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Black Mirror Gameplay - Part 1 - Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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Black Mirror Gameplay - Part 1 - Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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Scotland, 1926. Following the death of his father, David Gordon visits his ancestral home for the first time in his life. A life that is soon threatened by the dark secrets that claimed the sanity of many Gordons before him. Black Mirror Castle demands an offering.


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I failed you son forgive me forgive me I.

Will let you down no longer forgive me.

Make me to walk in the path of the commandments coward you betrayed your family.

They fully clothed Gyan me Mahad shot GG.

Empress of Amelie Sh.

You're too late you will not get him.

It'll work it must.

They say eyes.

Instead it was with great joy that I received your last letter know that you are missed terribly here and if my calculations are correct and the International Postal Service is kind this letter will keep you company as you make the final leg of your journey to Scotland I hesitate to say anything for fear you'll think me foolish even hysterical your father made it his life's work to research his family's twisted history this and his obsession with the occult combined to unravel his poor mind John loved his family and his family home but he hated and mistrusted them in equal measure beware of the golems blood is not always thicker than water your loving mother.

This country cycle.

Good sir how much longer until we reach the castle almost there's just like two hours the estate will he does lie off the beaten track.

We have arrived sir.

Welcome mr. Gordon I'm Andrew Harrison mr. Harrison it's good to finally meet you from our correspondence I expected you to be older I thank you I lead the way it's quite dark already we can continue to talk inside he's arrived David welcome.

To Sky on dual house Lady Margaret. How kind of you to welcome me in person at such a late hour an impressive building scarfin do the.

Unusual what is its meaning unusual only if you have not bothered to study Gaelic it means black mirror house many generations of the Gordon family have been master of this house it is a great responsibility perhaps the greatest a man could bear if I may I would like to. Know more about my father's last days it is too late in the day for such morbid talk you do look so very much like John though Angus please show master David to his room yes ma'am. I trust you had a pleasant journey this place is rather remote even for Scotland it was most pleasing thank you I was fortunate enough to stop off in several fascinating places on my way here how long have you been practicing law I came to the bar a few years ago I'm a chambers in Edinburgh with lawyers who have served the Gordon family for generations I'm embarrassed to ask but it is my job have you proof of who you say you are you are David Gordon son of the late John Gordon please I quite understand here you are hmm what a.

Curious object isn't it it belonged to.

My father he posted it to me shortly before his death I'm not at all sure what it is perhaps it's something else returning home where it belongs like its new owner you have a good night master David I shall continue my studies please.

Follow me master David.

Your grandfather his lordship Edwards Gordon there is no denying it we are.

Family. Somebody still cares maybe weren't as bad his mother believed grandfather Edward father never spoke of you but mother never had a kind word to say you were the worst of the lot she said I.

Suppose it's hard to keep things dry but with all the rain you get here a most amusing master David we do our best so none of us are as young as we used to be.

This way sir.

It does that sometimes sir a lady Gordon.

Expects you for breakfast at 8:00 sir thank you lady Gordon called you Angus pleased to meet you Angus yes sir.

She did I am mr. McKinnon mr. McKinnon.

Yes um I'd advise you not to leave the.

Room tonight ticking clocks are not the worst thing you may encounter in the house at night if you don't know your way around sleep well sir maybe he's.

More of a morning person I doubt this.

Place could ever be properly warm I got somewhat turned around flying Angus through the house sorry mr. McKinnon but I think my room is probably around here somewhere.

Hold on this looks like wait a moment this is a piece of a model glad I don't.

Have to carry you around anymore mr. McKinnon lifted you up with ease without.

Some obscure local law that require me being here in person I will probably never have come a pigeon amongst the cats sorry to inform you of death of John Gordon stop please return to Sky on due house stop Andrew Harrison lawyer stop this handsome cheery sober man he's not. The one I remember from my childhood I should get a new pass wall this one's filling up hmm not many matches left.

Pieces of some kind of drawing how odd.

The counter is nearly gone what he should do for a while one slit ah just what I need we meet again old foe more.

Pieces of the same drawing maybe I can make out what it shows if I had enough of them.

A dumbwaiter big enough to fit your own weight and food into.

