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Ratchet and Clank Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Playstation 2 Let's Play

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Ratchet and Clank Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Playstation 2 Let's Play

Ratchet and Clank Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1. Welcome to the first part of my Ratchet and Clank Let's Play for Playstation 2. In this video, we explore Planet Veldin (Kyzil Plateau) and Planet Novalis (Tobruk Crater). If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like, favorite, & share. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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What's up everybody bt cool 2 1-3 here and welcome to my let's play for Ratchet and Clank so I'm going to be playing the original PlayStation 2 version on my ps3 so here we go let's get this started.

Ah good old days I remember that little startup but um yeah guys the reason I'm playing Ratchet & Clank I'm actually doing I'm going to be doing a Ratchet and Clank marathon so this is because of a donation from a youtuber named Wolverine he actually donated money for me to get a traget and Clank games so there's four PS to Ratchet and Clank games that I'm going to be playing in for ps3 Ratchet and Clank games that I'm going to be playing so starting off with the first one and then after that I'm going to play going commando then up your arsenal then deadlock and then for the ps3 side I'm going to be playing future Tools of Destruction future quest for booty future a crack in time and future into the Nexus and yeah gonna be doing that dang thanks to him so say I never had a chance to play these games back in the day I had a ps2 and I had heard about these games but I never never played it never played it so thanks to will rail when I play for the first time alright so yeah he wanted me to wanted me to pick or he want me to play these games in the highest difficulty so uh one second wait okay yeah there's no difficulty option here so maybe when I start up a new game I guess uh yes the good old memory card.

Now you just create a virtual memory card on the ps3 just pretty dope all right oh here we go.

Final step attached robotic ignition system thank you for using helpdesk technology.


Oh here we go.

Okay oh all a second um hey I guess this.

Game yeah well real told me that I guess some of the Ratchet and Clank games don't have a difficulty option so I guess this one doesn't have it uh yeah we check the settings again real quick I felt this oh I guess I'll keep that on sound settings wait did I turn that up but I did I slice okay so good camera.

Yeah let me change that to reverse I guess all right subtitles okay I need to.

See how to play this game because I ordered my copies of these the Ratchet and Clank games off of ebay and some of them didn't have a instruction manual so I'm not sure the controls rice.

Okay here we go first person targeting l1 or l2 crouches r1 r2 swing wrench.

Okay that's square quick selectors triangle fire weapon circle and jump okay seems simple move us multi strike. Simply simply pressing square three times in succession jump with X and then hits square okay wait it's more oh it. Does more damage okay comet strike Crouch with r1 and then hit square it throws it okay that's cool look for. Jump slots with the textures like the picture above ah let's see okay so just a wall jump crouch turn use our one and then analog stick to turn in place okay. Swimming press square to dive and X to rise wait what's a push X harder to rattle rise more quickly okay side flip all right backflip let's grab x2 pull up okay let's get to know might hit the wrong button and then drop myself into like my death or something okay it seems simple enough require a special upgrade for okay same thing upgrade and upgrade okay. Let's see weapons the bomb glove and that's all I ask gadgets don't have anything okay let's go ahead and get the start of them yeah there we go that's better your.

Interplanetary travels so yeah the.

Reason I'm playing the ps2 version and not the HD remaster of that was on ps3. Of these games it's because Wolfeboro actually send me a video and well he told me that there was some problems with the ps3 versions of these games so yeah he wanted me to get the the original copies and play em on my kiss ps3 that I have I have the original 60 get ps3 which I hope it doesn't break down on me because I've been having problems lady with that thing yeah beginning that yellow light of death or wherever it's called so I really hope that my piss you can actually survive this whole thing if while I'm recording all these wretched clankings.

And I'm getting that that crash bandicoot feeling right now kind of and. Saamiya games weren't they the ones the original developers of uh you were the original developers of Spyro I believe the ps1 put on ps1 days as something.

Tells me I'm gonna like this game it's not that does I'm going to like it volts okay wait is that our help now.

Like that's way too much for help I guess we got to use that for something and I'm ready to buy something it was that one move where I can throw the wrench at this ah there we go okay wait can I go it's the first person and oh there we go hot school okay yep. Tells me I'm gonna like this game buddy.

To disable some messages I suppose.

Alright yeah I think I'll keep that on the help desk see this is my first time playing this game I need to know I need to know more about this game yeah this is one of the games that I wanted to play back in the day when I had a ps2 but didn't have a job back then I was still in school and yeah my parents could buy me games every now and then not all the time but yeah this is one of the games that I missed out on back in the day oh no I did not mean to do that.

