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Let's Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl - 18 - Brain Scorcher

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Let's Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl - 18 - Brain Scorcher

I'm in the bunker known as Lab X-10 trying to turn off the Brain Scorcher. It's quiet.

Too quiet.

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Hi guys welcome back to stalker art part 18 now I think I'm in lab x10 now which is otherwise known as the the brain scorcher bunker I'm here to turn off the. Brain scorcher I don't see anybody on my.

Mini-map so that's good or bad I'm. Exactly sure right now I'm fairly sure.

There is something down here and if it's not guys it's not people with guns it's probably Snorks and bloodsuckers and the like so yeah I'm not too happy about.


I'm not very happy with these being around either Oh.

Did I just hear something may have just heard a bloodsucker can't be sure it's very faint.

Well I'll know I suppose blood cycle run into my face and then I'll die it's not.

This way no doors locks this combination lock oh it's it's that that's the.

Combination do I actually have a combination oh no I don't think I do no.

No well maybe I'll find one yeah why is.

That again let's do its name slime it's. Okay up here then I guess.

Not these things again if they start floating you know levitating and then flying into my face I'm not gonna be happy oh shit yeah right okay so there.

Is lots occurs down here sort of nice to know I guess.

You don't have tentacles son-of-a-bitch.

It's like that's thank you hey you know what my armor is actually looking pretty shit condition-wise I I. Might want to use the repair kit I've got I'll show you is on this I don't.

Know really day let's see what it what it goes do I think it's the armor yeah alright that's fine with me I'll probably pick up another one in these guns anyway right so I need to go below.

Me I think to find it's over this place.

Oh I think I preferred the guys with the.

Guns because at least then I can you know look at the mini-map and see how many there are around me bloodsuckers just after I don't run into one around the corner.

What was that some weird sound effect of a creak what caused it hang on was that.

Is that where I started I think it was. Yes yep that's where I came in.


Ever anything around here anything at.

All no.

One of these days there's gonna be some amazing gun in fact it's gonna be a garis rifle it's gonna be a Gauss rifle in a box and then all of that box smashing would have been worth it hmm.

It's quiet too quiet is that the calm.

Before the storm can I just run straight for the the computer to turn this thing off have another door here Wow what's this Oh some rounds some med kits and some. Grenades what is this number four digits.

There's only a few possibilities I have.

To find something maybe it's like a stash location or something that I can pick up.

Okay I hear something right here a bloodsucker there hasn't been any Snooks I'm so surprised.

Whoa no you don't okay so that's the.

Noise I heard how does a bloodsucker he's getting a bit too friendly okay.

He ran down that corridor something just smashed is there two of them it could be.

Two I don't like this.

Damn but you quick and now you're too.

Slow I definitely heard something over like in this sort direction it's not.

Coming from here I think that was another one foxy.

Tonight I like that.


I definitely heard something sort of.

Want to provoke it to come out so I know where it is shit okay let's try these.

Rooms right in there it's not in there.

Okay I did hear something right I'm.

Second-guessing myself now fuck right.

Off run run like the wind okay so this.

Will be bloodsucker number three.

Hmm see back in this room.

I guess so I'd get my knife out for that.

Box but I don't there you are ah okay now I could get the knife out for the box come on gals rifle oh come on ever since that Robin Hood guy tempted me with one item or one hate it there we.

Go okay spaces a bit of a maze I remember.

Certain rooms but then I've forgotten about most of them hmm I think I'm on.

The right sort of level now so I just need to walk 60 meters in the right direction. Did you did it to do it yeah is there.

Going to be another bloodsucker that's what's on my mind right now.

Which way do i guy let's get this way.

No bloodsuckers yet how does that go - yeah go to the same place.

Okay you just test what's in the box.

Ah stop it come on sit this way yeah yes.

It is I think yes I'm I remember this. Foot I definitely remember this right it's that I need to get to it's that console I think was it that one now I.

Think it's that one autosave Cheers. That's the first time that's happened I think cool thing that was it no it.

Should just be a simple case of fooling this there we go that's complete. So now I want to go to prepare oh dear what's going on oh here we go again.

What do you want is here stalker come.

What okay nique into the sarcophagus okay I.

Don't know who the hell that was speaking to me it could have been the wish granter itself I need to sneak into the sarcophagus which is in the northern power plant Carrie I don't actually want.

To do that though I actually want to go to prep you at first well I suppose I'll have to do that's on the way I want to go to prep yet and I want to find the secret stash but to get to prep you I need to go back out to the red forest which means getting out of this lab so unless there's a little bloodsuckers should be easy wait what where the fuck did they come from twenty-two did I see number twenty for a minute ago. Fucking people oh fuck oh shit.

Right I'm gonna have to take this quite slowly I think gonna get on this shit.

There's someone really close to me could be on the other side of the wall maybe.

Ah truth be told I did remember that one.

Now if I remember rightly if I just sit here they'll all come to kill me.

They probably won't know my I don't know I can hear a few alright there's definitely two voices I heard one one.

Was round probably in this room okay.

Okay I've only got six on the map now on the mini-map I like the number six I like a lot more than twenty let's put it that way it's not double digits no one there okay.

Okay okay okay.

Oh there's two entrances this room isn't there one there one there let's go.

Through this one oh oh no no no no no.

Every time I hear something a little bit of pee comes out I'm gonna.

