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Sims 3 Part 3 - WOOHOO (Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Sims 3 Part 3 - WOOHOO (Gameplay Walkthrough)

The Sims 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Let's Play, Commentary & Playthrough





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Welcome back to some more Sims free this is partner my friend say a big big thank you support in the last part can we hit a thousand likes again on this part that be absolutely amazing I'd appreciate so much let's continue it's now the weekend we can celebrate it's only it's quite early I'm hungry and I'm a little bit of fun as well anyway fun in my life hi jeans half it's not too bad he's a little bit strained nose with a strain from working too much and he's got he's a little bit stressed also missing a chair so that last episode when a guy came in and solves that to White House stuff which is really annoying parents to do not pay my bills so I've got watch out for that I forgot last time I thought I did pay them but some reason it counts it up randomly so I paid them quite late which is in a bit for straight at this marble for up go all the way to a random bit of class in this house some said about doing perhaps doing like a second-floor D like a loft conversion or something we could try and do that at some point I was trying to say what the money a bit I know people will be like use the cheats and stuff but let's see how we go about the cheaters having a little bit more fun it's I just I'd like to sort of do it ourself like make money ourselves that's possible I feel me can I'm pretty sure we can what's this dirty surroundings right so something out there any video and let's clean up clean up we could how much we might cost we do a maid Trudeau maid who services cool. Services if I want to have a maid I was the maid cost made our that's actually quite a bit sweaty split cheaper than that damn it that sucks get Peter and a repairman I'm getting my own cleaning for now then fine once I become nice and rich I can get a butler and stuff we can do that and quite cool I can't clean that Conkling that it's. Going to clean the toilets that's fine I had a bit more fun don't I hmm guys have to watch bit TV oh there yeah I'm so spring clean this is quite a sad satellite so far this sad a sucks let's go and watch some TV or something don't give someone a call get some ladies around or something well she's in a slow M told me nice side fingers doing so it's I could side objective it may help in our career in some way I have no idea and it's going fine I can we find him but there's the map there's the view right my view what's he up to I'll go be a monitor sweet a good first romance ah what the hell's that meat a vampire what the fuck how to fuck you me and vampire let's not do that I'll only fancy me in the vampire it's going for a quick piss and whatever a quick shower as well now let's serve up.

Some food serve dinner let's do carbonara lovely where I met. Too bad I had no energy left after my little date in the film interview that was over which sucks right so I need to improve my I could improve my cooking skills I got some athletic stuff to do he's energies just a bit too low it's transyl day out in some way right time for a quick little workout it's quite early so I don't wanna ring her too early French school sugar by the way she's my she's my sugar lady that's the name as well so I'm not lying we want to look almost about suit yes so close it's pretty close in it yes right on man get you off there now a little bit knackered in a bit smelly right shower and let's have some brunch. Or some brunch right have some brunch I fancy peanut jelly what peanut butter and jelly that is is so American it's some rule I've never seen that ever in the UK I would probably know how is what it's not dancing having a combo to me I'm like the Assembly's coming over we want to get like close of her because she's like flat 4 stars let me level she can come over got decent eye of energy now we can attentively pursue this in some way I know she is she twists all the time I swear right um greets there you go again greeter come on I just like the rubbish okay that's not good and let's be friendly let's chat to off a little bit Oh food okay go sit ooh perhaps I read dizzy master pillow fight oh boy discuss favorite TV show let's discuss this discuss Breaking Bad it's all good what I should like me or not I should be a bit like you're like a fucking poor man go away well she can see fall in love who knows she'll be romantic yet um ask a single I got a perfect muffles this likes children oh god okay I want children so that's the bill pay our own Oh what's up in there means I'm boring Oh God hey what should we do then um Hermia get tunnel isn't over what is she gone I.

Don't go I don't go I was just gone again god dammit I've missed my chance what how I can't work it I can get her in anyway so I'm gonna try this woman again scream um she asked on a date ooh it she's invited for now I was going to tie that okay fair enough you can do that if you want to do rice and water over she's at my backup sure I come over in a while awesome artists can pick up these freaking newspapers god dammit it's what glamorous is were actually so don't mind that too much right let's go and let's be friendly um specialist Oh computer whiz great kisser perfect let's make out soon as she comes across the right there we go cheesy doesn't mess around no oh hello Jesus Christ mmm Jesus 400 quid well quit all quit this. Gun look somewhere else look come back again a glass is Jesus Christ - like frickin mirrors mirrors on a glass yeah that one well she loves it. Right friendly still be a gossip talk about to remove is romantic Fateh shoes. Joke there you go Johnny Marr leap into arms I'd fuck it up that's all my round look he's happy great kids read so hot 15 orbs this shower sugar yeah so shut.