Let's go back up there again Sam I throw.

The wrench seems like a reach all right there you go the cool game so far though let's us-cuba the spirit side of it.

That's our help I guess I can't grip oh oh oh my just like it wait wait who is that what else is that that came up right now hole a second okay so what's a quick slick all OH the bomb Club oh okay right right so.

Yeah I probably shouldn't be using that I have nine now out of 40 so I guess I'll say that for I don't know the tougher enemies are over.

So I guess I have four of the what is it nano Tech's guess that's my health this game fellas ratchet supposed to be anyway I don't know I don't know what kind of a kind of animal he's supposed to be I guess it's just an alien that's where the story about this game yet but yeah I'll find out us as I play along. Here what about those nuts that nuts and.

Bolts that go down there it's a pretty much loss let's see I guess we go this.

Way then sort of adjust the camera oh hey what oh okay I was trying to put the camera in front of me but yeah by pressing the right analog stick but it brought up a map huh okay I guess this is where we're going oh crap let me see if I get close enough to get them yeah oh nice so try that jump.

Attack this Oh lost like it's got the G.

On it that could be good or bad bomp. Love em oh oh okay sample for the buffalo cool alright uh I reach this guy.

Okay it's so recent alright yeah the red does seem to go too far when you throw it alright I try the.


You can answer the first person by hey.

Okay oh hold on oh nice I was hoping I.

Would get all three sweet a pretty cool game so far so far so good so yeah so.

Far I've only gotten the like I said it early at like at the beginning of this video I said I played through eight a try eight Ratchet and Clank games so I already got four of the ps2 games already I haven't gotten the ps3 games yet what else is looking to say but yeah.

I already have the ps2 games so you know right before I finished the last ps2 game that I have here which would be deadlock then I'm gonna go ahead and get the ps3 games that I named at the beginning yeah cuz I guess I I guess he didn't want me to play all of the games I think there are some Ratchet and Clank games I didn't want me to play that Wilbur L didn't want me to play oh damn it at least it only takes one of those Nano types that would take them all or I thought it would take more than one oh this one here though nice I'm.

Wondering if I'm missing anything here something hidden I'll do it.

No it's not much here alright.

Interesting guy you'll quite handy with your wrench you bet I built that ship with it hmm currently I'm in search of someone who could be of assistance in saving the solar system do you know where I might find that fellow well he's on the radio every week other than that no hey what's with all this save the solar system stuff anyway.

Hello citizens of my race the blog have a small problem our planet has become so polluted overpopulated and poisonous that we are no longer able to dwell here but I chairman dregg have a solution we are constructing a pristine new world using the choicest planetary components available so what does this mean to you you might ask using highly sophisticated technology which you couldn't possibly understand we will be extracting a large portion of your planet and adding it to our new one unfortunately this change in Mass will cause your planet to spin out of control and drift into the Sun where it will explode into a flaming ball of gas but of course sacrifices must be made thank you for your cooperation and if you don't like it you can take your whiny sniveling snot-nosed populations form a line behind me and kiss my we're still on but turn it off you idiot the.

People on those planets are hosed well good luck getting captain Qwark to help you actually you could help me if you could use your ship to take me to the coordinates contained in this info bot I might be able to get a further information there even if I wanted to I can't I'm missing a crucial component of the ship the robotic ignition system how.

Did you know that I sir happen to be equipped with the latest in robotic ignition systems my programming allows me to start any ship I choose so I agree to take you to this wherever it is and you get my ship started for me that is what I'm proposing.


This could be a problem take care of it.

Whoa this is great so that's where I've been stuck this whole time please return your appendages to the steering mechanism observe huh oh right sorry oh and by the way you can stop calling me sir the name's ratchet pleased to make your acquaintance sir you got a name my serial number is B five four two nine six I'll just call you crank for sure hang on.

So you see it would be most beneficial if your citizens were not in the city when my workers begin removing it preposterous I will not stand for this unfortunately you have no choice in the matter let's just see what captain Qwark has to say about that my good man I don't see what's so funny captain Qwark could dispatch you without even breaking a sweat you you you need you have now officially worn out your welcome and my patience this is your.

Last chance stop this madness now okay wait you're right I will withdraw my troops really now he's all yours gentlemen try not to leave any marks.

Oh Clank where are you hey hey oh sorry.

About that well we're not leaving the way we came in perhaps we could procure a ship from one of the inhabitants if there are any laughs okay so I guess I kind of get the.

Story we gotta stop that guy from taking that part of that planet yeah all right so we'll plan on aredian nobilis that's right novelists so. Wait there's two question marks you miss me all right find a new ship and explore the waterworks price okay uh what's sinful but hello.

