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Let's Play Quake for the PC - Episode 1 of 4 (Nightmare Mode)

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Let's Play Quake for the PC - Episode 1 of 4 (Nightmare Mode)

In this Let's Play, I take you through the first episode in the PC first-person shooter, Quake. Nightmare is the skill setting. Stay tuned for a continuation of this playthrough as we take on episodes 2 through 4.





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Hey everybody Austin here again with another let's play video today we're gonna be starting what's gonna be a four part series for Quake on the PC now many of you guys have probably seen my Sega Saturn let's play of this game or at least the first episode because that's all I did and you've probably seen many of my doom Let's Plays which I've uploaded a lot of on this channel but what many of you guys might not actually know is that I actually religiously played the original PC quake for a very very long time back in the day when it was new both single-player and competitive multiplayer I was one of the first PC games I really got addicted to and I got really really good at from both like a technical standpoint and just being able to complete the game on the hardest skill mode etc etc quake is one of those games and I still go back to probably at least once a year for a full playthrough or a mostly full playthrough episode 4 gives me trouble so a lot of times I'll just do episodes 1 2 & 3 and then just call it a day and go back to playing doom or something like that but quake is actually one of my favorite first-person shooters and one of my favorite video games of all time so for all those platformers and shoot them offs and stuff like that you guys have seen me play quake is actually at the very top of my list it's not a single-player experience that's for everybody but as someone that played competitively for quite a long time using the the skills I learned for multiplayer and more advanced tricks and tactics has always made the single-player experience a lot more satisfying for me and it's still very satisfying for me to just bolt through and blazer as quickly as possible so what we're gonna do is this is gonna be a four part let's play series I'm going to divide each episode into its own episode or its own show basically so what we're gonna do today is run through the first episode and of course we're gonna be doing this on nightmare mode actually first you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna check something first I want to make sure that this is actually saving my progress okay because I was actually streaming this on twitch not too long ago and I got I beat like two episodes one night went back the next night in my progress was gone so I just want to make sure that the progress is saving for sure before I go through this so in quake um this was actually really interesting this is one of the only games I knew of that that did this and for the difficulties selecting quake you start off at this what's called was it the Slipgate I believe it's called the Slipgate and each of these doors is a difficulty mode so if you want to play an easy you go through here if you want to play a normal you go through here if you want to do hard mode you have to make this jump if you don't make the jump you die and you have to start over it's really cool and then when you come in when you want to select your episode instead of going through a menu you know like you would and say doom or Duke Nukem 3d or something like that you actually walk into basically a teleporter which takes you to your episode now there's actually one more skill mode you can play and it's called nightmare and to access nightmare you come down here just make a nice clean drop from there right onto this platform and then just walk around here and this is actually the fourth episode right here and here's our nightmare skill setting right here it's also this little secret here that says the well of wishes awaits in the crypt of decay that's basically I think crypt. Of decay I forgot what level that was but that might be indicating like there's a hidden stage or a hidden secret area on the crypt of decay which is a specific level so yeah we go through this and now we're back at our episode select and we can we're basically on nightmare mode now so what we're gonna do is just do each episode in order and I'm gonna save my progress after each episode and I will be revisiting this and completing the full game for you guys so yeah we're playing quake now one big disclaimer is that we're not gonna be playing this with the soundtrack to the game I actually did a previous long play this game probably about four years ago now maybe a little bit longer and it got a copyright claim because of in-game music basically so we're gonna be doing this without the in-game soundtrack unfortunately and I hate doing that but I really don't want to get a copyright claim on these Let's Plays either so quakes. Soundtrack actually is mostly ambience and sound anyway it's not really music per se there's like maybe two tracks in the entire game that actually have some kind of like rhythm and musical elements to it most of the rest of the soundtrack is just ambience so if long as you guys aren't that familiar with quake quake is it basically came out after doom or technically doomed to in and final doom I believe it was after final doom and it's got a lot of elements from doom by it in a way they've been changed in a way they've been refined for one quake as you can see it's a fully 3d polygonal environment pretty much everything in this game is three dimensions except for your particle effects and so forth when you like hit enemies but literally everything in this game is a polygon even like the little flames on the walls that we'll see you later on those are polygons every AMRO box every little thing is a polygon and if you shoot this sort of like screen there this this platform will rise up so let's do it again and if you shoot this wall here there's a secret which gives you quad damage what I want to actually do is save that and I'll show you guys why in a little bit see ya quake was really. Revolutionary for the time was one of the first fully polygonal 3d engines where literally again everything was 3d the enemies are 3d and again even like.

