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The Sims 3 Generations | Producer Video

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The Sims 3 Generations |  Producer Video

Watch Associate Producer Ryan Vaughan play The Sims 3 Generations and see what memories his Sims make like pulling teenage pranks, getting married, having a midlife crisis and more! The Sims 3 Generations is now available in stores worldwide and lets players live their Sim's life to the fullest.

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PEGI 12.

Ryan Vaughn created a family and built them a modest home in Riverview marco a stayed home dad stays busy with the kids while Cass is wife pays the bills she's an executive keeping everyone on their toes are the twins young Helen's Bryson and Burke they are pranksters whoopee.

Cushions sabotage showers and exploding toilet have turned Brian's household into a den of mischief the newest member of the family Reggie is already proving yourself to have an active imagination and grandma well as they grow up Ryan's.

Family is living up for life than ever before the young hellions have grown into young Devils mixing up stink bombs with a chemistry set dropping off a not so sweet surprise on the neighbor's doorstep and to celebrate mom and dad's out of town trip a house party and call the cops meanwhile Reggie's toy peanut has come to life imaginary friend BFFs. Paul Ryan sins are building a lifetime of memories memorable moments marking the ups and downs of their lives oh whoa there goes grandma.

Love is in the air and Bryson is practically begging his girlfriend's father for an America birth forever.

Single is working to become a creature robot crossbreed very cool Reggie now is.

Somewhat nerdy teenager fashions are self a novelist Mama Cass is moving closer to retirement only worries wrinkles in the years well they haven't been his kind of marker oh is that back hair with a little makeover from Ryan and a Swank new convertible consider Marcos midlife crisis managed Ryan's family continues to grow each generation living their lives to the fullest the. Sims 3 generations available now

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