Go this way.


No one here oh he's gone up to 17 again 18 nope nope there's someone that this.

One I'm just round the side of the pillar excellent I can't be it though oh I see someone's.

Head he wasn't crouching well enough he should have gone prone he may have shot me in the head oh speaking the map oh I.

Really wish I could strip him of his exoskeleton right now oh dude take that.

Thank you I just go around here oh no no no right let me go around here.

Then I need to swap a gun unload oh really grenades this is close quarters man well fucking something and everything.

They stand for they are all monolith rival yeah bastards. Hurt okay. Seven again a number I like sex even.


No one around her.

Mmm I thought that was gonna be an average point I was wrong.

It's gonna be someone in here though isn't there no just keep trying.

Motherfucker do it again fucking day.

It's the way to do it is that the same guy I don't think it was know if there's. Somebody else oh I was right I was.

Fucking night that's someone round here.

Oh wow wow wow wow.

Oh by the way Wow.

Okay I don't like the look at this but. There's someone behind that pillar just can't quite see damn son huh ha ha maybe.

I should pick this up can't out probably.

Won't use it though it's too weak it's too weak for these guys it's stupid armor and exoskeletons and body plating on their testicles and shit line I don't know ok down here I go what is this guy oh is.

This the the route big room no it isn't just the room with the lots of little rooms great ok ok there's someone in one.

Of these rooms how many grenades I forgot I um that one shit it was actually there ok.

It's no one in this room right yeah I.

Guess anyone in there you still in there is dead so ok not in that.

Do-do-do-do-do don't like that for a start I definitely.

Heard someone to my right there is here.

Is there another one probably another one in fact is probably another ten within this room which way do I look.

Doesn't matter I'm gonna get shot in the back of the head either way mm-hmm okay.

There's no one that cool cool no one around here excellent excellent more of that am i pleased.

I didn't realize that I'll go over there in a sec hang on a sec hello there's.

Someone in the box how'd he get in there I was to hold the door open am i stuck here no good right then. Box-boy you'd be dead.

And this is another one in there no cool.

In fact let me just eat some bread or a sausage that'll do just to stop me from starving probably haven't eaten for a while thanks thanks Kate.

Now where did I see that little thing here we are ah beautiful exactly what I.

Want all these shelves and they are the only to fuck I'm probably missing something I.

Don't know right what I'm gonna do now.

Is I'm going to jump right across this corridor to the room in in front of me II okay I wasn't saying so I guess it's clear.

13:13 ridiculous although that's a stairway up there might be allowed more above me that's the door I can't gain I.

Think we all know okay think there's.

Somebody in there have that did that do.

Anything no apparently not I'm not.

Actually having fun right now I'm just so stressed it's ridiculous.

Nope he's dead he is dead he is fucking. Dead I like it when they're dead I can't shoot me hmm.

Okay there's quite a few up there apparently right I can I can go for a.

Start right where do I run to die I.

Think they're right.

Is there somebody all the way in there Oh God.

Right stage just make a run for it or.

Something I can I don't trust this area.

At all oh shit shit shit shit shit shit.

Shit shit shit shit shit it's okay no. One's around my mistake.

Kill the stalker what the fuck was that about killed what what okay.

When did I pick that up or did that get.

Inside into my PDA at some point I can't remember oh well I got him ahh.

Seriously heart is in my mouth heart is in my fucking mouth.

Okay I suppose I can't get through this I remember that guy. I'll kill this guy through here nope.

Got him please let this door open bullshit.

I call bullshit on this entire fucking game right there's no point in me actually just you know keeping this I'm not using it why are you doing this to.

Me Oh God which way is it is it down.

That way and I think it is I think it's that way oh fuck you did I see another one I.

Think I saw - oh my god I'm scaring. Myself fucking shitless right now I.

Really don't want to die that's why I could so easily quicksave just like killed I killed I killed I sort of thing until I know exactly where everyone is.

Actually going to take that just because it's so just slightly better you know.

Okay they're getting closer they are definitely getting closer oh my.

Fucking god this fucking guy man.

You almost ruined everything and everyone's got a slightly better gun oh.

Shit which ones which.

Oh geez and they say that this game.

Isn't a horror game it sort of is C.

About to throw grenade he's about to do something fuck is everybody coming.

Towards me now guess the answer is yes -.

Its - left you know what I can make this room a bloodbath just keep coming from that area right right.

Offer fuck's sake suck this gun maybe. Four or five times now oh wow wow wow wow wow just wow I saw a.

Guy say should have died five billion times by now throughout this game what happened is connects planet.

Okay there's one person one is beautiful.

I love one didn't even check the corners.

Then fuck right what is that room that rooms a dead end there could be somebody in there who can flank me or something I don't know fuck it we knowing that okay.

Must be in here then this is where I.

First killed bloodsucker I think I think.

- is it I think that's it if I kill these two I've killed them all.

But where the fuck are they.

Ah did it did it did it do not in there.

I guess as a dead end in here right.

That calls for a grenade nope.

It did nothing one left one left I think.

He's to my left he must be oh um you sub freaking human.

Scum oh that's it I think.

I hope I really hope yes yes yes yes yes.

Yes yes and please no more bloodsuckers please Jesus oh okay okay okay okay this.

Is the guy shot through here excellent Wow right back to the red forest I need to. Calm down

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