Citizens Oh oh this again okay previous. Map nothing with that okay I guess I'll check out whoops guess I'll check out what's behind me then hey what's this activate gadget Ron vendor oh there. Fuzzball piracy oh okay so you use that to buy stuff but I don't have enough money for that or bolts I guess and now. All right well I guess we'll uh now go there in a bit let me see there's like an area back here I just want to check out before I before I head over to the objectives I guess now let's see what's over here maybe I could get some bolts and come back here and fly that high patro sit or whatever it's it yeah some like that oh here we go come swim.

And I'm gonna keep it out on my own age oh crap alright so I guess I gotta hold the X button like really hard yeah there we go just to come back up quick alright get. Some more bolts here gotta give me that Pyrrha sitter oh man.

And I don't know that doesn't feel picking up to me like when I come back up I mean oh did I. Get them all it's that's kind of to tell I think I'd up know I did it no I did it oh oh one second oh nice nice to get that one zette it are we good to go here I think.

We're good to go but I'm sure somebody probably saw one that I did it somebody watching this videos probably like what the hell you missed one right there oh great I got a wait what's up fell in the water came back up Oh okay I'm gonna assume they did a second.

38 out of 40 bomb gloves ah there we go. That's what I thought I was going to say.

I'm probably wasting my time back here but actually I'm not getting some bolts here so that's good all right some come out of that oh crap.

Okay there's some bolts inside of those things that's a bolts uh hold on a.

Second oh hell I can shoot each other too nice help me out here nice I'm gonna destroy. Everything in this game there we go there you go okay that's cool so all the all the stuff that goes in the water comes back up like all the bolts and stuff that's in bolts right second I don't know can.

We bomb this Afghan so I thought slide I.

Check 1900 cool game so far though.

Really cool game can wait till I do a boss battle here let me see what that's like all right I guess we go down oh man see.

If I see any more bolts oh yeah I see one down here get up there no I died right away if that I if my air runs out or do I just start losing my health a little by little cause it's usually like that at some games that I play work you know and I was like a no to gauge and if you stay underwater for too long and you let it run out then eventually your health starts to bleeding I don't want to find out actually I don't want to know not even gonna try check let's go back down again just keep moving here up pull up pull up.

There might be some bolts here or nope nope dump up gut there God ah there we go that's him right here how.

Much did I need for that pyro sitter whatever it's called the pyro assuming it's a flame thrower oh man camera turn hey really counted like let's say if I'm looking this way can I press a button to like turn the camera behind me I guess not. Ah yeah can't do it I guess I got to turn it got to turn it the old-fashioned way Solano what fall off here what's that noise.

Well not much down here either Oh what is that the hell Oh what is that.

Oh cool they down one hit Oh hold on.

Okay wait so you don't take any damage if you touch the enemies good cuz I I think I've touched that enemy that I killed right here but I don't know I didn't get hurt oh wait I already got 40.

Don' 40 of those bombs I guess I can't pick up any more wait a second.

Wait I see something back here all nice.

The hell.

Gold bolts acquired huh wait cuz I like.

Just like a bunch of bolts in one or something or or what no I guess I'll.

Find out as I play maybe or I'll probably have to look it up because I don't yeah like I said my game didn't come with an instruction manual so yeah I know I might have to end up looking it up or unless the game tells me what exactly what it does alright get out. Here.

Okay I think we have enough for that pyro weapon let's see where are we anyway oh okay looks like we're almost out of here hold on a second no bolts.

Here let me go back up and get some air try this again here we go I can't throw.

Up well now okay I can't throw bombs in the water all right looks like we got.

Enough we're back out here again I missed some bolts here too alright let's activate this and there we go 2500 and great bargains for you today.

That's it.

Kofi unlocked oh yeah right this is the days before achievements and trophies so let's see them try so yeah there we go alright but yeah I should probably say that though for like an enemy or something now let's see where the hell do I want to go want to go right or left let's go well let's go here first I say.

Does he take falling damage I don't know. I guess there's a reason for that platform maybe you do take falling damage oh nice here we go so why does that give you like the ammo like the Amadou the weapon you have equipped or or is it random that's what I'm wondering right now I'll burn some stuff huh sure we'll get plenty more ammo later on there you go oh it doesn't kill.

Him right away though all right some of that tells us okay don't know what that.

