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HITMAN: A House Built on Sand - Kong Tuo-Kwang and Matthieu Mendola Assassination (4K 60fps)

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HITMAN: A House Built on Sand - Kong Tuo-Kwang and Matthieu Mendola Assassination (4K 60fps)

Assassination of Kong Tuo-Kwang and Matthieu Mendola in the HITMAN mission "A House Built on Sand" in Marrakesh, Morocco, part of the summer bonus pack.

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Good afternoon 47 your destination is Marrakech Morocco your targets come to our Kwang head of a Chinese construction conglomerate and mature mandola chief architect at work Wayne's biggest rival Hamilton Lowe Mandela plans to double-cross his employer and leak non disclosable company documents to 12 quang including the confidential offer for a multibillion-dollar real estate project in response Hamilton Lowe has requested that we eliminate both men and send their competition a clear message Kong has rented a rooftop patio for the meeting but the location is as of yet unclear subtract them and eliminate them and reclaim the documents good luck 47 welcome to Marrakech 47.

Mandola has just arrived he is unaware of Kong's secret meeting location but we know that Kong is hosting a lavish party at the shisha cafe and we suspect the meeting will take place nearby good luck 47. That is matyoo Mandela.

I earn more isn't it.

Business I can't come back according to.

Intel mr. Kong is hosting a private party behind those warms invite only of course though I'm sure one of the guests can be persuaded to part with their ticket.

You're behind on the rent. I don't care if you're busy running a charity here not exactly a weight of a very important party the very fire meet you in your shrine I'm sorry five building.

What does this happen.

Snails snails yes yes Stephanie we have a special offer on.

You'll survive pinkies out celebrating his granddaughter's 10th birthday but he might be here I'm not sure the peasants.

What all right what the hell was that.

What the hell.

Excuse me all right you have an invite.

Well I suppose it's time to mingle with the elite have fun 47 that is calmed. Well Kwang.

Excuse me sir but you're not on my list.

You're cheating.

Cheers Cheers you were single I would go for you me too smiles Minich second in the.

Position please sir are the sighs legs.

You are a genius get back to work huh.

Target down two objectives for me.

Oh well here.

You this is no place for he's not welcome here Oh before I call for help.

Oh there you are hey DiNozzo. So you said something career.

Okay Therese.

And it really is important.

Target's down one objective delayed.

My sister met this customer who really stood out

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