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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes - Walkthrough - Part 3 - Chess Master

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes - Walkthrough - Part 3 - Chess Master


The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Walkthrough - Part 3

With Commentary

PS3 Gameplay





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Oops deduction huh okay I don't think it.

Would let you get him wrong shoes one of.

The murderers left in two different pair of shoes one of the murderers is a member of one of the members left yes that's got to be it one of the murderers.

Sells shoes the murderer is one of the came I can answer that one just yet.

The murders were looking for that's was.

That it murders were looking for something systems suspect about specific where's.

One able to the safe the bishop resisted.

Torture the bishop didn't get what they.

Wanted that's right because they.

Couldn't open the safe so hold on what else we got not in himself let's see.

That nodded himself the broken flask has blood on it the Mert the murderers made the probably this no it's got to be this.

Okay got one series correct however.

The bishops okay let's see how this came back for shoes the murders were looking for something specific the bishops murderers were hired the murder is searched for the murderers wanted to steal him the bishop no I can't be right.

Hmm. Perfect that makes sense it is evident that the Bishop of Knights bridges killers were after something specific and that they did not find it Reverend I shall ask you one more time open the chest the item they were seeking must still be inside it is unlikely that they will let this matter rest they will most certainly return to finish what they started and I'm telling you once more the chest is locked and shall remain so very well we have reached an impasse you are a stubborn man Reverend Watson accompany our friend to the police station and return with inspector Baines Baines and no one else I shall wait for you here go and that Rev last now I can.

Continue my investigation awesome.

Can't go through here alone at last now I can continue my investigation and I.

Can't go out this door huh this lock should be easy to pick let's see that's what I thought.

This lock should be easy try the other on one hold on oh yeah it is it okay.

That's not right start again what that's not right start again how do you I don't get it. Select.

What I don't understand this hold on use.

The right stick to rotate which I'm trying to do that's not right start again oh I see that's not right.

Start again okay hold on.

That's not right start again.

That's not right start again so I'm just trying to see how this works that's up there I think this one's up a little bit.

Hold up.

There we are got a simplicity itself aha there isn't.

Anything much in this room it must be used as a reading or meditation room doesn't matter still gonna look for shitty stained quite fresh this stain is just on the edge of the rock let's see there is nothing on the floor yet the ink must have soaked through the rug what the hell god damn Sherlock.

Say there's so much to investigate this is pretty interesting an ink stain there it is they must have rotated it no no.

Cake come on Sherlock this inkwell was.

Tipped over recently the ink stain on the floor comes from the ink on the rug but they are not in the same place someone has moved the rug recently yeah.

That is curious there is something strange on the floor certain stones have been marked out just like a chessboard ah that's how I figure this out hold up.

That is curious I need something what is this.

Apparently someone wanted to hide this statue for what reason this horse resembles a large chess piece. Take it then why don't you take the first time dickhead that is a message underneath this statue let's see this message was written by a woman but for whom was it intended interesting this chess game what a lack of imagination use your passion for chess the last square on which the night will place himself after having covered all the others will be the right one damn you have to use knowledge of chess I know chest a little bit but not very much but a lack of a magic extra chest the last square on which the knight will place himself after having covered all the others okay I love you I hold on I.

Deduct anything else.

I don't know if that makes any sense but.

Probably don't have to use all of these but anyway hold on let me try something.

Else that is curious I need some yeah hold on.

All right so.

It could be this way I know how.

Depending on which way you go so know.

How these things move.

I didn't know dank you could play some.

Chess even though this isn't real chess and then this should go here and then this will go here I think I'm getting it actually this should go here.

That's not right start again damn leave this damn puzzle.

That sucks okay I can go either way.

You hmm.

You could just keep waiting in until you.

Get the hint that's not right start again well though I'm just gonna. Hint it all the way through because to.

Do watch.

Use the Holmes instinct.

Come on baby slowly but surely I'm listening to the Holmes II basically that you they pretty much give you the answers but you just have to wait that's fine yeah another time baby.

P super I just got a trophy probably from using that so much I don't care hook me up because these are very delicate moves you really have to know chess to really understand this like you.

Know the best move it's gotta be this.

One oh it's not.

We're getting there people I just want to make through all the way to go all the way there and make the wrong move that's not right start again Oh what the hell what Jude.

