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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes - Walkthrough - Part 4 - Holmes Is Useless

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes - Walkthrough - Part 4 - Holmes Is Useless


The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Walkthrough - Part 4

With Commentary

PS3 Gameplay





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Pick this bitch up now this dickhead is really pissing me off Reverend dickhead is what we shall call him so I can't figure out this passcode. I'm gonna look around a little bit more.

Whoa new shit a lot new shit what's this oh okay.

Nails I knew there were more than one that just seemed odd so I probably have to collect a few more nails to put in that thing can't even use it maybe there's some in here hey come on AHA.

Look there's some on the desk looks like this one on the plant there here we go two more check the tree plant or whatever the hell is this ficus what are the ficus you have one nice gently as I.

Always do what are you able to tell us about the bishop of nice bridges last days did anyone come to visit him did he seem worried anxious do not omit the smallest detail his nephew came to see him yesterday at his Excellency's request I found this visit a little peculiar because the young man rarely visits his uncle do you know why that might be were they on bad terms I don't think so rather a consequence of his work the young man is employed within the archive section of the Royal Library it doesn't leave him with a lot of free time do you know the reason for his summons no but the conversation was very heated Dhoni lasted for a few minutes and ended with the nephew in a terrible rage interesting I've answered your questions will you now let me contact the authorities I'm afraid not Reverend not just yet I don't like the Rebbe now we can open the safe yeah but can we though 0:01 sorry uh I do even need these.


No I don't think it even mattered but. They want me to open the safe hello how. Am I supposed to know what kind of passcode it is let's take a look like this a trial and error kind of thing.

Okay can't be that nope.


Nope put that back because I was right that might be right - shit.

When I see a pattern here do you guys see a pattern here snap look these seem. To line up let's try some shit that was.

Right crap let's try nope oh shit that's got to be.

Right it would have corrected me no that's not going to work I don't think they can be on the same row or column as E as one another you know what I mean so that know maybe this no it's the same row so maybe we go a little lower ah maybe now I can open the chest yes we.

Can see what I did there look every second row and column nothing in this row nothing in that row that's how it is nothing there's nothing there that makes sense I open this bitch what have you got for me here we are I am eager to discover what remarkable treasure could justify such an act of art managing extraordinary this kya is impenetrable how is it possible no one other than the bishop should be able to open it you open the chest with disconcerting ease Holmes I've seen and heard quite enough this time you won't stop me go ahead and Watson top that but why run Watson honey.

Am I playing is Watson to earth to catch him now. He's escaped I hope that your motivations are found at homes I don't much like skirting around the edges of the law like this it is annoying let's leave without delay what have you found in the chest Holmes what in there is so precious for these men to commit such terrible acts the Reverend was telling the truth nothing important was locked inside the chest apart from a few religious items which are hardly worth stealing so we haven't made any headway perhaps the police will by the time the police arrive we shall be a long way from here Watson we are leaving well what would you find man I'm controlling you I can decide what the hell let's get the. Hell out of here then we're done with this case I think now are we going.

Going back to Baker Street I take it I.

See so each one's a level a level excuse me where you have to investigate certain things and then you head back to your main office - I don't know check we have it crossed London at a breakneck speed we could have knocked someone over and naturally I had to pay the cabbie out of my own pocket Watson stop complaining we have to analyze the clues found at the bishops house oh cool now I get to analyse the clues huh I need something okay hold on well.

Huh I have cut a small piece off the rope that should be enough.

Now I can't do that well then why'd you tell me to do it now I can't do that unless you can pour water don't talk a lot of fragments of black stone are wedged into this rope their colour seems unnatural but they are too small for me to examine them this rope is open what.

Else we got now I can't do that trial and error now I can't do that now.

I can't do that what can you do Holmes now I can't do that.

I need something what do you need I tried all my tools I haven't finished my analysis.

Now I can't do that what the hell can you do that Holmes you're fucking useless oh there I did that though this.

Fragment of stone is very smooth and it seems to be of a peculiar quality I shall have to strip it with one of my products I using the sculpt I can't do that chareth irritating maybe acid this stone appears to be the same as those found within the ropes fibers okay then maybe a brush this.

Stone is granite covered in black paint the fragments found in the rope and this piece of granite come from the same place oh wow okay let's check this there.

Is something written on this scalpel and I should clean it.

What the hell man ah I can make out WC.

Ch what do the initials stand for well Charlie Chaplin how many hospitals are in the know if we count public dispensaries enough to keep us busy for an entire month did this scalpel come from a hospital yes as the initials WC CH engraved upon it show us we must think on how best to deal with this we do not have the time to investigate every hospital in Whitechapel.