All your like lights and stuff like that all your switches are 3d here's this little secret here we can hit this target and it opens up this door for the double-barreled shotgun and we've also got the nail gun right now so we've already got three weapons starting off right now but actually what I want to do is open this which reveals our quad damage again and what I want to do is just kind of bolt through this section really quickly quad damage those four times the damage for a limited period of time and on a lot of levels in quake there's quad damage laid out in a way to where you could just seriously bolt through certain sections of the game this right here gives you a hundred health and much like doom if you're already at a hundred health which is your maximum that hundred health powerup. Will take you up to 200 health or if you're out like 50 health it will take you to 150 now there's also a couple other secrets we're gonna we're gonna tackle what I'm gonna try to do is show you guys most of the secrets on these episodes if I know them episodes three and four I don't know as many of the secrets or at least I don't really know them anymore but for episodes 1 & 2 I should be able to show you the majority of the secrets so one of them right here is this bio suit and you can actually jump down into the sort of like the swampy area which would normally hurt you the toxic liquid or whatever it is and if you come down here you're gonna get what I believe is the yellow armor yep and this is gonna teleport you up here now in if you were playing this in multiplayer competitively I believe there was an invincibility powerup here so if you happen to play this with friends on like a LAN or something like that there is that some items are different depending on if you're playing a multiplayer or a single-player so you can shoot this store and this is actually the exit but there's also one more secret over here I want to show you which again if you're playing multiplayer it's pretty important but that's basically it so we're gonna actually go back down go to our eggs in oh actually I missed one more secret so.

Let's go check that out it's up here and.

For those of you guys not really familiar with the PC one but if you've got access to say the Nintendo 64 version in that version in there are a lot of these secrets are the same although I think this secret was taken out in the n64 on but you can actually jump on that platform up to here and again it's another 100 health. Powerup and that's pretty much it that's all the secrets for this level and let's go ahead and exit so one of the things.

Like that activated in this game is actually a mouse look and I'm actually using dark places which is it's a source port of quake which allows me to have some other configurable tweaks and settings set and it also improves the graphics of the game and source ports. For these old first-person first-person shooters are very common doom has several source ports I think quake might even have multiples as well but dark places is one of the most popular ones but as you can see the graphics are actually pretty nice and smooth in the original quake on software settings which was like the default renderer you had a very pixelated look on all the textures it was actually a look I really liked a lot and the shadows are actually more accentuated in the software renderer but dark place is really smooth everything out with the original quake the original quake came out at a time where 3d acceleration cards were sort of a new thing for those of you guys that weren't really around to back then we didn't always have 3d. Graphics accelerators at least that's what we called them back then now it's just any GPU does 3d acceleration by default these days pretty much but back in the day it was new and a lot of 3d games like this would just have software renderers so your entire environment would basically just be rendered by your CPU without really much help from your graphics processor and by flipping this switch here pushing that wall and it reveals quad damage we're gonna save that for the end of the stage but with the original stock PC quake there was an add-on you could get called GL quake which would take advantage of 3d graphics accelerators at the time and it would basically give you a look like this where would smooth out the textures give you like glow effects unlike the rockets and grenades and stuff like that and so dark places is kind of like gl quake but it actually refines the graphics even farther than GL quake it allows you to put the resolutions up even higher it's got extra graphical effects and so forth and it's definitely the ideal way to play quake the animation also seems to be a bit better on dark places whereas the animation on your characters was a little little clunky and choppy actually in the original quake especially with the software renderer so by shooting that little target right there we got that armor and if you come down here actually we're not going to do that yeah we're gonna we're gonna come down here again I am kind of trying to show you all the secrets and so forth so I am actually taking this way slower than I normally would for those of you guys that I've seen me play this on stream I typically just blaze right through quake it's how I like to play quake I like to play very aggressive very fast one of the great things about quake is just you're so mobile in this game notice look how fast I'm moving it's one of the fastest first-person shooters but the controls are so tight in this game too it's just a very tight playing game just so two secrets here one you can fall down here in multiplayer there's a super nail gun here and then you can come down here which reveals this secret.

