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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 22

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 22

October 9, 1888. Baker St.

Where does Jack the Ripper live?

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First of all let's place our four murders on this map as well as the spot where the graffiti appeared and the piece of apron was dropped.

Perfect Watson let's connect each crime scene to the one out of the others that is the farthest.

You see Watson the murders aren't pumped together but seem to be spread out like cardinal points around a central zone the killer obviously wanted to avoid returning to their previous scenes of his crimes assuming that they would be more closely watched or that he could be recognized so the killer lives at the center of this cross in the vicinity most certainly but how near we cannot afford to get it wrong if you concentrate Watson you will notice that the murders are roughly equidistant from the intersection point of the diagonals let's focus on the night of the double murder remember what it took us 20 minutes to get from duckville yards to mitre square let's draw a line from one to the other.

Perfect we didn't make the trip as the crow flies but that would not harm our estimate let's suppose the killer left duck Fields yard at 1:00 a.m. and arrived in mitre square at 1:35 a.m. when he was seen by the two josephs if he took five minutes to change his clothes that leaves a range of 10 minutes to determine where this man's lodgings are we must determine the area in which one can go from that fields yards of mitre square in less than half an hour to do this let's draw an ellipsis the length between duck films yard and mitre square corresponds to 20 minutes by adding half we get a distance of 30 minutes by taking the two right segments each starting from the two murder scenes and which the sum of the lengths makes 30 minutes we get our Lipsey's there we are Watson our killer.

Lives in this area it's still rather a vast area Holmes yes indeed and our goal is to reduce this area as much as we can we must consider the fact that the murdered mitre square was committed under a certain amount of pressure given that the killer knew he was wanted for the acts he committed not long before we can assume that he had to do it in a safe zone that is an area not far from where he lives this is especially true of an act such as the graffiti carried out after two murders let's trace a circle around this point with the distance separating it from mitre square as the radius this will enable us to determine our killer's safe zone.

Our killer must surely live inside the circle now let's intersect it with ellipses that we previously determined.

There we are Watson the Aldgate district shouldn't we inform the police so that they can concentrate their efforts on this area of Whitechapel it is probably already crawling with inspectors Watson and I doubt that they would take us seriously even if they were willing to listen to what we had to say let's focus instead on understanding the killer's modus operandi we know our murderer preys on prostitutes who are penniless weak sick or alcoholic that he distracts them the moment before killing them and that he left an anonymous message inciting anti-semitic hatred at the entrance of a building occupied by Jews how would you describe this man water coward indeed he is a person of great cowardice let's look at his murders and in particular the depredations on the corpses putting aside that of Liz stride because on that occasion his work was left unfinished if we recall the observations made on the victims and the paths of where mutilated or damaged on each end of bodies without forgetting the fact that he also removed one or more organs we can ascertain that our killer evolves during the course of the murders cowardly and still evolving and yet look at the location of our first murder that of Polly Nichols in Bucks Row it is the most distant from the area our killer would appear to live perhaps this murder was preceded by another within the killer's area I believe a cowardly killer would commit his first murder in an area close to his home in order to find refuge as quickly as possible on carrying out the act Holmes an idea just occurred to me that fills me with dread this evolution of which you speak he will pursue his next victim a lot of the conditions permit him to continue killing Watson but how could one go even further in this horror look at what he did to that woman Catherine Eddowes in order to avoid having to answer that question we must act with haste and planning Watson I suggest you inform yourself on the mutilation sustained by the victims we played with the idea that this could be an act of vengeance against prostitutes if the mutilations correspond to areas affected by a specific pathology perhaps the killer wanted to give an eye for an eye for an affliction he felt the prostitute inu were responsible for and this trail leading to dr. Tumblety homes I also have a few things to look into in the meantime I still have a primary witness to track down not to mention old trails I have yet to pursue pursue soon Watson when we first.

Spoke about the Bucks roe murder with Watson he was reading a newspaper the star dated September 1st 1888 I believe which mentioned similar murders in the preceding months I have no chance of finding the police reports but perhaps I could find some information of the Central News Agency I must go there at once afterwards I'll go back to see Abraham the owner of a pet shop in Whitechapel the second row this statement would lead me to believe that he may know the man spotted on the corner of church passage that night if that's the case I must find this witness so I can question him.

Ah bullying is there it won't hurt just.

This once.

Hello mr. bullying so did your colleague tell you about the tip what tip ah I see I gave him an exclusive tip and he went without you oh that's not very sportive on his part no doubt he took all of the credit biz discovery you're winding me up eh I'm a shoe bullying something to make him believe me what do you want I'm.

Not winding you up the proof is that he gave me this advance on the debt that straight up he owes me if I find him before I leave can you do me a favor tell me I'm. Looking for some reliable info on the murders committed in Whitechapel in the months before Polly Nichols attack reliable ha you really think you'll find that deer fight I'll be honest with you we have folders that group the dispatches from the current year into categories in the police law category you'll find the transcripts and the trials and investigations that we sell to the newspapers that ask us perfect sadly I am out of time I'll leave you the sole today you're the detective aren't you.

The dossiers are full of papers in dated envelopes I can't open them that would be too obvious how can I tell which compartment to look in no categories are indicated

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