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Black Mirror | Full HD 1080p/60fps | 100% Achievements Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

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Black Mirror | Full HD 1080p/60fps | 100% Achievements Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

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When his father dies under mysterious circumstances, David Gordon is summoned to his family’s ancestral home, Black Mirror House, to discuss his heritage. Soon he starts suffering from the same nightmarish visions that drove his father to end his own life… Enter the world of Black Mirror where psychological distress and madness await.

Played on : XboxOne

Difficulty: Normal



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I failed you son forgive me forgive me I.

Will let you down no longer.

Make me to walk in the path of thy commandments coward you betrayed your family.

They fully clothed Gianni Mota Cabo GM.

Fresh Gaby Moorish you're too late you.

Will not get him.

It'll work it must.




It was with great joy that I received your last letter know that you are missed terribly here in India if my calculations are correct and the International Postal Service is kind this letter will keep you company as you make the final leg of your journey to Scotland I hesitated to say anything for fear you'll think me foolish even hysterically your father made it his life's work to research his family's twisted history this and his obsession with the occult combined to unravel his poor mind John loved his family and his family home but he hated and mistrusted them in beware of the goldens blood is not always thicker than water your loving mother.

This countryside could be no different to India.

A note about a library IKEA and some sort of broken toy should I even try to read any real meaning into all of this.

We have arrived.



Welcome mr. Gorton I'm Andrew Harrison mr. Harrison it's good to finally meet you from our correspondence I expected you to be older I thank you I lead the way it's quite dark already we can continue to talk inside.

He's arrived already David welcome to.

Scandal House Lady Margaret how kind of you to welcome me in person at such a late hour an impressive building scarfin do the unusual what is.

Its meaning unusual only if you have not bothered to study Gaelic it means black mirror house many generations of the Gordon family have been master of this house it is a great responsibility perhaps the greatest a man could be if I.

May I would like to know more about my father's last days it is too late in the day for such morbid talk you do look so. Very much like John though Angus please show master David to his room yes ma'am I trust you had a pleasant journey this.

Place is rather remote even for Scotland it was most pleasing thank you I was fortunate enough to stop off in several fascinating places on my way here how long have you been practicing law I came to the bar a few years ago I'm a chambers in Edinburgh with lawyers who have served the Gordon family for generations I'm embarrassed to ask but it is my job have you proof of who you say you are you are David Gordon son of the late John Gordon please I quite understand here you are.

Hmm what a curious object isn't it.

It belonged to my father he posted it to me shortly before his death I'm not at all sure what it is perhaps it's something else returning home where it belongs like its new owner you have a good night master David I shall continue my studies please follow me master David.

Your grandfather his lordship Edwards Gordon these are all family members yes.

The Gordon's are one of the oldest families in Scotland.

There is no denying it we are family.

Somebody still cares maybe you weren't as bad his mother believed grandfather.

Edward father never spoke of you but mother never had a kind word to say you were the worst of the lot she said.

Magnificent that is the master study sir but there'll be plenty of time to examine it in the light tomorrow I.

Suppose it's hard to keep things dry but with all the rain you get here a most amusing master David we do our best sir none of us are as young as we used to be.

This way sir.

It does that sometimes.

A lady Gordon expects you for breakfast.

At 8:00 sir thank you lady Gordon called. You Angus pleased to meet you Angus yes.

Sir she did I am mr. McKinnon mr. McKinnon.

Yes I'd advise you not to leave the room tonight ticking clocks are not the worst thing you may encounter in the house at night if you don't know your way around sleep well sir maybe he's more of a.

Morning person I doubt this place could.

Ever be properly warm.

I got somewhat turned around frying Angus through the house sorry mr. McKinnon but I think my room is probably around here somewhere.

Hold on this looks like wait a moment this is a piece of a model glad I don't.

Have to carry you around anymore mr. McKinnon lifted you up with ease without.