And I believe that's pretty much all the secrets so far so we're gonna go ahead and grab this quad damage but we're gonna switch over to our nail gun normally I like to grab that quad damage when there's still all these enemies in here but I kind of did this by you know in reverse order than what I normally do so you have to flip this switch on the floor here reveal some fiends right here you kill this guy to morphine's up here and you got to be careful with these guys they will just tear you a new one they can kill you almost instantly if they corner you or something like that so there we go we pretty much just like tore through everything and that's the beauty of quad damage is it's four times.

The damage basically and you already do a decent amount of damage in this game you know your weapons are pretty powerful compared to you know the amount of health that enemies have now it's not like doom where you can just sort of like sit there and fire at enemies in quake you really have to dodge in this game you really gotta have the footsies you gotta have a foot game with with your opponents like the ogres with the chainsaws and grenades you have to be constantly moving back and forth otherwise you'll get hit by there grenades same with the fiends they just lunge right at you and even though the enemies hit like tanks in this game you also do a lot of damage as well and you're a very versatile character in this game so here's our grenade launcher and there's gonna be some zombies here there's also going to be two more fiends.

So what I was actually one thing I do want to talk about in terms of the source port is it does allow me to enable free looking and I don't know.

Where the option is in particular but. There is an option here somewhere that allows me to basically free look and I could enable a crosshair kind of like that I actually don't like using crosshairs in the original quake because I basically learned how to play it without crosshairs so I actually play quake the the normal way Courtland quo but yeah in the. Original quake you actually the only way to mouselook was by pressing a button now there might have been some kind kind of console command but by default if you wanted to enable mouselook you had to like I would maybe map it to like the right mouse button or something like that and you know that's fine and all but it actually gets really tiring on your hands after a while holding down like a mouse button for pretty much the entire level to Mouse look now unlike doom Mouse look was always a thing in quake now in Doom source ports they give you the option to Mouse look but mouse looking was never something you were able to do in doom doom always had this auto aim system and quake has the audio aim system just like doom as well so basically if I'm just sitting here and there's an enemy above me the bullet goes automatically to the enemy I don't have to actually look up at the enemy and quick still does that boy quake also gives you more precision by actually allowing you to Mouse aim in any direction 360 degrees there's gonna be a secret down here it's gonna basically be a partial invisibility that what's really funny about this powerup is that if you're playing in multiplayer your entire body is invisible except for your eyeballs so if you look down at the the heads up this way and you can see the picture where it's basically a helmet and eyeballs that's kind of what it looks like in multiplayer you literally just see eyeballs you don't even see the helmet it's just the eyeballs and it was really funny back in the day playing this game of multiplayer I had to see like a set of eyeballs just flying right past you you're like hey wait a second and that would be your opponent you're probably trying to kill or not kill if it was a co-op game so this part you really want to be careful at there's gonna be a sham blur and the shamblers kind of like the equivalent of the cyberdemon from doom although he's not as threatening he's a lot easier but if you get right in front of him he'll still kill you very very quickly but normally what you would do is you would you would run down and trigger him he's kind of there behind that left column you could sort of see this hand sticking out we can actually trigger him by shooting near him and the shamblers are.

