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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights Camera Curses | Lost Footage |

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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights Camera Curses | Lost Footage |

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Lost footage from Nancy Drew: Lights Camera Curses walkthrough.

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You, as Nancy Drew, are on the set of a controversial remake of the famous 1930’s film “Pharaoh!” The studio original movie released with an alternate ending due to the untimely death of Lois Manson, the film’s star, and became a box office smash. Now, Nancy Drew is undercover on the set to get to the bottom of suspicious press leaks and uncanny accidents that have the production schedule in jeopardy. Is someone trying to sabotage the movie or is it a curse of the fallen film star in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

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Well EDA looks like you got your wish for publicity after all.

Time to see what's on this lost footage.

Oh it's Louis Manson she's alive.

It's the jewel of karnak.

So Louis Manson didn't die from a snake bite while thumbing that first Pharaoh after all actors that she was she faked the whole thing the director was obviously in on it as well as the coroner who signed her death certificate so she must have been some kind of Speyer federal witness or something in any case once the camera stopped rolling she vanished into history as for the jewel of Karnak which Louis apparently stole from the director after he switched it with a fake Arthur Hitchens returned it to the Egyptian Museum from which it had come some 80 years earlier this generated a lot of publicity as it eat is very convenient nervous breakdown which allowed her to avoid prosecution when it came to that cave in as a result the new Pharaoh movie was a smash hit Arthur was thrilled Molly McKenna who believe it or not wound up adopting that stray black cat I've been chasing all over the lot didn't much care George Jackson however was disappointed despite his denials he deeply resented the fact that Arthur had used his considerable influence to make George unemployable unless he directed Pharaoh he wanted the movie to take because it would have ruined Arthur financially of course it wouldn't have done wonders for George's career but he was either too focused on payback or just plain too dumb to realize that as for me the Tinseltown Tattler has been hounding me for months trying to get the inside scoop of my adventure I'm thinking I'll just have their people call my people which means i'll have to train my people i eat togo to answer the phone but something tells me having to talk to a dog well phase there are people one bit.

They learn where my next case would take me the redondo an exclusive spa with a rich and famous go to get nip-tucked or just plain indulged massages gourmet meals exotic beauty treatments luxurious rooms unfortunately someone has added danger to its list of amenities my planning devices at suddenly explode potentially deadly results help me unmask this Mad Bomber before the spas wealthy clients start checking out for good in my next adventure

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