Some obscure local law that require me being here in person I will probably never have come a pigeon amongst the cats sorry to inform you of death of John Gordon stop please return to Sky on due house stop Andrew Harrison lawyer stop this handsome cheery sober man he's not. The one I remember from my childhood I should get a new pass wall this one's filling up hmm not many matches left.

A parting gift from mother too like my.

Way in the darkness she said.

The ramblings of a madman I couldn't even bring myself to show this to mother. Mother we'll work in the garden all day in my absence she always does when she's worried.

In an old house like this one sooner or later no draw stays empty.

Pieces of some kind of drawing how would.

Just what I need.

We need to get old foe.

A dumbwaiter big enough to fit your own weight and food into.


No this isn't right there should be a room here this isn't what I need either.

Where is it did you say something it's.

Nothing research can be a frustrating business.

Selective poems by Edgar Allan Poe take this kiss upon the brow and in parting from you now thus much let me avow you are not wrong who deem that my days have been a dream yet if hope has flown away in a night or in a day in a vision or in none is it therefore the less gone all. That we see or seem is but a dream. Within a dream a dream within a dream.

Is this what father meant by a family of snakes wouldn't it be more comfortable working here that's lady Gordon's private desk it would be improper for me to use it wouldn't it be more and that's.

Despair by a man called Howard Phillips Lovecraft ghastly shades of bygone gladness cloying fiends of future sadness mingle in a cloud of madness ever on the soul to lie thus the living lone and sobbing in the throes of anguish throbbing with the loathsome Furies robbing night and noon of peace and rest but beyond the groans and grating of abhorrent life is waiting sweet oblivion.

Culminating all the years of fruitless quest the words of a troubled soul.

The Castle of Otranto by horace walpole I started reading this though never got around to finishing it the gentle maid whose hapless tale these melancholy pages speak say gracious lady shall she fail to draw the tear a down from my cheek hmm.

Ghosts legends ancient history why is the rest of them.

If you don't mind I have a system and don't want to mix things up lady Gordon is very keen on confidentiality of course hiding something are we that looks daunting a.

Daunting but rewarding and fascinating fascinating yes indeed the history of the Gordon family goes back a long way so it's true we are one of the oldest families in Scotland Oh much more than that the Gordon's have owned this land back into antiquity before records were even kept add to that some unique and unusual local laws well it can be a challenge but a welcome one did you know my father I was called.

To the house shortly after your father arrived why did that need a lawyer those complex local laws I spoke of were to blame your father left when Edward died so none of the required legal formalities to transfer the house were observed does that mean not at all there. Will be no issue with transferring the estate to your name if that is what you wish uh have you had a chance to examine my papers I have and I'm delighted to say that everything is in order I would not be doing my job if I didn't warn you that with Edward dead and your father absent the family fortune has somewhat diminished over the years however the real treasure is the castle in the grounds themselves I haven't spent as much time as I'd like here but it is a unique place I noticed that the door to. The master study is locked might I get a key for it of course I will see to it that you are supplied with one if there is one available no door should be locked to the soon-to-be owner after all well it's been a long day I bid you good night I'll get myself something to read and then head to bed - good night.


Locked I used to regale my Indian school.

Friends with tales of knights in shining armor more pieces of the same drawing.

Maybe I can make out what it shows if I had enough of them the Kohl doesn't seem to affect the residence of this house all the fires are fighting and losing battle against the draft an earring I.

Doubt it was buried in the ashes on purpose someone must have lost it contrary to.

Everything I've learned so far about grandfather Edward Lady Margaret still worships him.

Just how old is the Gordon plan for all I know it could stretch back to Roman times or even further.

Somewhere out there they found father or rather what was left of him what a cruel way to take your own life on the morrow I will explore the grounds as soon as the Sun is up it's too dark outside to.

Speculate about the size of the estate who would tear up photographs given the painstaking process surrounding their creation.


Lady Margaret and Edward have a young they look but who the others you really know very little about your own family David a peculiar place to spend the.

Night by best not wake her an impressive.

Collection grandmother's obviously a music lover no I will never.

It's not true it's all I'm no expert on fashion but.

