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TowerClimb Tutorial in 46.92 seconds [Current Record]

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TowerClimb Tutorial in 46.92 seconds [Current Record]

Tutorial is the first level every climber gets when they enter the tower for the first time from the loading screen. It gives a good walkthrough of the mechanics and physics behind the game.

We don't have time to read, so we just wing it.

This route features 2 key changes from Tobash's previous world record of 49.37, in that we land on the ledge when doing the first jump off the main block. The other major change is going for a Box Zip first try (it can be done faster by throwing it from a lower height, but my setup is consistent for me).

There were also some small errors that could've saved more time, but doing several mega jumps (max speed + max height by running/jumping on roughly the same frame) here and there really adds up to just narrowly squeezing in a sub 47.

I will likely come back to this in the near future assuming Box Zipping isn't patched out, and go for a more perfect run with less mistakes. These mistakes only cost a few frames each mind you, but for a 60 fps game they aren't negligible when many happen in a single run.

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