Actually really easy to deal with if you're just dealing with them and not any other enemies so basically you just get in their way they try to zap you with this lightning and there's gonna be a second Chandler coming out let's try to kill this gag they're called Skaggs I believe Skaggs or scrags I don't remember the little flying guys so shamblers you just deal with like this you know you try to attack them they try to zap you with lightning and you just move behind an object they pretty much just homed in on you and if you're behind an object very much they're actually kind of like a mixture between like a cyberdemon and doom and the archer vials because the arch-vile is act in a very similar way we're in doom 2 where they try to attack you and as long as you move behind an object and you can't see them and they can't see you you don't get hurt and it's kind of the same way same way with the shamblers same way of the shamblers shame her you know a little dyslexic with my speech trying to you know talk about shamblers all right so we grab the key down below which was there and we just come through here and we're pretty much towards the end of the stage already these stages aren't terribly long in the beginning the first episode it's really gonna be the shortest playthrough that we've got and perhaps with the other episodes we will progress through a little bit quicker there's gonna be a bunch of zombies down here as well so you got to be careful here four zombies only grenades and Rockets can take them out unless you've got quad damage now a standard like super shotgun or something like that with quad damage a lot of times will blow up a zombie as well but. Without quad damage you have to use grenades or Rockets now we haven't actually gotten the rocket launcher yet but we will get that on the next level on four ogres grenades didn't we kill them in two hits so if you get two nice direct shots with grenades you'll kill the ogres a lot of enemies in this game take a very finite and specific amount of hits with certain weapons so for instance the zombies they always die in one hit with a grenade or a rocket beans I think take maybe three or four let's test that theory so that's one two three.

Four it's four and if they've taken a. Lot of damage and you get like a nice direct last hit they'll actually explode in the giblets which is awesome actually dark places adds like all these blood splatters and stuff like that which was not in GL quake where the original software renderer quake so again there's actually a whole lot of video options you can select with the dark places source port you could turn vsync off which I don't even think was an option you've got the anisotropic filter you. Raise your texture quality there's anti-aliasing you can you can add we're actually running in at a fairly low resolution right now for recording purposes so we get a relatively smooth in session that's at least 30 frames a second without getting too choppy so there's gonna be some more ogres up top here and again they pretty much take two hits exactly so one two he's dead the.

Reason I wanted to do that is because there's a secret here you can shoot this door this is a little tricky day I've got auto run on so a lot of times I have a tendency of running off too far when I go through that teleporter in the in the Nintendo 64 version of this game if you shoot this wall right here there's actually a secret which takes you to the secret stage the secret stage is actually in a different spot in that version of the game the secret stage is actually accessed on the next level in PC quake so what I'm gonna do is switch over to my super nail gun or not super no gun so this is just the regular nail gun we haven't gotten the super nail gun yet but that'll be on the next level there's gonna be two fiends up here now what's actually interesting about this section is you don't actually have to take these guys out and the reason I.

Note that is that a shambleau is going to appear let's actually go down here get some more health just like that I'm.

Actually not playing all that well I've got taken a lot of damage surprisingly so I'm gonna try to get all my health back I do want to show you everything that there is in these levels so normally what I would do is I would just rush through that door to the exit but I.

Want to show you the fiends and the Sham blur all right so if you kill this fiend a shamble is going to appear just like this now if you're playing the n64. Version of this game what you want to do is just go through the exit immediately if they allow you to they allow you in the PC version I don't actually have to fight these guys I can just run through that exit and I believe there's gonna be a second sham blur as well apparently.

Not okay so yeah in the n64 version the reason you probably just want to exit is because these pillars aren't here now why then why they made that design choice I have no idea because without pillars like this there's no way to avoid the shamblers you're going to get hit and you're probably going to die very very quickly oh the fiends not a big deal they place they just lunge right at you and you just have to strafe laughter strafe right and they you will dodge them it's pretty simple although they lunge really really quickly so you start to be really careful Leon 864 quake they still use. The quake engine and the levels are laid out pretty much the same but there's like certain pillars that were chopped out slightly less detailed scenery most. Likely to keep the frame rate up for the most part so n64 quake is actually quite challenging in comparison at certain parts so for those you guys that are only on console or maybe just don't play that many PC games you might play an sixty-four quake but not this quake if you do play quake I recommend playing you know PC quake if you can but.

So we got a bio see we're dealing with some some water here this will not hurt you this is just regular water it's gonna be a little bit of a secret here you get some Rockets rockets also translate into grenades rockets and grenades rockets are used for both the grenade launcher and and the rocket launcher here's the super nail gun which is one of the absolute best weapons in the game and this parts a little weird you have to hold the jump key to get up but this part and I think it's just because of dark places it sometimes doesn't want me to get up actually what.

