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Need for Speed Carbon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - PALMONT CITY

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Need for Speed Carbon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - PALMONT CITY

Need for Speed Carbon Walkthrough Part 1 - NFS Carbon Gameplay from the Xbox 360 version

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Hi I'm in manual vache the moves that you and your crew do in the game are meant to stay in the game in the real world drive safe obey the laws of the road and always wear your seatbelt.

Didn't expect you to show your face again things have changed around here this place is a battleground now returners mussels exotics. Crews fighting for territory in the city and it all gets settled in the camp but.

You'd never survive.

Guys I have a big big need for speed fan but parently I have not played carbon which is just it just boggles my mind's I don't know how it happened I love Most Wanted so much and this is the sequel to that game so it makes no sense if you guys want to see this is a full series on the channel leave a like on the video and let's play need the speed Carbon.

Startup don't disappoint.

Look between the heat and the cruise you need to walk away take my car go get out.

Hey guess who's back.

I don't know what has happened but cross.

Is chasing us when our escaping for us oh I will I definitely good it was very similar to the most wanted there is in. My wind Mira I can see you I can see I might be a tiny bit rustling I apologize to the first game anyways well it's very similar smartphones this is the famous bmw m3 GTR burns. Because once it is back in carbon baby however look play this game.

Most people oh it wins whoo Kersey.

Sit down how you been it's time to sell a little score from Rockport you think I don't remember asking for.

Your help Kroc what makes you think you can bounty-hunting Silverton without my approval it's cross but this guy's from out of town a long time kid.

What's his bounty 150 k David take care of this guy.

So that's what you been up to Nikki.

Should be interesting you show me.

Control yourself.

I still don't know what happened that night you took off but I do know you're into me now for some serious cash things have been getting a little too close for comfort around here with all these crews battling for new territory I think I could use someone with your skills they helped me out the way I see things I bailed you out of a serious Jam twice now time for you to return the favor Nikki what do you say you show your old friend the ropes you gotta be joking right you got a better idea.

Finn let's get him started right away.

Don't disappoint not again.

Why see Mary.

Thanks for waiting up yeah sure Nikki hey ed who's it their wheel doesn't matter Darius made all these cars available to you pick one whichever one you want hey if there's three do I get one I mean I don't care which one all the way impartial the one with the sweet rims why don't you just make sure the tanks are filled that's great Dom the monkey.

Pick one let's get this over with so that Darius has helped us out a couple of times now so we to return the favor I don't happen the first time around I don't we don't know yet I'm sure we will find out your car was totaled it wasn't totaled it's a scratch it's completely fine okay are they taking. Away might be an W again it took me so long to get that car back and it's gone again select the car class you want to start in your career this your choice will determine which carves and parts you unlock when you conquer territory so we have three cars three different classes we have muscle the Camaro the bear the Berea is a set the Alpha that is exotic it's all round pretty good I guess good top speed good acceleration good handling the tuner all the mess star rx-8 not the best acceleration. Handling it's really good is that a little bit obvious to go with the rx-8 a tiny bit but yeah so I'm sorry I can't resist it yeah I can't resist it you can't test drive it but just jump in just let the car I'm ready.

Niki's good just listen to her and I'll stick around and I'll help out make sure she's not too hard on yet.

Okay come on let's get this over with. Right there this race.

That's where you can bring away mannitol out of the rain you're gonna want to basically three different skills you're gonna take some drivers are bloggers others are tractors and their Scouts right now will be your only man just to show you how it's gonna help out beer competition for a few laps first you need to know how to tell your way manage that norm they'll just race until you tell them to do more or up activate proven the bus one method you got interactors but so.

We're gonna be pretty much all the time okay on the road they like scratch their ass not your competition on the track let me show you everything made other things okay all right devil go do it. Get in front of Locker oh man Wow.

Places could commence their speed damage to cars traveling in line go faster than one day therefore when you pull out of the draft you'll sign up ahead ok2say will draft.

Um come on the car. The XML will let us me loose underneath.

Like having eyes everywhere every man yeah we really gotta break the save you time the other one so leaving - do we want anything scalp.


Yeah there we go.

Too early in the race and they won't be ready when you need them most the basic strength to our first brace.

See them don't wanna feed you yup technical first game ever I remember notice the rx-8 is mine that's all you.

Need to get started.

Well guess it's just you and me let's go find some trouble is he gonna be bumming. Ma'am that's embarrassing so was that Kelly is he does he is he a drifter drifter drafter.

I got your back I'll lose the heat stay on the pedal so.

Rather brief at this pace so lucky let me advise BL co6 driver actively in custody one take another Annie and I've.

Barely did it are you - good.

Dennis thought it's coming in CSI vehicle was last reported heading west mohnish beheaded in the surrounding area I call it the Hanif every different.

Cooldown is almost done and later.

Rusty are still destroyed Timo Boll what.

Is this even exist anymore in the UK.

It's EA I think yep anyway meter the safe house okay.

I'm already seeing the f.

Sounds like it's constantly breaking Laurie rx speaks.