All righty so maybe check the finger maybe they took this from the I can see something what what do you see clean it up no I can't do that god you're fucking useless tweezers tooth Oh - wait what are tooth marks. Rather deep ones I'd say of incisors and a canine really tooth marks rather deep.

Ones I'd say of incisors and a canine all right well now I can't do that no I.

Don't know I can't do two tooth marks.

Rob what can you do it now I can't do.


Now I can't do that what the hell then tooth marks rather deep ones I'd say of incisors and the colors scissors here which I can't use I haven't finished my analysis well what do you want me to do I've tried everything Nikon but what is this tool right here.

Well let me pick it up the brush doesn't work acid doesn't work I can pick up the scissors oh no I can't do that what'd he.

Say do that tooth marks. Frack fragments of skin a phalanx this. Finger wasn't cut off it was ripped off maybe a dog like that looks like the same shit I must compare the samples of.

Earth that I found bite marks on this.

Severed finger I'm afraid of the significance the thieves didn't get what they wanted when they were faced with the bishops refusal to cooperate one of the gangs shook his finger at him to indicate that he was responsible for his unfortunate state and the poor man whose head was the only part of him not bound by ropes bit the finger violently enough to sever it a nun commonly savage act Watson I am certain that when we have explained the reasons behind this sudden vest eality we will have revealed a larger part of the mystery huh okay Isis.

Compares apples I must compare the samples of Earth and if I mix this earth with another substance now I can't do the whole. Alright I think these now I can't do now I can't do that like what can you flip and do I can see something well do something bad it now I can't do that this guy's fudging useless man now it must all be stirred ah nikon alright got a stir it probably not with a bro I can't do that where the Scoville there. You go the samples of Earth taken from beneath the fingernail and from the ropes originated from the same place how do you know it took just a little water to analyze the consistency the soil has retained its moisture even though there hasn't been rain in London for over a week this soil could come from the bank of a river or somewhere where the evaporation is slower a mind perhaps or a trench the. Banks of the Thames are clay soil unlike our samples so we can rule that out the nearest mines are a dozen miles away so I would rule that out also I would therefore conclude your last theory to be nearer the mark a trench up hit. Watson bring me your register of the London hospitals studying the scalpel has given you an idea then indeed I'll get it oh now I have to do it thick.

Where is it ah.

Daily report I don't even care read the paper Holmes.

The work take where Holmes analyzes things oh he can look at shit hold up.

Holmes is home made analyzer okay we'll.

Talk to this bad boy then where you go.

Talk have you found your book have you.

Found your book what do you mean your book you didn't even answer you what an asshole and this is how my dear friend.

And colleague treats his clients letters uh-huh this tosses them anywhere and this is no I didn't even point at that throwing up.

This one hospitals and dispensaries in London it is I have found my book Holmes good I put it on the work table will you oh I'm not done yet female anatomy.

We should put this book somewhere else what a perv the harpoon that was used to.

Kill black Peter a horrible murder black.

Peter was a racist was the racial thing involved here is where I write my store is about Holmes's cases and I've got work to do yes he gets a little shack a.

Holmes puts them up you got a you got a they're working partners man they work together Watson come get fetch my tea will you uh.

Must I mr. Holmes and this is how no did I even say that and this he no it's not goddamnit I'm up it says I come oh you. Know and oh forget it I'll just put it on the work table hold on.

I have found my book homes good I put it.

On the work table William where's the.

Book here is the section showing Whitechapel I made several notations on these pages during our investigation into the river which might prove useful all we need to do is to find a hospital or a public dispensary near a location where pits have been dug and black granite has been used its simplicity itself I haven't.

Finished my analysis so why did you stand up then you dumbass oh the Rope is.

Worn only on one side let's see probe was manufactured with no I just make sense what was used from the same side the rope was used near water. The damp earth brought in by the Bishop of Kent okay the soil is from a pit.

A rope is used in a while the rope is used to lower something into a pit tying up both no well no I would say use boats.

With Frank oh wait hold on I didn't read this the fragment of granite painted black the fragment comes from a monument painted black the fragments from painted rock probably that you know everything.

Fragglan granite come from a building.

The earth Ropin fragment of granite came from a grave Oakland fragment of granite came from a building undergoing over say that which I have I'm finishing damned. Atlases I hit too much back.

The Whitechapel clinic is near a tombstone factory near grave since no effect I'd say a grave is it though.

I haven't finished I know I'm not done yet so what are you talking about I need something is there anything maybe I can go into buddy's place I'm Holmes I am looking Stine stressed he's gonna go whack some off.

Violin I can see how this is mandatory

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