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TRON: Evolution Walkthrough | Chapter 2: Shutdown - Part 1

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TRON: Evolution Walkthrough | Chapter 2: Shutdown - Part 1

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TRON: Evolution is the videogame prequel to the 2010 film TRON: Legacy, developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive. Evolution bridges the stories between the 1982 original and 2010 franchise reboot, shining light on the background of the mysterious Quorra, portrayed in the film by Olivia Wilde.

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Can't go through there okay hey boys. Over here.

See this.

The best way to get these guys to carry their attacks.


Where do we go now.

So yeah okay.

Even the benches are futuristic.

Wow I do this yeah not allowed to fall. That far apparently no would have put me up here Thank You Gabe just a station.

I think get for a 2 MB megabytes.

No I gotta save up my points okay.

- fires everywhere Oh more of this crap not gonna let me take the stairs are you can we effectively schools so this I. Guess the one thing is maybe food wasn't so crazy you know but these guys were all Isis but they were affecting the basics too so it's interesting that they never mentioned that they were called basics oh yeah you.

Have to stop all.

Now don't like all acid.

About my idea of fun.

Sexually nine local urca's okay the goal.

Is to get there okay.

Oh not one of these shirts.

Okay I don't how to do this one.

The music just got epic for no apparent reason okay another one all right.

Well now it's not so epic.

And still no clue how I'm supposed to get up there Oh use that to vault okay.

Oh geez Chris.

Oh. Oh geez I get up there.

There we go had to be very precise okay now look that away.

I guess I say I haven't really talked.

When I think a while I'll share the next thing I'd like to see if I got well that I'd do if I got to work on a truant game I've already said action-rpg right I would totally I'd love to see it open-world Llano both both having a.

Linear design and open world limits you to certain things but I think an open world would really suit Tron well just like this well you know that's just my opinion something to talk about the comments if you want to stuff like that just. Thoughts they come on is a gamer what I'd like to do if I gotta make a game still nothing they love just normal. People's and a late tank is currently people are.

Like oh my god nothing right through there you know I can't go through that okay I have to do this way.

Whoa okay so much for a tech yes.

It's oh okay jitties get.

We're after don't wait all right messed up big time. Laughs Pires did let dogs your Birkin it's two dogs okay.

Volkoff's back would make sense aha you can't hits me tripping around stuff Oh building poet.

Oh I was supposed to move. I really had no idea what was gonna.

Happen I stood there whole.

Hello you.

Okay you don't really like breaker anything let's just and look at my guy being awesome that.

Epic is making appendage this is what I do another thing if I were to make a Tron game I'd keep it in a perspective like this the entire time.

These were most the time like what's it going to like the parkour stuff maybe.

Some call that I probably change. Armor-plated bomb attacks okay is it up to sebum this oh well would have been nice to know that happens.

Take it I don't want to talk I want to be up talking.

Wow really.


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