I want to do is try to save my super nail gun I'm gonna need it later on in this level it's gonna be in an ogre down here he rises up but you can actually kill him before he rises up BAM you're dead it's gonna be some nights right here the nights are kind of like you know they look like nights obviously they got swords and whatnot but there they're actually kind of like your pinky demons from doom they don't actually really do much they just run at you and attack you they have no projectiles or anything like that so I highly recommend.

Trying to take the nights out with say just your shotgun super shotgun et cetera probably don't really want to waste rockets on them or anything like that the Scaggs up here or scrags I don't remember if they're scrags or Scaggs but we call them both in this playthrough you probably want to use the nail guns on them it's easiest to take them out with the nail guns because thanks to the auto aim especially and the fact that the nail guns just do fast damage or make fast make quick work of those guys so there's actually gonna be an ogre up here which he wasn't there before but he's since appears since we've come into this in this area so we take them out quickly with the the super nail gun picking up this key makes more scrags appear and what I want to do. First is trigger these guys and then use.

The super nail gun on them you can get rekt very quickly here the second you come up the fiends just both launching you at the same time and they'll follow you into the water as well they're not really much of a threat underwater but a.

Lot of times what they'll do is just kind of sit right here and you'll be trying to come up from the water and they'll just get you right away also you might occasionally trigger some ogres up top they'll be tossing grenades at you while you're trying to come up as well and one strategy you can do if you're having problems with quake is try to trigger some enemies and take them out from a distance with issue standard shotguns so like here's an ogre up here oh there's three.

And probably not wise now because I trick it all three I only really wanted to trigger one um yeah let's just skip that but like there's a night up here he's running back and forth no well I. Killed an ogre so that's fine there's only two now there okay two down and one. More to go so if you're having problems with enemies like trying to snipe you from a distance your regular shotgun is actually pretty good long-range its weak but it doesn't need to be super powerful as long as you're constantly making your hits it's not like the doom shotgun it's just like you know in quake it's like. One two three four five its you're constantly firing at a pretty constant rate and we just killed the night so we basically took out all the enemies up top from down below so if you're having problems with certain parts of this game remember that you can take out enemies from a distance which that actually really comes in handy later on in the game in particular on Episode two I believe if I want to I could switch back. To my shotgun and just take these guys out from a distance it's slower and not as uh not as sexy that's for sure.

It's not like I would normally play where I would just bolt through the camp like the rocket launcher in hand like right here there's gonna be some dudes some ogres I can use the grenade launcher up here just remember it's two grenades per per ogre so you know in quake a lot of times you can you can play it with numbers in mind so every time you attack you go one two dad basically once I flip all these switches. The fiend is going to appear actually not when I flip the switches the fina peers when I try to access this staircase and what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go to the secret level which I actually wasn't planning on doing when I was originally going to record this let's play what we want as well I'll show you the secret stage is called ziggurat vertigo and it's a really cool level but let's go back up here make sure we got all our ammunition and so forth because we're gonna need it on the next level and we ended up just.

Wasting ammo but that's not a big deal so coming up here actually takes you to the exit but we're gonna skip that and what we want to do is actually come back down into the water and if you're gonna make a big jump like that you want to land in water if you land on the ground you do get hurt see it to be be careful about that so the ziggurat vertigo is actually in here those two switches we Flitz opens up.

This doorway which takes us to our secret level so what I'm gonna do is just in case I'm gonna do a quick save and so this actually has very low. Gravity it's really interesting so what I'm gonna do is grab this this is invincibility and then come through here.

And since I'm invincible I might as well just use my grenade launcher there's.

Gonna be a rocket launcher right here we can just jump straight up whoops now the rocket launcher is easily the best weapon in the game it is just an awesome weapon it's very very effective it's fast it's got good blast damage it doesn't hurt you too badly if you blast damage yourself unfortunately it kills pretty much all small enemies in one hit.

And again just like the grenade launcher two hits with the rocket launcher would take out overs and keep in mind that the. Ogres they drop a backpack every time you kill them and every backpack from an ogre gives you two grenades or two rockets.

