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Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift - Arctic Games Walkthrough : Part 7 - "Glacier Hopping"

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Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift - Arctic Games Walkthrough : Part 7 -

Let's Play Walkthrough of Ice Age: Continental Drift -- Arctic Games with Live Gameplay on XBOX PS3 and PC in High Definition.

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I can act like this in my sleep.

I'm Diego I'm like the wind.

Come on I'd be scared out back to the back your goes yeah.

Slav good hop better than that I'm good.


Here goes it going before you get there.

Xavier go hotplate win here goes pop do.

It buddy.

Come on I've seen Syd off faster than that yeah right there ah bastard yeah go.

Faster here goes oh good Diego.


Rattles cat-like reflexes on your tail.

Oh I'm moving ah.

Yeah I always land on my phone.

Losing isn't in my nature that last race tire you out need a catnap kitty call me kitty again and you'll be down to eight lives now I am not tired I don't know your eyes look pretty sleepy there my eyes are sensitive to campfire smoke all those fumes I'll race you again if you're not too worn out ah no way wipe those campfire eyes and let's hop to it you and your scurvy crew better be ready for the next event don't you worry my scurvy crew is born ready ha you think your own crew is scurvy no I'd think that you're cleverly trying to psych me out and it's not gonna work anymore oh so you admit it was working la-la-la-la can't hear you getting ready for the next event lalalalala

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