Do us a cab mean it but your gift nini ash Camus Gossett me I that.

Literally just chat like literally Chat Chat famous each Alan here I can't see it you would sleep over whoo oh yes good.

Idea barbel webzine Avila is getting pretty close pretty quick oh hello yes look at his face he loves it great date it's a date we should coming in all summer has kind of serve some good and serve dinner let's make some a carbonara in my kind chat to her romantic that's asked for a. Sign this be Oh our daughter stars compound appearance again you looking for food more audacious Doak flirt hold her hands as well you've got foot on here oh yeah she's a Taurus she seems me cannot be. For group I mean funny it's Roby show.

Cat videoing up a big how can the holding hands are so cute I see they're. In love Oh woohoo oh yes it's do it can we do it in the shower oh god let me these are literally maps oh Jesus that's it think Scott is ok are you ok I can do it.

It's going to work let's get go home and run he's giving me nose and minus points come on you know you want to chin in oh my god she is you scored my you fucking school wowzers ok but I can't see. Oh Jesus this is gonna risky it isn't Bradley shells movie that.

Works roof heated she drove it woohoo in.

Here as well ask her pillow it's got offer help in a fight oh yeah sexy pillow fight should she to change clothes oh this be our condo Scott hey pretty hard Jesus.

Special Oh pray be flirty oh Jesus how many flirty things are that we sprinted for a massage.

Perfect I look at my love it I was at a meeting - what's the - for rehab you know hmm Oh backrub there we go / - we can lay on it maybe jeez what's she doing relax.

Jeez did you see that wish I could go back reverse I've been too fast what what's happening something's happening because some maybe come to steal stuff get in here get in here go here go Shan Shan's the song trying to come in whose car is that by the way that's a gonna recognize that car I'm gonna call the police service is cool services cool services now stop that let's play it so what's going on a lot and call the police swear son might be in here I'm panicking.

What's he laughing at cool please go.

Good so let's hope at least our hands.

Whose car is this so any other piece of. Downright the piece come around so he saw just come back straight to bed straight back to bed lady's dead look there is maybe is he's coming what bitch lease officer go here mows the covers and steal stuff he's here look officer yes bitch oh yes oh my god how do we there's the.

Worst play ever Wow oh we've done that perfectly I heard the music again the minus points to each other that's not surprising if I use the toilet quickly what sort that works that perfectly well zero CDs will cut by himself it's a broth it blocks the broken I'll.

Toast broke fantastic unclog I'm close I don't need to impress your lady friend but impress sugar I've got awesome okay is he damn she did. Is he doing so looking at my girl man so I switch you I should be using the one two three like shortcuts but I'm not a chief again I'd skip again I'm so stupid oh crap oh crap not impress is it potato.

Stoke that's the first thing let's do in the morning awesome well who was sugar Jesus Christ is that you think about left nor true right can we just uh Sunnah huh. Speculation barble wet semantics hmm baba lure her Bell take romantic picture together though you're perfect ebrill yeah selfie so I think she's now fishing my roommate yes awesome way to do now is now clean up alright so stuff looking a little bit dirty I'm gonna clean up quickly as Pato can clean up this muscle is pretty transgressor gee that lingerie is the extreme this with some clothes on he's walking around with crazy this is cleanup in the mill awesome sugar cook then well-serviced I constantly just chat over I'll show there's me missing something could try woohoo I guess but I think I'm down to work very very soon 1 p.m. damn it that sucks um just go relax I'm sure.

Something moved up into oh wise enough.

To work go to work the pace is still there well huh I've been I was going on there I was gone to work anyway she's still there doing something hope she doesn't steal her stuff when we're out things trust anyway right with these in episode there that was a pretty adventurous episode unfortunately still a little bit of them negative mood because I'm the burglar turned up where we did captured a burger we did see the burglar call the police in time which is awesome hope enjoys episode though hit the like button and me and sugar we'll see you later bye bye

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