Right now I am while I do right guys it's the garage give me some knocks I want some nuts.

Darius gave you the safe house you can use it to fix your car Oh chill out when the Heat's on you need a wingman and it looks like I'm in let me show you inside I want one new wingman all right I'm.

Sorry Wow.

Okay sees a blocker okay fair enough he's the first to member of our crew hoping we can look some more soon right that's his car set I can fire him. Get up yeah useless sees my active.

Crewmember oh oh we've got a crew logo hairy logos are there all the guy was saying a little bit Japanese you local Japanese cars let's go with a drag on yeah that one done it I've consider color one sit one sec did not see that we do it red fill it with you look we.

Read the game right crew the coolest crew in the world we love cars we drive. Quick we love xenos can I do your space okay game right is that the gang right through this whole city's a battleground all the crews are always fighting over territories just check with your map if you want to see what's going on the miner crews push and pull but you'll see that most of palm on city is divided up between Kenji's Bushido wolves TFK and Angie's 21st Street crew your rep okay you have no rep but you win a few races and you'll end up owning an area and that's what will build up your rep once the crew bosses see is a threat they'll probably come looking for you if they challenge you then you got a shot at taking over their turf all right this is the territory map from here you can see which crew owns each region all right so these are the first races let's go for a qu ditional sprint. Dumped event yeah dump city event on a race right now all these overall cards you can unlock cool bonuses by completing tasks given by row wall cards.

Back I sold our brothers I want first place so I nearly never was gonna stick close target me lose the warp skill take someone else some of it mean there was currently just behind me what if Neville can finish above me that's still calendar with.

If you guys got any tips as well for behalf of color to the pen love doing politely let's pour in my book there we.

Go do I ever need any help right now then we second second place.

Mr. lemming are excited.

It's enough.

Best of the bus.

I got your back I like.

Come out pick the gear off the boat. Back such a good leader we never very so can we change it was called driver again this is we just pick never. With a clock he's gonna struggle to keep up oh I thought never get away.

Just about what no just about when you followed us there so hit that whoo so I've unlocked a body kit mmm what to keep package 1 ideally we want xenos the power of the nose.

I heard you were back in town.

Now one here you're gone.

Oh he's got a nice car we get his car.

Can you erase the pink oh please.

I love the cheese it's so good Oh crazy.

She's not class she's like I gotta boom.


I guess we can target the part of this car.

Of that medieval shoes nipple run out Martin Bedell so working on a personal.

I'm family.

Come on oh there you go max beta world so what moms go you that's well.

Right now I'm struggling the speeds.

Any worthwhile says I need speed.

When you freshmen as well there was couple seconds what a joke that was fast probably.

I mean you're with of the sex of Canada. With I don't know we have no idea.

Good level. We good remember over the Sanka.

It must place common verbs.

For what in Seoul.

I'll just crash to the end there poopoo your crew member one you unlocked knots and tires oh yes we'd sit get that on as quick as possible also we've got a 5200 which I'm guessing is dollar real dollar oh yes we.

Have it's we've got region our first region no I think I'll live to nibble.

Crash we will crash to the end those. Insane I put it to the map eyes go to a shot please shop is here that's you see the.

Essence Colossus calm evening.

This shot us Karloff I mean so believe. You go back to the safe house to the upgrades to the car I'm guessing yeah customization so I want what's that.

Xbox Live Marketplace hmm what does that. Do I'm gonna check right now if you guys happens and I let me know I would like xenos I want the street package the guys steps go up it costs 3000 which is fine yeah.

Find it so velocity and duration it's.

All up to me I guess I'm more of a.

Velocity going myself about there yeah. That networks I like that Tigers always. Good to have a decent pair of tires and it doesn't cost too much so optimize performance I can just press X or we can do to feed ourselves so I want grip or doing the drift I don't know I'm not quite sure I guess drift go. For it it's her bow I mean am either switch nose pliers out at some point I don't know transmission which I guess will cost quite a bit oh one second on the visuals we have right height I did not know this as in the game well there we go oh that is low.

Baby a hat body kit number one do I like.

It it's not too bad I'm like open.

Actually head to the car let's spend a lot of money.

His navel still here look Neville's got here just for us Oh fabulous and also now have nots yes we do that's what should have done I did the squalor.

We're up actually collects I play this game on earth I love the speed path I don't have any story but I'm a very the gameplay is very exciting very exciting and I people talk about this is like one of the best in three games by first of all to do better. Hello in a few words for us perhaps.

I'm winning that phrase was caught that's what a difficulty wall suggesting LCD tires are pretty much a main factor for the the piped rips I doesn't by the black.

I sold like breakfast strips as well let's go Daphna Henrik little bit oh yeah there we go Semmy trip. Or just again my apprentice I guess it will tell me how to do Tristan what to do our first-ever diplomat.

Last week in pain acne.

A lot of what japanese music we are flying oh baby yeah.

Whoo bad that's cool I love this car for once that's a lot of money you have unlocked booth scoops a master sprinkler guys watching this first episode I had a love farm if you guys want to see more leave a like on the video and I'll see you guys soon bye bye

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