Is well let me get these bolts for this here. Okay god. Keep getting those bolts I could get some new weapons whenever whatever shows up you know try to remember what's in this game I have like a commercial or I don't know maybe it's some of the other Ratchet and Clank games I remember seeing a commercial back in a day for uh there's like these guys in like this backyard and they had a gun and they shot the gun at something and it turn it into a sheep I think I don't remember feels for this game over for another game but uh yeah this is game I'm looking forward to getting that gun that sheep gun if it is I'll wait o currents.

Pushing you back alright okay I guess we're not supposed to go that way then oh wait a second hold up oh okay I.

Thought I saw a little opening there.

Okay I guess the red ones I can't break and the red ones are the ones that happy or not the red ones the ones I guess are the ones that have the nuts inside of them that's in boats oh nice yeah there you go got a trader right here fill this on his own buddy Oh God.

Oh no no wait where you going oh well if it goes in the water XO it'll automatically come to me wish I wish it would do that anyway no matter where we're the dead body lands like the nuts and bolts could still come towards me I can't blow something oh wait wait how do I switch my weapon again oh here we go does that open up I guess lime hurt.

So I just wasted two bombs but I'm sure I'll get many more.

I want to make sure I get as many nuts and bolts as I can here and I have.

Enough for new weapons how damaged.

Trying to aim at this guy we gotta have to go into first person aim and then circle to to throw it.

Why is this guy shooting at each other I'll be helping me out here there you. Good thank you thank you thank you sir - thanks with help buddy time to die oh let's see where are we.

Can okay let's say I gotta remember to.

Get that over there. Whether there's any more of those gold bolts this.

I guess it's nothing seems kind of weird I haven't seen anything like that around here maybe I might need a certain weapon. Of activated or maybe it's just nothing maybe just part of the level as a pretty.

Nice-looking game though for a ps2 game it looks pretty nice I'm sure if I would have bought this game back in the day I would have enjoyed it oh god I'm sure I would have I should.

Look around to see if there's like some like some ledges or something that I could climb on I'm wondering if there's going to be a spa where I can like climb on top of somewhat like those boxes that were stacked up like that like I'm wondering if I like there's something I should climb to like reach something up tires oh no what are we gonna do now check.

All right whatever change whether were.

There aiming it every time they shoot they always aim at one specific spot like they don't turn in the middle of water shooting I guess okay that's good to know does seem like they do yeah see this guy's still shoot in the same spot cuz like three shots.

Nice there we go.

Oh come have a look back here because I think they got ahead that way right yeah.

See we got Oh wait-wait-wait don't have the have a. Bomb Eclipse writes the bomb book okay so I guess it gives you a random ambos M alright actually I'm gonna stick with the bomb blow for right now well I'll keep it equipped with that so in case if I need it oh man I like those flying enemies over.

There nice Oh God.

Where you going where you going there you go man.

Are they ever gonna come down I guess that answers my question oh my god alright thankfully there's a.

Nanotech back here well let me go ahead and get that.

It's a pretty big area over there boss battle time I hope so I want to see a boss for this game the hell is that okay.

Well that is but I know these guys are.

Now where you going oh don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me Oh what are you mercenaries torturers assassins I'll tell you anything here take my info bot it's all I've got left sir we're not a size hold on let's see what he's got as this ever happened.

To you hi I'm captain quark and believe me there's nothing worse than storing dunna blar G and snaggle beast from the inside and knowing your equipment isn't functioning properly that's why I come to Al's Robo shack for all my electronic needs al has been the exclusive repair shop for my super electro gadgets since I was knee-high to a sand mouse if al can't fix it it's not broke right out you said it pal so if you're fighting crime or just fighting grime you come to Al's Robo shack in Metropolis for all your robotic repairs Al's Robo jack it's quark tastic.

Do you know what this means yeah captain Qwark is really sold out no it means captain cool cuz I'm metropolis we could tell him about this invasion if we had a ship good well a ship what you're not going to torture me wellness planetary chairman I could arrange for you can borrow our courier ship cool you can count on us sir right thank you your chairmanship leanness gadget on info-box give me coordinates from the Sun you should pass before let me to bring up the map and go to worship okay that's what that was over there is this a bridge a part of the bridge okay so for select and then go to the star oh I guess I have to go to the star myself I thought it was like a teleporter or something that I could use uh but actually no I'm not gonna do that yet because I think we probably leave if we do that so I want to take care of that other objective which was nice explore the waterworks yes let's go ahead and do that I want to try to do as much as I can in this game so I don't know if I'll be getting everything not sir I don't know how this game works see I'm like don't fully know works like I'm not sure what's gonna happen if I'm gonna end up missing out on something like her there's some weapon hidden somewhere that I don't end up getting not sure yet but I'm gonna try to do as much as I can you know all the agenda try to do as many objectives as I can I mean alright let's go ahead and get the stuff around here and then we'll explore the waterworks let's go 23:20 where he's.