And we blew him up into giblets and.

We're gonna go ahead and try to collect all the ammunition that we can so if you got another set of rockets right here so we're up to 79 this is gonna put us at 81 and 100 health and that's which I.

Believe lowers the gates down on the bottom floor so this level is really weird to get used to because of the fact that the gravity is just the way it is but what's really cool about the low gravity is things like the grenade launcher go all the way across the screen now so even before you get the rocket launcher you can actually aim the grenade launcher in a way like it's a rocket launcher see what I normally do is like the ogre that's sitting there and falling in the beginning I'll just shoot them with a grenade launcher from all the way across the screen it's really satisfying to do that so there's. Gonna be some enemies here above and on down below now one thing you want to be.

Careful of when you're trying to kill these guys with explosives is if you do too much damage to them you turn them into Jim Lynch you basically you know turn them into a million tiny little pieces and that's cool and all but the downside to it is that if they turn into jib lids you don't get their backpack their backpack explodes with them basically which is a neat little like a you know a bit of attention to detail.

So that was a sham Blair up there there might be a second no not right here there's another sham Blair up top but there's also gonna be another invincibility powerup which we're not going to get yet what I'm gonna do is save that for when I go up to the next level let's grab these rockets you can.

Also see there's a door up there that's a secret it's guys I believe that's a hundred health up there and this is.

Gonna take us up there let's go ahead.

And yes group we'll just get this right here pretty sure there's also quad damage here as well actually when I stream this on Twitch recently I did not get to the ziggurat vertigo I intentionally skipped it I'm pretty sure quad damage is in there but we're gonna go ahead and take out this sham blur just as is I mean I'm invincible so it's like oh yeah there's a second one that's right because of the gravity the shamblers can actually like sort of juggle you as you really want to be careful about that and that's it I think that's all the shamblers in this level we are gonna have to go in here though so let's flip this switch first.

And we're pretty much at the end of the level already it's again a lot of the levels in quake they're not they're not very long when you really know what what you're doing and I was like like I said at the very beginning in this video I'm super familiar with quake so even though I'm not playing through it like greased lightning right now III know exactly. Where to go still and so it's just it's very easy to just get from point A to point B there's also a secret right here not a whole lot but it is a secret got some nails and what I'm gonna do is actually go back get the hundred percent health I missed or 100 health just like that and we've got max nails we got. Pretty much max everything we need we don't have max Rockets but that's that's fine all right let's go ahead and exit.

Let's go all the way across the screen I love the the low gravity it's so cool it's definitely an interesting dynamic so we missed another secret apparently I'm trying to think of where the other secret was that I missed but not a big deal alright I'm gonna go ahead and save it again just in case there's actually some really cool things you can do on this level one of the things that quake brought to the table that you didn't have in say Doom was the ability to boost yourself with explosives so let me go ahead and get this 100% health here and I'm gonna demonstrate so quake is basically where rocket jumping became a thing for those you guys that have played maybe quake 3 or something like that you've been real tournament rock rocket jumping is a thing all they're not very useful in UT you actually use the impact hammer to do jumps in that game but in quake you have the rocket jump so there's this section up here you can go to it's actually something that you really want to get later on in this level but instead of getting to it the normal way which you can do is rocket jump just like this and this is going to take.

Us to our key and a sham blur and morphine's so by doing the rocketjump.

You can get here without taking the long way basically and then you can use the quad damage to mow through these guys in this room.

And we just destroyed everything that's what I love about quake it's just so satisfying when you know what to do and you just just blaze right through the game like it's nothing so this is gonna be a secret up here if we come over here some more Scaggs you're going to appear and I apologize we're getting that name wrong it's either scrags or Skaggs I don't remember I think it's crags actually but we're gonna say both ways for the rest of this video because I don't remember I'm gonna have to look it up for the next episode so yeah that that little shortcut was pretty neat to do if you're trying to speed run through the levels the shortcuts are really important if I wanted to I could just skip the whole level completely by coming through here and rocket jumping let me get some more. Health so basically skipping by rocket jumping up here so that's basically how you get through your level really quickly you would rocket jump in the beginning go through the teleporter get the gold key rocket jump up here and then this is the end of the level basically you come down here and that's it but we're not gonna just exit the level like that we're gonna go ahead and play through the whole thing so you guys can see the whole level so there's a second key we need to get and it's up here or through this set of hallways.