This looks like a rather old fashion design.

I didn't see you there.

You gave me quite a fright you are I'm.

The one who keeps this from being covered in weeds name's Rory pleased to meet you I'm David Gordon yeah Mike and you were coming today.

Why are you sitting in the dark there is.

Enough light for a meal Eddie of your eyes I'm sorry that I didn't realize I see more than most Oh some how long have.

You worked for the Gordon's I always win the garden and I do some fishing the locks up on me place calms the nerves.

Did you know my father not dead I.

Shameful what they're dead tame what do you mean who is they hmm I'll leave you.

To your supper then.

Being a Gordon can be a curse laddie your father tend the hard way mind you dinner follow in his footsteps.

Blood not human I presume better safe.

Than sorry the seller can wait till.

Tomorrow we're all just disappeared into.

The darkness this might come in handy.

Every thieves best friend I know a few.

Fakirs tricks I can use this for.

Hmm this might take a while I need to be steady and tried oh well there you go.

Father knew how to open the cabinet this will help.

Dear lady Gordon I write to you with the utmost urgency I am seeking information about my patient your son John Gordon during our conversations he makes allusions to his relationship with his father but will not expand when pressed you have failed to respond to my previous requests so I'm writing again to insist in the strongest terms possible that you furnish me with the required answers your son's recovery depends on it yours faithfully dr. Lea Farber Bethlem Hospital London what secrets about my father is Lady Margaret concealing locked.

Let's see what father didn't even want his own family to find mmm now what are.

You for.

Somebody's not right.

Somebody's not right.

Somebody's not right.

Ah we're getting somewhere.

This site is done as far as I can tell but but there must be more what an intricate piece of furniture that.

Sounded like some part of the desk moved. Yes that's to open.

Here we go.

A key and a note from father someone is. Tampering with my work I know it I know it I hear them as they whisper and snicker they sneak in when I sleep this place isn't safe I have locked my work away in the study I am leaving now I will put an end to this terrible torment one way or another David if you find. This then I am dead the forces abroad. Here have got to me I am sorry you have been drawn into this tragedy the answers you seek are amongst the papers in the master study you still stay safe I love.

You son my god what happened here what did they do to my father is this the key father spoke of. I've never seen a key like this before it feels like father wanted me to keep it a secret.

Hi there you you startled me sorry sorry I didn't mean to hey wait.

Where did he go.

Shayne attics often speak volumes about the owners of a house the lock is too.


Open Sesame.

Someone's been searching here me either they didn't have time to clean up or simply did not care if father had the. Key for me to find then this means nobody has been able to enter this room since his death myths and legends of the.

Highlands from the library I'd wager.

This looks interesting hmm.

Screw down tight someone didn't want it moved just bits.

And bobs.

Everything but the seal.

What a mess letters about the day-to-day. Running of the estate these might be useful if I decide to live here the handwriting must be Edward's pay half what he asks for word to lawyers charming and this one your money won't protect you forever the hangman will catch up eventually a curse on you and your family seems you is as popular as he was pleasant.

The signs are there deny them at your peril the ancient evil of inhabits this land has seeped into the very stone of the castle walls and if you do not tread carefully it will infect your family contact the constable have this witch locked up so she does not bother us again now I beg you to reconsider Sir.

Edward my family has lived on this land for many generations and to be told we must leave our own home is too much to bear Alice my wife whom you have met is beside herself with grief we have nowhere else to go I beg you to look inside your heart and allow us to remain have them out by the.

End of the month.

Father wouldn't have hidden his papers somewhere as obvious as a desk drawer whoever did this would have searched the room after they looked in the desk maybe they didn't find what they were looking for some sort of secret.

Compartment father's handwriting the.

Chapel the family chronicles I may find answers there looks like a note about.

The cipher in the shelf a local girl.