Gonna have some new weapons to buy.

Yeah I'm not gonna go on the ship yet oh I know he doesn't some great bargains for you to this ammo for the glove and the pyro sitter whatever I'm saying that right all right here we go okay so I.

Guess I do want to take this path and not go in the water whoa hold up wait okay.

Something tells me we're gonna be coming back from that other path aren't we let's not get the feeling feeling that. We might oh yeah I don't think I'll be able to reach that that's way too I see oh right that's.

Right you can wall jump no but I can't turn myself Ike just keep going like right jump oh wait what if I try from here oh nice sweet oh there you go another.

One ice.

Still have no clue what it does though wonder if you can like buy certain weapons this with those bolts the golden ones I mean oh okay I guess you don't.

Take falling damage whoops well thankfully you don't that's pretty much. The only way down anyway I guess alright just keep going here oh crap what is.

That Oh oh no no no no no no I do not want to. Go down there get out yeah also have.

That glide ability that the Help section was talking about oh oh wait you don't.

Take damage oh cool okay step there you.

Go that's weird it seems like something like that would hurt you but it doesn't can I destroy it okay well it doesn't hurt me so I'm not gonna hurt it okay I'll just keep going here.

Ah okay we should be safe to go in the. Water here anything up here that doesn't.

Really go high enough um nope. What's the point of this Oh what did I.

Just do supposed to go ahead and fix this ratchet fix it does that do anything I mean did that affect anything here in this place I yeah I don't know I don't know I guess I'll just keep I'll just keep going it was supposed to jump.

Oh nevermind wait Oh couples an opening.

Okay I guess okay we do the same thing over here that doesn't look like there's any bolts underwater though yeah it doesn't look like it.

Oh yeah I just wanted to test out the.

Alleged grabbing there yeah right i press x right away as well lots of what you're supposed to press to get back up again there's some games.

Where it's like different you know it's different in every game so sometimes I pressing X might be to like you know just to let go on this game you actually pull yourself back up quite pressing X that's good I think back Batman Arkham. City I think was like that I believe like when you press X you'll drop I think I'm I can't remember for this like that there we go nice we got quite a few bolts here we can't buy a new weapon yet I'll clean the next place we're going the right way.

Here oh okay Ramos they're actually dad breasts it look plumbers crack what did you just say I said look the plumbers back all right wise guy shouldn't you be on one of them escape transports escape transports news flash giant robots attacking the escape transports are taking all the rich folks office God darn planet so why aren't you on one sushi Oh economic disparity what he hasn't got enough volts working people after wait for captain quark to save us well got anything worth a lot of bolts I got this thing shows two weirdos ditching their ship it's got coordinates to a desert planet to an info bot ratchet we could use that my info bud info bot for 500 volts yeah sure why not did you just slide down a.

Sewer pipe maybe maybe this is the.

Solution radical we seem to be under attack from the planet's surface relax kid it looks like some sort of fireworks display probably in your honor huh whoo that was close right down I can't concentrate boy we've been hit and expect the detour when we land I'll see if I can scare up an exhibition for you when I can live that long kid let's am-scray me Jack hey Jack. Why did you see that guy on the left that was skid mcmarson Oh captain Qwark wiped out it he's a pro hover boarder always going off about how cool he is looks like he's in trouble I'll say I've never seen him look so freaked out and feel bad for a planet or radio acquired okay um so yeah let's see where we go. Now I guess we gotta take that sewer pipe I had a feeling look around mode press and hold the l1 button yeah I had a feeling that we'd probably end up going that way to get back at sets feeling you can also.

Use your weapons and your wrench in this mode okay that's good to know even. Though I already knew that thanks to the help menu. All right not much else here I guess so.

Head on back now take a little ride here we go Oh.

A couple of bolts off to the side looks like I'm getting them all anyway oh no oh we're back already that's quick.

Does he have anything new now no so same.

Thing alright let's um yeah I guess we're done here pretty much don't this planet yep alright head on over to the ship.

Galactic map sobre crater metropolis. Kirker one i'll post x11 Rydia. Um it's got metropolis rice visit Al's.

Robo shack oh it tells you all wait a second wait wait so rice did I get Oh. Two out of 3 all missions complete though oh darn it missing one one golden bolt I don't know.

Where it could be a but everyone just keep going on like I said I'm gonna try to get as much as I can here so yeah I guess we'll go to Metropolis next let's do it

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