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Braid Walkthrough - World 6 (Part 1)

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This video from: MorrowJ.
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Braid Walkthrough - World 6 (Part 1)

Includes stages 1 through 5.

With an ability like slow-motion, you know this world takes the longest to complete, so I broke this one down into two parts. For me, 6-4 has got to be the most brutal stage and you can see how much unnecessary footage I had to hack 'n slash out of the recording. Other than that, this walkthrough goes off without a hitch.

One thing to note about 6-4, I tried to jump on the cannon in the center of the room using two goombas, failed to do so, tried to recover, and by some odd stroke of luck, I wound up with vertical rebound on a single goomba. Any other attempt would have required two.

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