No this isn't right there should be a room here.

Oh this isn't what I need either where is it good evening master David you're.

Up late I'm having trouble sleeping and I thought I'd do some exploring ghosts.

Legends ancient history why is the rest of them the Castle of Otranto by Horace.

Walpole I started reading this though never got around to finishing it the gentle maid whose hapless tale these melancholy pages speak say gracious lady chazzy fail to draw the terror down from that cheek.

Despair by a man called Howard Phillips Lovecraft ghastly shades of bygone gladness cloying fiends of future sadness mingle in a cloud of madness ever on the soul to lie thus the living lone and sobbing in the throes of anguish throbbing with a loathsome Furies robbing night and noon of peace and rest but beyond the groans and grating of abhorrent life is waiting sweet oblivion.

Culminating all the years of fruitless quest the words of a troubled soul.

Is this what father meant by a family of snakes wouldn't it be more comfortable working here that's lady Gordon's private desk it would be improper for me to use it.

If you don't mind I have a system and don't want to mix things up lady Gordon is very keen on confidentiality of course hiding something are we that looks daunting a.

Daunting but rewarding and fascinating fascinating yes indeed the history of the Gordon family goes back a long way so it's true we are one of the oldest families in Scotland Oh much more than that the Gordon's have owned this land back into antiquity before records were even kept add to that some unique and unusual local laws well it can be a challenge but a welcome one did you know my father I was called.

To the house shortly after your father arrived why did that need a lawyer those complex local laws I spoke of were to blame your father left when Edward died so none of the required legal formalities to transfer the house were observed does that mean not at all there. Will be no issue with transferring the estate to your name if that is what you wish uh have you had a chance to examine my papers I have and I'm delighted to say that everything is in order I would not be doing my job if I didn't warn you that with Edward dead and your father absent the family fortune has somewhat diminished over the years however the real treasure is the castle in the grounds themselves I haven't spent as much time as I'd like here but it is a unique place well it's been a long day the I bid you goodnight I'll get myself something to read and then head to bed - good night.


I didn't see you there.

You gave me quite a fright you are and.

The one who keeps this from being covered in weeds name's Rory pleased to.

Meet you I'm David Gordon yeah Ike and. You're coming today why are you sitting.

In the dark there is enough light for a.

Meal a day of your eyes but I'm sorry that I didn't realize I see more than lost Oh son did you know my father not.

Dead I shameful what they're dead tame what do you mean who is they hmm.

How long have you worked for the goldens I always been a gardener and I do some fishin the locks up on me place calms the nerves I'll leave you to your supper.

Then being a garden can be a curse.

Laddie your father tend the hard way mind you dinner follow in his footsteps.

Blood not human I presume better safe.

Than sorry Rory just disappeared into.

The darkness the cellar can wait till.


This might come in handy.

Exquisite craftsmanship I doubt our family could afford a marvel such as this nowadays.

That was louder than I thought.

Dear lady Gordon I write to you with utmost urgency I'm seeking information about my patient your son John Gordon during our conversations he makes allusions to his relationship with his father but will not expand when pressed you have failed to respond to my previous request so I'm writing again to insist in the strongest terms possible that you furnish me with the required answers your son's recovery depends on it yours faithfully dr. Leah Farber Bethlem Hospital London what secrets about my father is Lady Margaret concealing aa locked.

That's not the right combination.

That sounded like some part of the desk moved this site is done as far as I can.

Tell but but there must be more what an intricate piece of furniture.

Something's little bright ah we're getting somewhere.

Yes that's to open.

Let's see what father didn't even want his own family to fight hmm now what are.

You for.

Here we go a key and a note from father.

Someone is tampering with my work I know it I know it I hear them as they whisper and snicker they sneak in when I sleep this place isn't safe I have locked my work away in the study I am leaving now I will put an end to this terrible torment one way or another David if you. Find this than I am dead the forces abroad here have got to me I am sorry you have been drawn into this tragedy the answers you seek are amongst the papers in the master study use them stay safe I love you son my god what.

Happened here what did they do to my father is this the key father spoke of.

Oh hi there you you startled me.

I'm sorry sorry I did mid - hey wait.

Where did he go

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