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Nancy Drew Dossier 1 Lights, Camera, Curses! Part 1

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This video from: Jen High.
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Nancy Drew Dossier 1 Lights, Camera, Curses!   Part 1

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It all started with this letter from a friend of a friend of my dads when I called her Molly sounded even more desperate over the phone than she did in her letter she told me to come to Hollywood ASAP and meet her on the step where Pharaoh is being shot the set is.

On a very old movie lot which is apparently being made into a very modern theme park I've investigated mysterious accidents before but never on the set of a real live movie this is one case I.

Can't wait to solve soundstage a here I come.



Hmm that's strange.

Hey Jay what's up make it back uh hi my name's Nancy Drew I am looking for Molly McKenna finally I'm a little stressed at the moment because we just blew a circuit and nobody's power tools work wait a minute Nancy see the generator up there I need you to start it got that uh I guess oh sure don't guess so do so. Fast.

I think someone's coming.

Nancy nice to meet you in person good to meet you too I fix the.

I fixed the generator thanks my line producer quit on me so I've been down there cracking the whip all day looks like I'm gonna be here all night too I hate shooting at night because of the.

Keza that creepy Houston because I have to pay the crew time and a half double if we go past midnight it's gonna put us even more over budget I noticed something interesting on the wall next to the intercom it was a it was a wanted.

Poster of a black cat a black cat keeps showing up on the set and rumors are flying that it's some kind of jinx so if you see it grab it I want it gone last thing the crew needs is another distraction some of them already think this production has the lowest Manson curse hanging over it oh no now what I.

Got to get down there look go outside to Main Street and get the ankh out of the storage room behind the pawn shop okay bring it to me on the set if there still is a set.

I wonder what this means.

Yes a bobby pin a simple yet effective tool for all your lock picking needs.


There we go yes here's the ankh.

Mollywood that's the cat Molly wants me.

To catch I'd better go after it.


It looks like there are some tools behind that gate maybe I can use them.


Whoa I better turn the power off before someone gets electrocuted namely me that.

Sure got the cat to come down now where'd it go.


This'll have to go upstairs that I want to catch that cat.



There's a key in here I can't quite I need something long and sticky I need something.

Looks like someone's not too happy I guess I should answer that what you're.

Doing and wait you need to get back to the soundstage ms McKenna's looking for you quite frantically I might add there's been another accident.



Nancy what took you so long I ran into. Some bad luck what happened here couple of grips were rigging lights when all of a sudden the scaffolding for the Nefertiti thrown just collapsed out from under them nobody got hurt but I thought it best to wrap for the night I see well when I was in the office I got a strange call from.

I got a strange call from a man with a deep voice and he said.

Get back to the sound stage that was Arthur Hitchens my boss our boss the boss the guy who's financing this shipwreck of a movie see he bought the old theme park this soundstage sits on and is counting on the new improved version of Pharaoh to launch a new theme park is going to develop its going to pay homage not too old Hollywood like the former park did but to ancient Egypt oh I see this whole set is sitting on an old theme park then that explains thee.

That explains the old detective statue I tried putting a coin enter the detective statue and the first thing that happened was. The first thing that happened was a detective's eyes glowed but then something went wrong because because a.

Puddle of water became electrified that statue is 65 years old it was part of the theme park that was built after the set of the first Pharaoh movie was torn down and bulldozed over now the park's just a bunch of dilapidated buildings and killer statues why Arthur insists on keeping an office down there is beyond me so regarding the latest accident I'd really like to check out that collapsed.

I'd really like to check out that collapse scaffolding that was the main reason I shut down for the night so nobody could muck up the crime scene before you had a chance to look for clues just get to the bottom of these accidents and keep looking for that cat.

Hmm I need to get up to the part of the scaffolding that isn't collapsed maybe I can use this dolly I just need to get it in the right position.

Perfect that's just where I need it to be now I can climb up to that scaffolding.

I'd better put these scaffolding pipes back together before the whole thing falls apart.




I'd better put these scaffolding pipes back together before the whole thing falls apart

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