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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel (Part 4) - Stenography

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel (Part 4) - Stenography

A video guide of me playing "Nancy Drew and the Haunted Carousel". In this section, we have fun with stenography and Nancy's computer for four minutes. Then I wander around aimlessly for a while, talking to Harlan Bishop, Joy and Eliot Chen.

The Cigarette Song can be found here:

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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We go email next time you want to hide a message in plain sight write it with invisible ink which is often on slamming juice that's nice news at home Oh kind of left us a message about Togo.

And I left us another message Oh something about the team.

There are different types of detected these are all fancy awards. Hmm okay here is the email from besan George it's learning shorthand the quick.


Okay this is interesting if you want to learn stenography. That's actually thinking about becoming a stenographer but it takes a couple. Years to do and you have to be verified but once you get the job you you can make let's see where's the contain some. Letters some letter why is this on letter mean he is a sound of snow okay.

Once you get a stenography drop I was saying you can make a six-figure paychecks all this very harsh job.

Me unlike this game there is no uh you know second-chance option you really have to get everything correctly done because say Oh see.

Maybe I want to be Goodson off stenographer s seen oh come on. Say no matter okay okay let's go back and see okay neigh that would be neigh so.

Wait huh no great now my CD is messing up I don't.

Know I'll think about stenography maybe I'll become a paralegal or something see.

I am making good progress I haven't answered any of the questions.

Would you do okay thank you now I've learned everything there is about stenography well not everything. But using that I should be able to decipher the message see there's the double line that means a capital letter is a G L or why the need. Of the curacao force is glory haha I. Just remembered that from the last time I played the game I didn't actually remember the snog Rafi so glory was sold on August 3rd let's see what's there to do find out why the access card does ork Brown Ingrid's place open Harlan's Locker.

RollerCoaster I thought I checked it out.

And see here's the journal - it tells us that the horse is called glory we couldn't get inside the axe the roller-coaster joy has a weird talking computer we've had an grid we talked with professors I mean detective Paris okay okay that's enough boy I know our.

Cold baths and Jorge maybe they'll have something helpful to tell us about.

Mm-hmm hello hi best it's only me oh hi.

Nance listen to you you're probably making Nancy feel terrible maybe I should answer the phone from now on you wouldn't dare it's okay guys I understand I'm sorry Nancy as you may have guessed Matt hasn't called yet he's just so cute anyway what's up hmm did I tell you that I met the parks chief engineer no is it cute well the starters then about everybody that's cool does she know her staff you know I'm cute you could call me bass seems too although she doesn't seem to know where the blueprints for the roller coaster are uh-oh hiding something perhaps looks like your list of suspects just got longer okay everybody in the games on the suspect list I think I translated that stenography note thanks to you guys so what did say well it wasn't really all that exciting it was a memo about how somebody bought the horse that was called glory off the carousel and how it would have to be replaced all that research for that bummer why would someone buy a carousel horse because knew there were jewels hidden inside could be huh looks like we'll never know God there was a brochure for a sports car in Ingrid's work area the Pandora 2xs that is like in the rug to us what is the most expensive that's for sure she must make a ton of money either that or she's about to come into a ton of money hmm engine oil thickened joy Trent.

Has a computer in her office that sees Gears talks and interrupts people when they're snooping and you of course we're snooping well that's our girl why does she have such a sophisticated computer this thing is not that sophisticated in fact it looks like it was made out of spare parts do you think joy made it I doubt it well the next time I catches you snooping just smile sweetly then rivets little plug right out of the wall okay I found out that the man who may have hidden jewels in that stolen carousel force died in prison but his cell mate who apparently looks a lot like Harlan Bishop was recently released Howard just started working there right and he doesn't like to talk about where he works before right I think you're on to something detective drew can't catch you guys later be careful good luck doo-doo-doo.

Let's see Carly hey Nancy what's up the card reader outside the roller-coaster doesn't work it's got this red tag on it means the powers been shut off Ingrid must be working on it go talk to her she probably took a break to go meditate and forgot what she was doing does that sort of thing happen a lot with her oh yeah and good luck finding her these mind relaxation breaks of her sometimes lasts for hours I'm afraid I got off on the wrong foot with Elliot I still paint all over something he'd been working on oh not good the guy's already about a month behind in his work really any idea why he's so far behind he's a procrastinator doesn't really like to work so he does whatever he can to avoid it puts things off till the last minute me I get stuff done right away you do too I'll bet mmm-hmm well I try has he always been behind I guess he was doing okay up until about a month ago way I hear it if he doesn't get caught up like fast he's gonna be waving bye-bye like soon hmm see you around everybody okay Oh I don't think there's anything else we can do in Harlem no smoking no smokin stuff sorry um there's a music video I made up here that's a non-smoking music video I'll put it in the show notes or show description or whatever the heck you call that thing I think it's okay this is Joy's up to something.

I really do need to get this work done right sorry okay she's not doing anything huh hmm now.

What can we do now maybe she called Elliot hey madness.

Destructor returns you talked to Joy imagine my surprise when she told me you're a detective I hope she also told you that I spent a full 10 minutes in her office without spilling a thing these things happen so I hear you're out to solve the curse of captain's Cove how do you explain what's been going on around here what do I know I'm just an artist go ask our naturopathic engineer person you had any idea who stole that horse off the carousel somebody who's into junk hmm that's odd Ingrid said carousel horses can be very valuable well when they're the original horses they can be valuable yes but I was talking about the one that was stolen it was not an original around 18 20 years ago somebody bought one of the horses off the carousel the guy who owned the park back then commissioned some hack to replace it oh so that's the stenography note that we read okay and that's the horse that was stolen the replacement right hmm the fact that the park is shut down must be kind of a relief for you you mean because I'm behind in my work I'd be lying if I said the shutdown wasn't helping me get caught up meeting deadlines has never been my forte but I certainly hope you're not suggesting that I arranged for the park to be shut down by somehow manufacturing this cursed thing because that would be ridiculous

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