When you're in this room these spikes are coming out of these walls you have to be careful about that it's gonna be.

Some fiends down on the bottom too a lot of times I try to take them out from above if I can.

And the big reason for that is if you get you can actually get pushed down here and if you get pushed down unexpectedly the fiends could just tear you apart very very quickly so this part right here is where you would typically get pushed down it's basically these three pushing things if you get caught between them they don't hurt you but they will push you off and you know the fiends are down below so.

And it's gonna be a ocher I thought that door was supposed.

To open up before I fell down but apparently not and this is gonna be the. Last section for the stage.

So remember that two shots of the rocket launcher kills the ogres there is going to be a secret here if we jump up notice like the candles like I said even the the flames are polygons in this game even today flames are usually 2d sprites.

Or two-dimensional objects and in in do today it's much harder to tell that they're 2d because there's so high arrays in detailed and well animated but back in the day the flames were actually like three dimensional polygonal objects even the pedestal that the flame is on so again quake was just really interesting for the time like literally every single thing was 3d so basically if we jump up and hit this it opens up the door behind there which gives us some some goodies now that area we went.

To in the beginning will be rocket jumps too to access it normally you have to go behind this teleporter and we're not going to here we're going to take the regular one which just puts us out in this room where the gold key was but if you want this room to be easier because again the shamblers was right there right you take the reverse side of that teleporter which puts us out up top and gives us the quad damage as well so quad damage is super important in this game and so the blue key is to flip that switch which takes us up here to the gold door which again we don't really need now or we didn't really need to get the silver key sorry or the blue key there's gonna be a secret right here as well it's gonna have just blue armor blue armor is the weakest armor so you're gonna find a lot of times blue armor is gonna be there but you're not gonna be able to pick it up because you already have more than enough blue armor teach you to 100 armor yellow armor takes you to 150 armor red armor takes you to 200 armor and red armor is obviously the best unlike doom armor makes a huge difference in quake it makes I mean it made a difference in Doom but it makes an even bigger difference in quake so on this level we're actually at the second-last level already on this episode so we're almost done here guys not too much longer on this level you can start off on top you can just take these ogres out from a safe spot if you want to get really risky you can jump down below like I sometimes do take him out with rockets more ogres down here probably good time to switch over to our rocket launcher and of course if you didn't have a.

Rocket launcher there is one on this level and flipping this switch will reveal more ogres up here so let's flip that switch one of the important things. To success on quake is just knowing your levels like the back of your hand and quake is one of those games where there are very few surprises when you know what you're doing now there are surprises in the game like on this level in particular when we go down below those gonna be some enemies that just teleport in right in front of me and that'll catch you off guard you might die but there are some awesome other sections that you know are coming up but you can just you can clean out the room before you even tackle the room so like right here there's three ogres there's one right here he's dead there's one down here he's dead and then there's one more down here now basically what that does is it keeps them from throwing grenades I mean when I jumped out here now you'll notice that staircase took a minute for it took a minute for it to go down and so normally what would happen is you'd come down here and you've had three ogres tossing grenades I do and it's just a very dangerous situation so we're going to do is come down here and this is where the teleporting ogres going to be so I mean because I knew that was coming up it really was no issue and you don't really want to get crushed by this thing but one thing you can do is come behind it for a secret which puts you out up top here you might be saying to yourself well what's the big deal well there's actually a hundred health right here and some ammo more Rockets and so forth and we can actually come back down and once this thing comes back that gate lowers back we can come through to where we need to go now obviously don't get caught by that slight wall you will die you'll get crushed so here's our blue key and this takes us back to the beginning now that we're in the beginning this is lit up now now you can try to go here initially but you really want just want to go where we're to where it's lit up on this level that's one of the cool things about quake is that you would you know light at certain levels would use lighting as indicators and where to go now you notice that we've rocket jumps earlier and there's a rocket jump right there if you want to get really slick you can rock a jump yourself backwards grab the key rocket jump back and just go straight to the exit so there's really neat ways to like speedrun quake so what I recommend you guys do is you're if you're interested in seeing like speed run tricks on quake is looking up quake done quick not quake. Done quick is a long-running thing I think they're probably up to whatever you know how many ever ever revisions of the formula of quake done quick but quake done quick back when I was playing back in the late 90s was basically a speed run a very early speed run of quake where they just used these crazy techniques to go through the game and like a ridiculously fast period of time or amount of time and so they basically used rocket jumping tricks at certain specific areas of the game there's a whole bunch of other little trick you can do as well so shooting that right there reveals this stairwell which is gonna take us up on top and with a little bit of a jump we can get another hundred health powerup just like that you have to be very very accurate with that jump so opening up this door reveals a fiend so in quake survival it makes a big difference if you know where the enemies are and I know there's gonna be an ogre right here I'm gonna try to trigger the ogre there he is just like that now there's also going to be a sham blur that appears there but what I want to do is there's actually a secret up here by.

