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Blade of Darkness Walkthrough - Part 1: Tabriz

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Blade of Darkness Walkthrough - Part 1: Tabriz

Blade of Darkness (or Severance) is an extremely gory 2001 ARPG for the PC created by Rebel Act Studios and published by Codemasters. It's well known for its steep learning curve and unforgiving difficulty, requiring you to master combos and a variety of battle techniques with a variety of weapons and shields in order to stay alive.

There are 4 classes to play as, the knight Sargon who is good with one-handed swords and shield, the dwarf Naglfar who is good with axes, hammers and shields, the amazon Zoe who is good with spears, and the barbarian Tukaram who is good with two-handed weapons. Each character handles and plays very differently as they have their own combos, dodge and block methods, and weapon variety. I will be playing as the knight Sargon in this playthrough as he is the most versatile and has the most interesting move set out of the bunch.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this game to fans of Dark Souls, God of War, or anyone seeking a challenge in a dark fantasy world. The goofy dismemberment, difficulty, and rewarding combat is one of a kind and deserves to be recognized. This game is available for cheapsies here:

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