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Vector - Story 1 - Downtown Walkthrough (Steam/PC)

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Vector - Story 1 - Downtown Walkthrough (Steam/PC)

In a totalitarian world, where everyone is decided to obey, a man with a heart and mind as strong as steel rose. He wanted to get away from the shackles, he wanted to achieve freedom. And thus, the long run for escape and the chase for freedom started where the whole world is against him.

In this video: Classic Mode - Location: Downtown - Story Mode Walkthrough

Video with Classic Mode - Downtown bonus levels will be coming soon - stay tuned!



1 – 1 (0:06)

Tricks Needed – Jump Tumble

Bonuses - 6

It’s the start of the story, run away from “Big Brother” over the vast building rooftops as you learn the basics of the game.

1 – 2 (1:11)

Tricks Needed - Spinning Vault, Thief Vault

Bonuses – 5

You will run through inclined roofs at the first half of the run. Beware of timing the jumps while sliding on the slopes and the rest will be easy as long as you react fast enough.

1 – 3 (2:03)

Tricks Needed – Spinning Vault, Reverse Vault, Jump Tumble

Bonuses – 5

Continuing the chase above the rooftops, time your jumps as wide gaps between buildings are present.

1 – 4 (3:19)

Tricks Needed – Backflip, Reverse Vault, Jump Tumble

Bonuses – 25

There is quite a numerous amount of bonuses in this part. Even though there are no concealed bonuses somewhere, many of them are put in a quite tricky places. Beware of the large gaps where you need to sprint as you might fall in one wrong slip.

1 – 5 (4:23)

Tricks Needed – Backflip, Thief Vault, Obstacle Vault

Bonuses – 5

At the fifth part of the downtown, be firm and don’t hesitate on jumping when needed. When aiming for the bonuses, some of those can be picked up more conveniently by jumping.

1 – 6 (5:26)

Tricks Needed – Thief Vault, Bar Jump, Obstacle Vault

Bonuses – 4

This stage may be a short one but don’t take it easy as there was almost no time for rest. The stage is full of gaps and jumps are much needed. Be sure not to fall and you will secure the stage.

1 – 7 (6:17)

Tricks Needed – Screwdriver, Backflip, Bar Jump

Bonuses – 31

Another short one but the number of bonuses in this stage don’t fall short. Tricky long jumps are present and bonuses are scattered at every corner.

1 – 8 (7:08)

Tricks Needed – Obstacle Vault, Reverse Vault, Railflip Vault

Bonuses – 7

Beware of tall buildings as a single fall might end of you getting caught. The you get to where the floor is wet, slide as going over the table will make you lose a bonus. There will be barrage of tricks inside a single building which is cool looking.

1 – 9 (8:25)

Tricks Needed – Reverse Vault, Screwdriver, Barrel Vault

Bonuses – 13

In this stage, going over and climbing the tall water tanks are more necessary that sliding under it as bonuses are located on top of most of those water tanks.

1 – 10 (9:46)

Tricks Needed - Thief Vault, Screwdriver, Obstacle Frontflip

Bonuses – 5

As the last stage of the first story, continues jumping is needed along with deadly high and long jumps after sprinting. Bonuses over water tanks and another barrage of tricks is also present. You will get stuck in the end of the unable to enter the last room. Fortunately, an unexpected help came.

1 – 11 (11:06)

Tricks Needed – Obstacle Vault, Obstacle Frontflip, Monkey Vault

Bonuses – 9

After climbing up the building and finding a companion, you two started running together as you two try to escape from your pursuers. Follow your companion as your guide through this maze like stage full of secret passages. The only difference would be at the crane where you need to sprint and your companion will jump and you need to slide down to get the bonuses. At the end, you will be able to escape the downtown but at a cost.


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