Flipping this switch right here or shooting that switch we can get some quad damage and so we're gonna switch over to our super nail gun or the perforators as they call it kill the sham blur immediately just like that kill these ogres with the quad damage flip that switch kill another sham blur right here BAM and we're done with the level see that's where knowing that where the quad damage is and the level structure as a whole can come in you know major use you just really come in handy so so we're gonna go ahead and.

Save it we don't really need to save it so this is one of the only actual boss fights in the game this is called cthe on our thawne I really don't know how to pronounce it what we need to do is come over to the sides step on both of these switches which lowers these these poles and once they're both lowered you zap the guy over the center switch now shooting him does absolutely nothing so this is a fight where it's more or less brains over brawn there's also a really.

Neat trick you can do here what I'm gonna do is actually quick save it just I want to show to demonstrate a here's another speed run technique as you flip the switch and then whoops I messed up you basically flip the switch and then rock a jump all the way over like that.

We actually failed at it but it's really interesting like you see the speedrunners they basically just rock themselves back and forth and zap them three zaps and he's dead and this takes.

Us to our exit and then that's pretty much the end of episode 1 and by hitting.

Spacebar it'll take us to our story segment so as the corpse of the monstrous entity Thawne sinks back into the lava whence it rose uh you grip the rune of earth magic tightly sorry my mana is really far away I can barely read this now that you have conquered the dimension of the doones realm of earth magic you're ready to complete your task a rune of magic power lies at the end of each haunted land of quake go forth seek the totality of the four runes so you're basically collecting rune stones in each episode and after you have all four rune stones the Slipgate in the beginning of the floor opens up in the hub selection or in the main hub sorry and then I'll take you to your actual final boss which is shub-niggurath and I'm not very familiar.

With Lovecraft and stuff like that but from what I understand this game takes. Elements from like Lovecraft themes and stories and so forth so for those you guys that are familiar with that you'll probably feel right at home like the mythology of quake so let's go ahead and get back to the Slipgate and here we are first episode is done once we finish an episode we can't go back to it now if you use a cheat code to get all weapons and ammo you could probably rocket jump back up and get in and replay the episode again but it's not going to really do you a whole lot of good so yeah what we're gonna do guys is just save it right here and I'm gonna save the top one and let's.

Save all of them just because we can just in case and that's pretty much gonna conclude this episode so stay tuned for parts 2 3 & 4 episode 4 we're.

Gonna have to really milk the quicksave function I'm gonna really need ëcoz episode 4 is it's a very challenging episode but episodes 2 & 3 I should just build a bull through just like I did the first episode but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video blows you guys that are a fan of this style let's play for PC games keep in mind that I do have Let's Plays of both doom and doom 2 for the PC as well as the first episode of Wolfenstein 3d and the first episode of heretic shadow of the serpent riders so if you're into that sort of thing feel free to check those out and if you're new to my channel if you are free to subscribe and if you also if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it helps my videos appear better in search results and so forth and it just it helps me so if you'd like to give me a thumbs up and stay tuned guys for parts 2 3 & 4 they should be here pretty soon and until then I'll see you guys soon take it easy

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