Goes missing the concerns have been raised at the disappearance of Cora Mackay a 17 year old local girl according to the police she was last seen leaving at a police of work the three kegs in two days ago she's the third person to disappear in the recent months but the circumstances of each have been markedly different Cora is described as being 4 feet 10 with grey eyes and long dark hair anyone with information is urged to contact the Constabulary why all the fuss she is nothing but a peasant a tavern girl if you can't keep your blabber mouth shut don't be surprised if others make sure you get what's coming to you this sounds as if grandfather Edward was willing to take drastic measures to enforce his will.

This counsel son has its secrets. You.

It looks very precise accurate a lot of work went into this hold on there.



The boy did he see him where did he go.

What did I tell you how to stopping me in mice are you alright sir.

What what happened David the boy there.

Was blood hey he pushed him down who who.

Do you think you saw him.

What did you just say sir it's alright.

You know like your father you can see them too can't you.

My father what did he think he saw it ain't my place to say sir but I go on.

Begging your pardon sir you should go this place it drove your father mad drove him did he say what or whom he saw I'm sure I don't know sir let's not push her too hard she's scared enough of me already I've been babbling in my sleep since I was a child it's nothing to worry about poor girl is scared out of her wits of course sir sorry sir the sorry I didn't.

Get your name it's a lie sir Elsa Cronin oh and master Andrew asks if you would join him in the library after breakfast of course thank you miss granite.

Get ahold of yourself David.

With ease their apparitions what drove my father from the kharsa when he was young were they what drew him back he must have found something in the family chronicles he spoke of nobody else saw.

The boy or the old man who looked like my grandfather Edward but it felt real more even than the daydreams that plagued my childhood I can remember ever.

Seeing that boy a faded memory perhaps as far as I know I'd never been to this castle before.

Elsa knows more than she wants to tell me.

I am once you're done in the kitchen go and clean up the cellar the spiders have made a nest done a big one - they're crawling everywhere master David nice of.

You to grace us with your presence I appreciate your patience I've had the.

Staff prepare some of the finest Scottish delicacies for you black pudding haggis scrambled eggs with deer brain and bacon I shot the deer.

Myself in the local woods mother was.

Never a fan of dishes made from entrails in this case she'd be missing out.

That was delicious thank you I'm sure our local specialities must seem peculiar to one raised as you were I was raised in India my spectrum of peculiar has quite a range.

Yes master David you've worked for the.

Family all your life yes master David saved my time serving in Swaziland you served in South Africa Oh indeed sir during the Boer War but Sir Edward intervened and I was able to return unharmed from that most futile conflict.

May I ask the maid she seems nervous. Almost afraid of me she's afraid of everything you don't think much of her I do not sir and if I may be so bold one. Of lady Gordon's earrings has gone missing you suspect their maid not my place to say master David yet I think you just did say if I gave him the earring he'd use it as an excuse to torment the maid not that I never gain his trust he's clearly loyal to Lady Margaret how many Snarf's are there nowadays only myself the maid and Rory the gardener and suppose you could include the lawyer too if that is work not many for such a big house if you felt like hiring more staff I would not complain sir but of course not everyone is suited to work in this house well good day to you indeed.


Smoking a pipe I thought that would be beneath her station Lady Margaret.

David Meili first apologize for my.

Strange behavior last night it's just that ah think nothing of it you are obviously tired from your travels least said soonest mended I don't want to give her another reason to think me mad this may seem like an unusual question I'd be surprised if it wasn't dear boy have I ever been here before is it possible I visited as a child and can no longer remember oh no you are a stranger to these walls no no they were feeling you prefer it stayed that way what kind of man was my grandfather oh he was magnificent he was handsome so handsome and caring. Caring enough to knock a defenseless child down the stairs all was so very different when he was around the maid. She seemed to be acting strangely like she was frightened of me yes well she's a simple sort that one she has probably heard of the curse of the Gorton's the locals like to whisper about curse what curse just a peasant superstition I would guess she was worried you'd show the same displays of unpredictable violence as your father did I never knew my father to be the violent type oh there are many things you do not know about your father or about your father this is his doing what but but how I'd.

