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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships (Part 13): Golden Dials Puzzle

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships (Part 13): Golden Dials Puzzle

Part of a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships. In this part, Nancy learns a secret about Johnny Rolle and talks with George. And because Nancy has all six golden dials, she can begin the end-of-game sequence where she goes swimming inside the Blue Hole and solves the golden dials puzzle that hides El Toro's treasure.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Before you leave the cave check out this well well looks like when it comes to Johnny roll things aren't quite what they seem ah he has a different name and he's not from Jamaica he's from Australia ah I wonder if he.

Knows JJ Lane you can go to Johnny and.

Confront him with this new information no I want the truth who are you really I do not know what you mean how come I found an ID that indicates you're Australian actually never mind all I really want to know is where is best I do not know where your friend is that is the truth this also is the truth.

Ma I'm not Jamaican.

I'm from Australia well real names John Poole awesome tell me something I don't know I'm or at least I was an accountant only I discovered a bit too much about one of my dodgy at clients as a result he sent some instrument after me to make sure I never tell the authorities so now wherever I go in order to survive change my name and my appearance how long has this been going on almost a year I'll probably have to keep it up to at least to all the guys who are after me they're very smart very determined they'll stoop to anything they'll stop at nothing my only hope is to lie low keep moving trust no one be nice if you could keep quiet about running into them but if you get no worries soon as I fix this engine though Johnny Poole will be history the other people you've seen on the island are they the ones who are after you not a chance if they were me you they'd have done us all there first thing my enemies are ruthless I'm guessing those people have got something to do with your missing friend but if you think I'm going to help your finder I've got my own problems oh well that's not very helpful that's all I wanted to ask good eye hmm I'm not so sure about this Johnny person hiding under a secret identity even though he's on a deserted island very suspicious.

Now I believe that I finished all the puzzles so the next destination is to go diving at the Blue Hole oh hey let's.

Talk to George as long as we're here that was fast when I climbed to the top of the bat case I saw something or someone moving through the bushes on the other side of the island you think it was the kidnappers it could have been all I really saw were the bushes moving it was either several people or something really big I told you we weren't alone several people that doesn't sound good I'm pretty much convinced that Gibson's are the ones who trained that best in order to get me to find that treasure for them why you I mean you don't even know them do maybe I do maybe Gibson isn't their real name frankly at this point I don't really care who kidnapped her getting her back in one piece that's all that matters turns out our Jamaican beach bum is really an Australian accountant hiding out from a vengeful ex-client so the fisherman thing is all an act looks that way so we're right back where we started from darn this phone I'm going to get it to work if it's the last thing I do all right way to go George once you find all six of the colored dials you're ready to go scuba diving let me just recap where I found all six of the colored Isles.

Now L Tourelles Journal has two things to do for the diving challenge the first one is this warning danger heed this warning death awaits all those who enter the caves unprepared those are all words that are on here you have to make a note of the words that appear in the order they appear the next big thing that he says is that he's created a to rule code of conduct to bring order to the six the six being the six styles and the two rules being these ones right here each. Dial has a picture of an animal on it and you'll notice that all the animals are listed here BBE donkey do n K ey ant and T owl o WL.

Panther PA n th er and camel C AME L all.

Right so with those two things in mind let's go diving now you're going to want.

To follow the symbols and the order they appeared in el Toros Journal or you can just swim around and guess and check until you figure out the place you're supposed to go either way just keep on. Swimming and eventually you will reach the place where Nancy is supposed to go which is on the far right-hand side of this little maze.

We have this one and next I believe is.

This symbol you can go up here for a. Tink of air I believe yep that's right and you go.

Over here to find the area you go over here to.

Find the area that Nancy is trying to get to ah more caves alright here we go.

This is the area that Nancy is trying to reach and you have to put the six tiles on there and remember I just said you have to put them in the correct order we have the B we have the ance of the donkey the ant donkey owl Panther and.

Camel there you go now you have to rotate all the pictures in the correct. Order now the correct order is to have all the colors matching they match like this we have red and red we have purple and purple we have the pink and pink.

Pink and pink red and red have I missed.

Something oh that's right these two don't match up you just have to turn them around so every single one matches with the one that's right next to it so let's get cracking on that. Blue and blue we have green and green.

Yellow and yellow now what have I not got this one and there you go that opens the door and leads to over.

Here where you have yet another puzzle

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