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The Witcher 3 - Walkthrough Part 33 - Helping Dandelion (Death March Mode)

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The Witcher 3  - Walkthrough Part 33 - Helping Dandelion (Death March Mode)

The Witcher 3 Death March Difficulty Full Walkthrough 1080p HD No Commentary

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Continuing from The Witcher 2, the ones who sought to use Geralt are now gone. Geralt seeks to embark on a new and personal mission, whilst the world order itself is coming to a change.Geralt's new mission comes in dark times as the mysterious and otherworldly army known as the Wild Hunt invades the Northern Kingdoms, leaving only blood soaked earth and fiery ruin in its wake, and it seems the Witcher is the key to stopping their cataclysmic rampage.

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Seems everything's ready hi so Ezra catch Satan will block the road against the whole unit if need be and you know I think it's a great plan all around and I'm always glad to help and eager to crack some holy other ho bug of skulls but CMAs Liv got a Doppler wouldn't it have been easier to have him released dandelion and I hadn't been done with two suspicious think about it manga disappears and shows up with a scar on his face to release dandelion suppose you're right Priscilla what are you doing here some child brought a note from dudu the convoy will leave at dawn may I stay with you a car standing sitting at home worrying about dandelion never fear my dear you'll get your water back just hope he's got just turrets order watch the planes and the presence of a lady go back to town please I shouldn't be any trouble oh come on get out even go let us stay look at her.

Oh weepy I eat like you mom what's even his guts knotted up fine she can stay on.

The one condition I know as soon as the fighting starts understand at a distance not much happening just yet and there may be some time for it does well how about a game of Gwynn. Don't really feel like it you to play yeah all right you know the basics that's clear now we can play for real they're coming that coming now. Priscila stay here.

Dandelion she must've here.

Prints are deep horse was carrying a heavy load.

That's it roach.

Move it.

Grant Roach hoofprints.

The plea.

Anyone right through here two men one slum of the saddle like a sack Oh something in the coin - boy turn left there but we're a when she were carrying swear it on your head squealing at whale in so.

Mm-hm looks like it might have started limping.

What is it you tell me one of them hunters barged into our Hut turn this over we could so much as fart in protest there another man with him tall dark-haired high jabberin the whole time hmm dandelion so hunters barricaded himself inside there another way in truth be told there is want to get rid.

Of this hunter or not honest would see you all gone but he'll do for a start yeah the key sell a door in the back thanks.

See that there I said I'm cookies alright alright but now can I be sure.

That you won't try me I'll go with you it's not like we'll be no trickery along the way I could wring your neck like what.

My course is worth nothing to you whereas a lot like I said a hundredfold.

More than larger today.

Darrell's must ruin everything I had him just where I wanted him ah it. Is good to see you friend been a while since you were last in novigrad what's come on we'll talk outside.

Priscila what are you doing here you were right you had me worried sick find Li in young rascal God that's last to thank for this reason after he is she Chevy did Chevy shame you ride too late to see his hoodwink that hunter I had a plan all set but then Geralt dandelion I need to ask you something it's important so focus where's Siri Siri I thought seeing how you're here you haven't seen her well I don't know where she is when'd you last see her we were on temple Isle running from whoresons men.



Leave your horse.


Ah what an adventure one minute we were pulling off the heist of the century the next we were prey a pack of hunters on our tail yeah a splendid story but I think I've had my fill of this boasting come Zoltan we must convince the huffing base or nothing at all gave me enough material for a volume of balance and this one will sell like hotcakes.

Nobody's gonna read that drivel sheesh what crawled into your britches in venue I'm just worried about who ciri.

Have a little faith Geralt you have any idea how she fights the girl can take care of herself believe me anyway she's got to come back for that little box the trinket that started it all mean this you get it from whoreson whoa.

Cereal be overjoyed Orson on the other hands got to be pretty furious see we ever tell you what.

This is and horsin why'd she go to him with it she went to horse him because I took her there could a guest that was your idea what how magic bobble was broken whoreson had access to the mages who could fix him besides she needed help deciphering the curse it's incantation know any more about the.