Rather not discuss it David and that maid should really keep her mouth shut and locate the earring she lost she's like a magpie with shiny expensive things I could give it to her and she'd still never tell me anything useful about my father all the secrets of this place but the maid I could use this to earn her trust I shall take my leave Lady.

Margaret yes oh and David the master of.

The house needs the respect that privacy of those under his roof even your father understood that sometimes a cabinet is locked for a reason I was looking for.

Some documents and Andrew had already gone to bed I would still appreciate you respecting the rules of this house you're not its owner quite yet.

This will make it easier to carry the.

Boy it must be but I need to be sure perhaps the names are on the back Lady.

Margaret she looks happy I can't imagine a smiling like that these days my family. Yet they're all still strangers to me.

Grandfather Edward just as he looked last night the boy how did he provoke Edward into throwing him down the stairs what's this looks like it's drawn in blood.

Oh regardless of what I told miss Cronin these visions are like nothing I've ever experienced before and they're getting worse.


A sign of modernity even in ancient.

Houses like this.

David apologies for not being here to greet you as the telephone in the castle is not working due to the recent storm I have had to journey to the village to communicate with my office upon my return I shall show you to the chapel where you can pay your respects to your father yours Andrew Harris or maybe I'll just head to the chapel myself just as soon as the weather clears.


Miss Cronin isn't that used for transporting cooked food why is there blood in it oh the rescan I thought it would be funny to put one of his dead beasties in it to fear me he should keep them in the cellar and sorry sir I'm speaking out of turn did you ever talk to my father I was served in here when he that is to say I go on please I didn't think it would be proper sir Lady Margaret sit oh sorry sir I must get on with my work she's a scared of Margaret as she is a fur Butler poor girl you said my father.

Saw things I don't want to talk about it sir I noticed the attic door is locked you'd best ask Angus sir I hardly go up there the mention of the Attic terrified her what is in there I think you may. Have lost this. Oh thank you sir I only wanted to see how it looked in the mirror I didn't mean to I was scared to tell her ladyship she can have such a temper what are you going to do now if I can sneak its into the salon maybe her leadership will think she lost it there herself from what I know about her I very much doubt her ladyship will what. Happened to my father here I'm sorry sir. You're not like the rest of them here Oh sir there's things you should know but I really need this job she knows something but how can I convince her to trust me would you like me to escort you to the cellar wouldn't be proper to ask the owner of the house to do that sir well I'm not the only yet and you didn't ask very kind of you sir happy to help I'll let you know when I'm ready to accompany you down there I shall leave you to your work.

Shall we.


How cool of mr. McKinnon to send her down here alone.

Harsh as it may seem a proper serving of fire is the only way to get rid of such a widespread infestation.

How cool if mr. McKinnon let's see what.

We can find down here raw spirit no.

Particular table but good for cleaning and magic tricks the water of life some.

Of these whiskey's are from local distilleries looks fresh master Eddie's.

Work he and mr. McKinnon put it here earlier poor bhisti Eddie another family. Member I've yet to meet Oh a lot of blood for just one animal.

Step right up sir what are you oh that's amazing.

Does that hurt no a little trick I.

Learned in India I didn't and you are.

Edward memoria Mumia call me Edward the third so this is cousin Eddie he seems welcome to my castle hosts. Terrible as the rest of them my castle indeed pleased to meet you Eddie.

So your parents would be my aunt and uncle Clara and Victor are they dead. Dead as doornails the pair of them lovely you've lived here all your life so you would have met my father only after he lost what marbles he had left if it were up to me I'd have locked him up in the loony bin a bit sooner locked him up so what are you doing down here anyway there's a line between honesty and rudeness that cousin Eddie he doesn't seem to recognize I was helping miss Cronin oh why didn't you ask me excuse me sir sirs I really have to go leaving so soon was it something I said.

They all tend to up like that in the presence of nobility you said something about a loony bin I did oh oh you don't.

Know well well never you mind I have an animal to prepare I'm getting very tired of everyone in this house avoiding my questions.


