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Darksiders 2: Legendary Weapon "DemonFlame Renders" Location.

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This video from: JAG Scar24.
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Darksiders 2: Legendary Weapon

This video shows the location of the Legendary Scythe "DemonFlame Renders." Sorry if video quality is bad, just made it really quick with my phone.

From what I can see about these weapons they still have a pretty high critical damage, even tho it says -50% critical damage. It also steals wrath on crit. The fire also looks kinda strange but gives off a small burst of flames that effects those around it and it also give a big explosion when you finish an enemy off with it.

Not sure if there is more to it than that. If there is please post here.

No need to subscribe this is my first video and not sure if i'll be making more.

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