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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 7

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 7

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In the letter he wrote to his niece Jake said she should go to Camille's grave and let Camille's goodness rub off on her rub as in rubbing maybe if there's a hidden message here I'll never find it at this rate.

Would you mind if I took a piece of wax paper get that good let you have a piece.


Wisdom charity purity eternity.

It looks like there's something behind this painting but I can't seem to move it an eagle where else have I seen an eagle.



You you.


You you.

More pipes why am I not surprised.

There that looks right.

I need four numbers to unlock this and there's what 10,000 possible combinations guessing could take me a while and naturally we have still more.


That should do it.

Sounds like Steve from the India's moving to those pipes now.


Jake's that a pickaxe goes here.

Oh No what I need is some duct tape.

You what's going on so how did your expedition to Jake's mind turn out well as you may or may not have heard I didn't find the mine but at least now I know where it isn't which is just as good as knowing where it is sorry do you by any chance have any duct tape duct tape sure don't but there was this one case that works where duct tape came in real handy see I just collared this I'm kind of in a hurry mister Balducci oh maybe some other time.

So would you by any chance have any duct tape got some right there in my gearbox that's the good news the bad news is I can't open the box it's an antique lockbox that I found in this abandoned monastery I scoped out on my show last year you can open it with either the key which I just discovered I forgot to bring with me or the combination what you're supposed to be able to figure out just by looking at the box fortunately I didn't put anything critical in there I've never tried to open it without the key but if you want that duct tape go ahead and give it a shot thanks I think I will you get it open the duct tapes all yours I bet the animal should start from the left shore.


They're good as new sorta.

Jake said a lamp goes here okay looks.

Like that goes there there it should.

Work now.

Whoa looks like I did something right.


That's where Jake's - brimstone Canyon.

Don't you look all excited what's up I think I know where Jake's mine is tell the engineer to head for a place in Nevada called brimstone Canyon way to go I knew you could do it Francie not Francie Nancy here's the deal when we get there I'm going to make sure that you get to be the first one to check out the mine I'll call everyone together in the dining car and while we're in there you slip off the train well 10 minutes be enough of a head start you don't have to give me a head start think of it as your reward of course anything you find in the - well mine so if I find out that you've taken something without telling me let's just say things could get ugly don't worry you can trust me I have the feeling that thanks to you we are about to discover something huge great job Amy thank you

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