There's something you should know sir something important I overheard them talking you're paid to work not chat get. To a girl sorry mr. McKinnon library.

After last how am I get some answers oh.

If the old man I saw was waiting my grandfather Edward then the boy must be I need to find out if that really was him I saw if the old man eyes.

Definitely the man I saw last night but how grandfather Edward died before I was even born and he be in his 70s if he was still alive.

Uh Lady Margaret yes David.

I saw an old photograph of a boy in the. Other room something tells me she wouldn't be happy if she knew I had it in my pocket ah that was taken in 1894 young Johnny. Your father you can remember the exact yeah it's a funny thing when you reach my age you can remember dates from decades ago but not what you had for breakfast maybe others can't who may I.

Ask were the others in the picture that would be your Aunt Clara and your late great grandmother the last through Countess of Scotland new house and my dear Edward of course oh yeah notice my father had a scar in his face how did that happen falling from a tree perhaps I can't recall but your father was a clumsy child can't recall but you remember the date the photograph was taken hmm I shall take my leave Lady Margaret yes.

Finally some fresh air.

Master David you could tell it was me.

Your footsteps I can no arc of everyone here well that's what's rather incredible I that it is laddie than it is I hear better than most see more than most at all when you talked about what.

They did to my father what did you mean you shouldn't have come back you cannot go through what he did as a Ben and nobody's sick so his hospitalization was justified then not for me to say before. You think of putting down roots here you should think on what the poison groom he'll did to your father you can no not really if you're gonna mind this door no mend itself I'll leave you to it then.

Father I descend a toolbox like when he still fix things around the house probably didn't look much better before the storm.



Nobody left him on the dirt hole care for their graves it seems.

I've seen this before in the painting this is the grave I saw in that wakingdream or whatever it was the great my father buried something in as a boy who's buried here if I could just ah these fines are too thick.


Lori's tools a hammer at Ellen's saw a bolt-cutter all a bit rusty. Um may I borrow your bowl cutter maybe. If I can what you need it for the graves.

I would like to tidy them up that way I can pay my respects properly is that a fact why is that then they are my family. They deserve to be remembered fair. Enough lady just grab it yourself will you.

Better Cecelia Shawnee Gordon and. Cecelia now let's see if there's something really buried in here another piece of a castle model another part of.

The model and it's stained with what seems to be old blood why did father bury this when he was a child.

How could have known that something was buried here I don't remember father ever tell me about this grave father must have buried the chapel piece here for a reason when he was a boy but why and whose blood is it stained with.

The place is crumbling not the safest spot to pray.

Being the chronicle of the family Gordon has laid down by Sir Drummond Gordon the year of our Lord 1413 local legend. Speaks of this particular Glen as being inhabited from time immemorial enigmatic elaborately carved Peck - stones who stand as timeless evidence of this as for the locals they appear prideful of the council they delight in giving to visitors traveler beware.

The Celtic peoples arrived in this place like a great feast bringing with them the bloodlines that would eventually spawn the Gordon clan using their superior numbers knowledge and machines of war they swiftly conquered the primeval picks with them they brought to their religion and druid clerics the magics these wise men used did shape forever the lands even until this present day that it said that the sempiternal burden our family carries rose at that time tis well recorded how.

The Empire of Rome did failed to tame the wayward Scots that they didn't even raise a barrier to protect their mighty Empire what is seldom told is the truth behind their defeat our ancestors drew upon ancient powers to aid their victory power is not easily found by the fragile human mind this aid did come at the greatest of costs a debt as yet unsettled a price we will continue to pay until the last garden passes to dust for the centuries we Gordon's made the land our own others did bow to us as we. Kept the secrets of sky undo the secrets of the black mirror even as tragedy and.

Madness did festival in our foundations we held fast and steered the land through vile in Lycia tack and worse in time the Gordon's and the land became one some pages have been ripped. Out the only thing left seems to be some kind of family oath in blood we are bound to the land we protect to the. Truths we alone may conceal I shall forfeit my life lest my clan should suffer I shall forfeit my spirit to whom the darkness at bay in blood we are bound till the day of the reckoning is this.

