With battery.

Oh and how you did it so bad.

Okay I'll be right back after I download.

This part and track it is like a hint or two

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