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Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave (Part 10) - Inside Kapu Cave

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave (Part 10) - Inside Kapu Cave

A video walkthrough for "Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave". In this part, Nancy tests some samples to find that the caterpillars have been eating Fritillated Flag beetles. Quigley doesn't understand why, and she leaves. Nancy talks with Dr. Craven, and she upsets him. Then she goes inside Kapu Cave and gets past a trap.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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All right to the caterpillar frass does.

Not match whatever it is that the he Healy so I guess we have the big adventure sneaking into the kili kili Research Center or pretty much nothing. Awesome I love it when that happened in.

Case we're going back to the Quigley telling her that absolutely nothing has.

Quigley can I talk to you eating is not.

What dr. crane has been growing at the Healey Healy no no what should i do no more running.

Back and forth between Quigley and camp Quigley dududududududu back in forth.

Back and forth you're in one place then you go together then you go back to where you were originally. All right Kent Quigley I don't need to.

Analyze that I don't need to analyze that oh okay so you try the Hibiscus. Match mosquito no breadfruit not a match.

Here we go there's the match so match so looks like those caterpillars have been eating fruit elated flag beetles whatever they are all right. Doo-doo-doo-doo so now we go all the way back to Quigley exactly back to Quigley yeah yeah and tell her that the Mercer beta odorata have been infertile ITIN flag beetles.

And here we go yoo-hoo Quigley Quigley mm-hmm well it.

Looks to me like those caterpillars have been eating nothing but fruit elated flag beetles little lated flag beetles no no that's not possible no no it can't be freely drag beetles that's impossible because my days of. Analyzing France are over yeah related flag beetle is a relatively minor species in this area but if your analysis is correct that means they're multiplying and an even greater rate than the Norse Abeyta our name and.

Fortune just got put on hold Nancy we can't go public with this until I figure out what the heck is going on why why -.

There's the metal ring inside my pack.

Okay Oh check it out she has not been.

Carrying us we've been doing all her work for her oh well I think that's the last you get to see if Quigley yeah that's the last we'll get to see if Quigley for a while actually the last we're going to see is pretty much a lot of things for a while because Nancy is finally going to get inside cop okay but before that happens I'm going to visit dr. Craven one last time you can ask him about the what's going on with these fruit elated flag beetles dr. Craven alrights you and support you in please. Tell me he's not sleep again what is it now is it possible that the work you're doing here could be causing a sudden increase in the population of the fruit elated flag above Gore's not besides the fruit elated flag beetle is an inconsequential species in this area hmm not anymore here's the deal dr. Craven I know that you're working for Akins biotech and that whatever you're working on involves pineapples I've seen them you're spying on me too I also know.

That something is damaging their local pineapple crop and it's almost certainly for the lated flag beetles because for some reason they're out there multiplying like crazy what I don't know is are you responsible yeah did I die I should have known you were after something please leave as soon as the newspapers hear about this a lot of other people are going to be asking you the same thing you might as well tell me I'm being paid to create a sun block in pill form so I'm developing a strain of pineapple that produces prodigious amounts of fordwick acid a chemical that has shown great potential in this area now leave I apparently have some double-checking to do Oh dr. Craven is angry with us but at.

Least we saw a celery leaf whoa I said leave you said what I said leave oh that's what you said okay well he's very angry but now we solved the mystery of what's going on with the Hugh Healey research facility and whether or not it's affecting the pineapple crop way to go Nance and now the solve the mystery of what exactly mr. Magoo is doing at Kapoor cave all righty tighty.

With the nose ring and I know Zuri of.

Course oh it's looking at us that's kind of scary and now the teeth are moving I can move his teeth now that's a puzzle but somewhere oh wait right here Frank Hardy called and said he found a picture of a creepy face with the symbols the old turtle shark man or a porcupine fish octopus crab and an urchin so we're going to spin the teeth in order to show that let me see if there's an eel but there's a shark there's the eel ah this was ill turtle shark manta ray turtle manta ray ah okay porcupine fish.

Than an octopus oh no I have to do it.

All over again lame okay shark you.

Porcupine fish working punch and I need an octopus a crab in an urchin have not. Is there an octopus theory here we go that's how you do it and now the cave is opened and Nancy can go inside and view the Chamber of Secrets opened better call and tell Frank doping raged Joe Hardy and Frank.

Hardy only we're not available.

Frank it's Nancy remember that creepy face that had been carved into a wall the one with all the pictures on his teeth well thanks to that list of animals you gave me the face opened up you explore whatever is behind it I don't know him for how this helps you but I just thought I'd let you know anyway I'm going in so wish me luck oh no oh well so much for going out the.

Same way I came in oh oh that's not cool but inside the cave you can see many things it's very.

Hot at this part wonder it's so hot in here yeah.

This little guy is sticking out his tongue this guy isn't so you want to do.

That which makes this appear so you can jump to it and then Nancy will jump from.

There to the next one if that didn't happen she would fall into the lava and that wouldn't be very good further on in the cave Nancy walks she goes further wrong in the cave okay so here's a puzzle she may see water and then let's see some light then we see some wind and.

Then we see some sizzling fire whoa okay.

You do see some sizzling fire and this. Is not the right way is it well hold on.

Second oh why dad before I could show you the puzzle what

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