What madness feels like.

This looks like the bottom of a lake.

What are you trying to show me.

She's not holding a baby but somewhere the object to weigh herself down.

There's a fresh wound across her stomach the figure of there must be Edward.

A note I'm taking my baby with me to.

Save it from this rotten family are you.


Yeah did you did you see her she drowned.

Calm down you're in shock what were you doing clamoring about in here if I told you you've to think me mad oh that it's just what your father said to me what who are you my name is dr..

Leah Farber I treated your father at the asylum he is silent let's get you back to the castle and make sure you are all right.

What did you come here for I'm not sure your father story is finished yet and there are some things I still need to make my peace with what's this about an asylum as I said your father was admitted why who did that to him I did.

But unfortunately he managed to escape what hold on a minute how dare you come in here and told you your father was a madman a complete and utter madman don't mind me please continue well what right did you have to.

Lock my father up Heena be in a madhouse I was his doctor I understand you own shock but you have no right to speak to me in such a way I was trying to help him he's dead Capital job now hold on just a minute.






Edie it'll be alright pull yourself. Together I suggest nobody else goes down there we.

Should keep the room intact until the police can get here I shall alert them first thing in the morning what an unfortunate accident an accident you. Think so just after the madman Sun turned up our door and yet you were the one standing over her body with blood on your hands I was too late to help was she there there.

My sweet boy let's get you to bed Angus would you of course ma'am I think.

We will all benefit from a good night's sleep I know you may have no reason to but I need you to trust me I'm the only one on your side when it comes to your father's death Lady Margaret certainly isn't but if I told you what I saw in the chapel you'd have me in a padded cell just like my father why did you come here to make sure my father was successfully in the ground with all due respect mr. Gordon I will not allow you to speak to me or about my work in such a tone I tried everything I could to aid your father your father was heavily drugged when he was brought to me to prevent any further violent outburst or so Lady Margaret had said but something felt wrong even then.

So what was my father like when you locked him up I didn't just lock him up I tried to help him he was convinced he was carrying some ancient curse that he was being haunted by evil I wish I had reached him had been able to reach him maybe if I threw you a bone you'd get off my back.

Father was obsessed with the history of the family for as long as I can remember did your father actually believe his family was out to get him who knows I think what's canon was beyond the physical he used to babble about a dark force threatening him in our family was that why he moved you to India to get as far away as possible I believe so Annette here you are in the.

Very place he sought to protect you from who knows maybe there is an ancient evil in this place an evil that drags us back no matter how far away we get even from the other side of the world and what do you think was your father right are there things beyond the physical. I have other things to worry about right now things like a drowning woman floating in thin air if you really want to help me I need to find out what the mate knew what lady margaret and angus didn't want her to tell me you believe it got her killed maybe what I saw in the chapel it has to be real if she must have drowned herself down at the law because if it's all in my mind like father like son.

This dumbwaiter is huge it is it goes. All the way to the second floor but judging by the spiders it's not used very often nowadays the spiders know don't ask this dumbwaiter is you it is.

The spider I guess we'll have the key.

Unless we can find another way in.

Rory's not one for cleaning up after himself I think I might have an idea how.

To get into the cellar but I'm not sure you'll like it if it involves this filthy dumbwaiter don't even think about it you said you'd help me so help me on my terms I can't fit in there and I see no other way into the cellar hmm you're asking me to put a lot of trust in you given the circumstances you can trust me and I.

Will do my very best to learn to trust you hmm all right then clothes can be washed lovely pull me.

Back up.

I need something to open the doors from the inside once I'm down there.

Rose this should do it.

We need to examine them to find out who killed her to be sure.

Going down good luck see you in a minute.

Dr. Farber is everything all right.


If anything's happened to her you needn't worry about me I've been to strain two places in this castle follow me.


Her necks been broken and with some considerable force it seems her necklace looks like gold I'll be at a plane design and it's missing any form of pendant still well beyond denied salary. It.