Curse something specific in detail anything well I know the words you're.

Kidding no they were elven ciri was constantly repeating it to herself probably not to forget went like this the file inane kadmiel fully glad had gone yep tonight Monroe is Navy honest doesn't mean a thing to me even less to me.

She slipped away again I was so close. Huh she came here from belem somebody there helped her apparently maybe she went back doubt it talk to the Baron there he's the one helped ciri said she wrote off to novigrad to look for yin and me and yen's and Skellig are looking into traces she thinks Siri left behind there so scaliger scaliger YouTube chatted.

Enough now it's my turn to know there's a hug gladly I go and when you're done let's get back to the rosemary in time well I've certainly had my share of excitement for one day a juicy roast in a soft bed with fluffy pillows I think that's the least I know we haven't seen each other talked in ages consider dropping by if you're in the air now I'm sure to be by sometime soon I'll hold you to that Geralt see you soon and thanks again for today.

Hey we are grateful we wanted to.

Demonstrate so we got this gift for you.

Portrait of the hierarch nice ah it's. Nothing really got oodles of amazing just dip if you wouldn't mind not mentioning where you got change all right all right farewell.

Jennifer's suspicions proved true ciri had appeared in skeleton she derived from another world together with a mass mage she in the mage had fought the wild hunt before fleeing through portals that carried them to felon there one trail ended another began a good time later the Wild Hunt had reappeared on industry on meaning ciri two might have returned to Skellig ax.


Come on.

Symbol of Freya.

Craven's blood.

Prints lead to the well yes Craven didn't want to be eaten preferred to drown hey can you hear me.

Jeremy sorry I hope not let me know once you find crap cravings bird.

Craven's blood damn dead has been for a.

While yen found it and and I've seen ruffians.

In better condition than this shit fine scrape together what you can and haul the bits up here take it you've got a.

Plan no I just like to stare at rotting flesh we'll talk when you get here all right that's Yin charming as ever come on someone wants to meet you.


The putrefaction setting but the vocal cords are intact we might still get something out of him doesn't it look like the talkative type anyone can be made to talk even a coarse one must simply know how thought necromancy was strictly forbidden so is premarital sex but I'm not about to be bothered by such foolishness. Need any ingredients for the spell hmm the blood of a newborn a Virgin's tongue and the eye of a newt mind trying again without the sarcasm I don't need a thing I'm a sorcerer was not a village herbalist all I need is energy a great deal of energy we're very lucky this place is saturated was magic it's also considered sacred priestesses will be furious if you use the gardens power to revive a corpse all the more reason to get it over with before they realize what's happening.

Let's get to work.

Selene Selene to frame the lanes the.

Lanes avatar.

Are you craving of Norton No.

We're looking for Siri ashen hair green eyes have you seen her.

I don't care about that what happened to her what was she doing here speak speak.

Ah speak.

City is it hell can you hear me I can I.

Must leave you now we will meet beneath drowned dead Rock can you remember.

Repeat it drowned dead Rock.

You're awake and I thought you'd who are.

You it's alright you're on hinders Fiala village of la Verdun they call me scale but what we fished you out of the see me.

And that friend of yours I don't I don't.

Think you should let's talk more giving me a hand ah that's me brother for you I decide for a second then he's already put his paws on a girl Astrid you're as dim as dishwater you know perfectly well I'm helping her up it's a shame I know but I've got to interrupt your courtship come we're off to the sauna well why is your mouth I get like you're noodling for an eel the sauna Jerell you was blue as a whale when we brought you in here your blood needs thorn.

I'm sorry but I must get to drowned dead Rock as fast as possible shan't force you to stay but the rocks are ways off and you can barely walk your best take a horse tray scale can prepare a horse for you you'll have to wait a spell but even so you'll get there faster than on foot fine that will do thank you both very much pish-posh there's no need now come we got a sweat the sick oh dear where am i close I've taken them already come on.

That man in the mask he's from afar isn't it oh yes run very far away where exactly aren't you nosey surprised he's suspicious probably old ice I do not travel like you like me no. You wouldn't like that trust me

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