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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Mission 1 HD

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell   Mission 1 HD


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Fish' the sun's down some good work binding agent blouse team's our first priority to locate him through a local NSA contact I'm on my way and stay off the streets there's a heavy cop presence in this town you don't have Washington's backing if this turns into an incident details on your offset.

Don't tell me they're gonna jizz inside.

Grimm's daughter here just do it you should get through this fine there's a room directly across the hall go there now back into the hall and go to the steroid far-end make it fast you've only got a few seconds.

Jesus the palpable take a left just ahead and cut through the room you'll find a stairwell on the off of the court take it to the top floor.

The contact is in this room Hall let's hope to god he's still alive you're gonna say yeah I've been this seal we better get you out of here don't bother I'm a good as dead y'all looking for blaust in a Madison yeah Madison was deep him to Miko I discovered it she was on to something big blouse he must have figured it out how do I find him well Austin's black box tracking relay for his some thermals it's stashed in his safe house just east of Moravia square Lambert do we have resources to evac this guy I said don't bother whatever Madison found it's big she kept saying roof would mean war I think nickel lots wanted oh you're gonna take.

Check down leave the corpse for the fire yes to explain his family you've got a safe exit on the west side of the room take it.

You. That was pretty tight still breathing doing my best good Klaus kills black my next objective is running standard agency tradecraft to find come on big blue shell it won't help good gringo on because those are my orders I speak to Vyasa Slav grinko or Noble as grinko itself this is Kadima we finish searching the Americans about there is nothing else there despite four votes two cameras and some electronics with an ideal already on their way to the minute of course defusion.

Ego says to do a final sweep and in rápida we checked everywhere the place is clean concrete what's the news.

Rousties heart stopped beating forty three hours ago any reason the CIA wouldn't know about this nope nice of them to share the subdermal went offline six hours after he died last active position was in a police station a few blocks away check you're upset.

Fisher I'm rescinding my street-level restriction we've been monitoring the double easy police radio this cops are as committed as a Virginia offense I'm gonna want anymore international attention than we do every road is open to you do what you gotta do to find those missing spooks what do you think. You're doing lesion cells don't come cheap these days the real estate is closer to your rent in the more slabs are going for cheap yeah I think we could set you up with this slab real easy I've done do Beth please.

Who is that.

Who is that.

I've got agents blaustein in Madison rest in peace somebody cut out their subdermal where do we go from here we follow the subdermal as if you can there's a security camera here good thinking it will track the subdermal from the video archives station surveillance room is on the top floor I'd like to talk to your superior.

But I can help you sir by fetching your superior I'm all various how can I help I'd like to register a complaint then you have to ask at the desk to your right very well.

Great work Fisher we're scanning the videotapes now there that's our guy we got a red-handed can you run his face through a lot already on it hey check it out a license plate 8 4 K P 2 1 4 fantastic Fisher we got what we need rendezvous with Wilkes your work here is done we'll get back to you once we've sifted this Intel.


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