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Final Fantasy VII - The Movie - Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes PC HD Remaster Mod)

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This video from: dansg08.
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Final Fantasy VII - The Movie - Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes PC HD Remaster Mod)

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A cinematic version of FFVII with remastered graphics

30 min episodic version:

Part 1 of this project was uploaded 2.5 years ago, it's finally time for the full on crazy Marathon edition. PLEASE READ BEFORE INVESTING YOUR TIME INTO THIS VIDEO!

This is an epic 13.5 hour Movie Version of the 1997 PS1 classic Final Fantasy VII, designed for those who want to just sit back and enjoy the story without having to watch a full length Walkthrough (30+ hours) or Commentary. If you want to refresh yourself before diving back into this game when the FFVII remake comes out, you've come to the right place.

Some things you should be aware of before starting:

1. What is in this video? - This is all of the story related cutscenes/dialogue and gameplay from FFVII. I have gone through the entire story and kept in all dialogue and cutscenes along with highly edited and condensed travel/Boss Battles. If you don't want to or can't play FFVII but want to check out/revisit the story this might be the video for you.

2. PC Mod? - When I first embarked on this project the PS4 remake wasn't a thing, but I wanted the best looking version of FFVII possible. I found this in the form of the "Tifa's Package" mod. You can google it to find out more and install it.

3. How did you deal with the text? - Obviously this game has no voice acting so the dialogue will have to be read like a manga/comic. This was the main reason I didn't want to make this, but I think this game has enough fans and enough of a story to make it watchable in this way. A lot of Final Fantasy fans don't have English as a first language, and test footage feedback told me that I needed to slow down the dialogue progression, so that's what I have done. It will be impossible to find a "perfect" pace, since we all have different reading speeds. I would rather have it a little slower so that the maximum number of people can read and understand what's going on, since that's the only way we can drive the story forward effectively.

These ones are for those who know the game/story, it's not very relevant to newcomers, you guys can go ahead and get started :)

4. Yuffie? - Yuffie is not in this movie version, and I'll explain why. There are 2 optional party members in the game, and although Vincent is on the main path of the story, Yuffie is not and requires you to go off the main track in order to get her. I believe it would have disrupted the flow of the story, and I guess if they are optional they are not exactly essential to the core story. Vincent is cool and has some dialogue when you first meet him, but aside from that he doesn't really contribute much to the story in my opinion. Perhaps if I was doing this again I may have found a way to include her, but I apologise to any Yuffie fans who might be disappointed by this.

5. What's up with the names? This is something that the Mod has done, and not me. It turns out that some of the names used here are not the generally accepted Western versions. Some examples being Reno is called Leno, Tseng is called Zeng, and a few others. Like I say, it's not something I was able to change!

I think that's about it, sorry for the long description but I always try to let people know what to expect before they dive into such a long video. I'm also honest about its shortcomings (e.g. Yuffie's absence). Regardless, I think it turned out ok, and although it is EXTREMELY long and requires a lot of reading, I don't think I could have really done it any other way in order to really make it a complete movie experience. I hope you guys enjoy it, thanks!

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