Me then that is so stupid what might as.

Well just do it this way.


That's my thought Satya damn I must have.

Made it really close the first time.

Kind of go for a different pattern here that's not right Solly gained hmm we're not here forever.


I might be paying myself in the corner if I do that no that's not true I can. Get this one let me see if I move there.

This it's shit I think if I go here I'll be painting myself in the corner because you can move let's see one two three or one two three yeah if I go here wait no that's not true I can do this watch I.

Can go here go here.

That's not right say again it's a pain in the ass man are.

You supposed to know which way to go there's like only one combination.


Huh I have no idea if this is gonna work.

Perhaps maybe hold on maybe oh my god.

People I think I did it I think I did it.

Hell yes I did it nice this last piece should be the good one it will have to be pulled free I need something oh okay.

Some rope I need something no ah maybe a.

Knife yep a reverence hidden letters.

24th April my love what a beautiful spring and what a marvelous day our dear youngest child's birthday every moment is so precious as our child blossoms and without a doubt he will soon be talking I am sure he meant that his first words will be for you he missed you so much as do I are you sure you cannot get away on Sunday after Vespers I thought that's 14th September of my darling wait yeah I know you I know that you think I'm insistent but we absolutely must legitimize our union we cannot live in sin all our lives 3rd March rest assured my dear that I understand your position is not easy but have you thought about our as the children's in mine I cannot allow our children's future to be compromised think about it my love what is the so called scandal next the well-being of your family we must become husband and wife legally to file a form a real farm a packet of letters addressed to the Reverend they were written by a woman who mentions his illegitimate children Yadav's a artificial perfect I have you now my wayward Reverend yeah you can't do that now watch as soon.

As I open up the door that come back in what were you doing in there ah what who.

Have gone a terribly long time and inspector Baines isn't with you I'm afraid not Holmes we were unable to find him dr. Watson would not allow me to contact any inspector other than this Baines what manners I am a man of the church oh I did and I noticed that you are a chess lover I trust you will excuse me but I am never able to resist the appeal of a half-finished game you are an expert at chess very well then what do you want now as you might have guessed resolving your small chess problem has allowed me to discover some very interesting letters letters what do they say Reverend while I'm the point on it here and run the risk of the bishop finding them homes what's in the letters not now Watson where else could I have hidden my own chambers are too austere they could offer no cover I knew however that his excellency may he rest in peace would not notice my game the contents of the Bishop of Knights bridges chest interest me greatly give me the elements you hold Reverend out of the question I'll just get on myself with the bishop no more you are therefore the Apostolic director of the diocese are you not well yes but only until someone else is appointed I am certain that the Honorable Bishop of York whom I have the privilege of knowing well enough for him to listen to what I have to say would recognise your qualities for the post if I receive new responsibilities it will be through my faith and devotion nothing else all right fire gonna blackmail your ass I am a gentleman and it would distress me to be obliged to pass this correspondence to your superiors homes I know that the end justifies the means but allow me to express some reservations about how you are proceeding you say you're a gentleman but I hear nothing but the words of a blackmailer the stems that you were looking for a scattered about this room managed by yourself.

Fine come on grab this while these.

Control schemes suck this way Jesus.

Christ I need something or you need.

Impossible to open it I am missing some information all right then quit stop being a baby back bitch oh this thing sorry I didn't.

See this one that's no yes here we go.

Now I can use this on here it'd be like right here.

The hell I don't know if I'm doing.

Anything right.

Where do you want me to put the damn thing like seriously oh wait a minute I.

Don't understand this whatsoever and I.

Can't use a hint on this thing.

Is saying my order is wrong.

Damn I don't get this at all impossible to open it impossible actually I think that was.


This one's got to be right oh I get it I need some impossible think.

I do.

Impossible I don't understand.

Impossible impossible to open it I am.

Gonna see I don't know his combo hold on there's gotta be something else talk to this faggot you have no right damn.

That's got to be the place but I don't know his code.

You like the only place I don't know the.

Bastards code though like it removed.

These ones these two can't be in the same spot I guess.

Impossible why I am missing submit I.

Needs there only three of them.

Hurry up and give me the okay.

That's it huh that's I have to get hold on

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