Your stock is here my little door little. Doe not exactly the usual way to address the staff Oh where's that sudden draft coming from he brewed to seem over the. Missing pendant he threw it into the blood filled basin we're all here sir all down in the dark well something's coming the Attic sir she's in the Attic what just happened you look like you were in some kind of trance perhaps the lack of sleep is affecting me the visions that you think me insane if I describe them to you you need to learn to trust me I am on your side remember so you say but I remember you don't my father up to that's how you can't change its stripes.

Oh that's horrible.

You're the one with your hand in it.

French I don't speak French.

I do it says for Clara forever yours. Who's Clara I don't know yet another. Relative perhaps we should ask someone who's been around here for longer how did you know it was their dependent I mean if I told you you wouldn't believe me a hunch Eddie gave us to her we should ask him to his face just what his relationship was with her this isn't another ghost story is it look you wouldn't understand I can't what I do understand is that we could not accuse a man of murder without proof.

What is it.

Okay back oh stop honking around come with me it's.

Not a request girl what's happening to me David is.

Everything all right we should make haste.

Do you know who Clara was I know who she was I and young Eddie is her Burma lady.

Mother here she was she stayed on in the horse after Victor passed but she wasn't here much before I didn't take any of that well I'll speak to you later Rory I am sure you will laddie.


Oh stunning.

How curious come and look at this look.

They form a clear circle this can't be a fluke looks like one of the stones is missing there have you enough stone to weigh yourself down with. Something's carved into each one I've.

Never seen the roads like this before I have the gardener Rory he brought some.

Down from the Glass House.



That's an unusual-looking rose I noticed one line by the side of the law ah that's having me a flower for the flowers can do cecilia my aunt there for.

Her I grew up for her she loved the roses did cecilia know the red ones though made her think of blood you can forgive me but wouldn't it be more fitting to place them on her grave why she's no there is she laddie that's not where she rests and I don't much stand by your modern God Rory what happened to her what happened to Cecilia I'm not in the mood to open old wounds laddie there are some strange. Markings governor - the stones on the show rooms I'm old fashioned I suppose.

Still hold to the old ways superstitions.

Don't gain validity just by being believed in for a long time I'd watch that your precious science doesn't have all the answers Lassie may I have some of the Roses Rory I'd like to place them on Cecilia's grave what she to you you did Nick in her no I didn't but she's family and besides father always spoke fondly of her you would even smile as he talked about playing in the gardens with her as a child you did did he hi well that's good to kin I should have. Some left in the Glass House I'll speak. To you later Rory I am sure you will laddie sorry lassie but you can't go in it's for family only hmm just hold on a moment no it's okay I quite understand you go ahead I'll wait here for you if I must I you must.

I know it doesn't look like a have green fingers looking to brick some Morlocks.

Lady of ease I.

Cecilia's roses the beautiful I like to.

Think so but they seem to be the only thing that grows here can you tell me.

About Cecilia what was she like she was a lovely lass here but uh she had more than her share of troubles grandfather Edward you can well enough son he said she wasn't in her grave I that I did that are dead did she drown she did killed herself her body was never found now all I have of her is my memories and they are not what they were and this.

That is exquisite Cecilia made this she made it for me.

Girl must have cut her fingers a hundred times doing it on the thorns she can.

You are unworthy of the name golden.


This socket is edward used they ended up in this corner.

He scratched the word baron into her heart what a monster.

Good your monster who is that old woman. It takes courage to confront Edward like that.

What just haven't I could ask you the. Same thing you started to talk to yourself well many about throwing your arms about when you were faking something I couldn't see what you started ballin and the lassie came in to see what was going on she tried to settle you but you just went for her. An old lady she wore a long flowing dress her voice was strong determined sounds.

Like Rosemarie she will Lady Margaret's mother was Cecilia not able to have children did that anger grandfather Edward maybe you can see well enough to son maybe you can it wasn't her it was her husband he. Was the bother couldn't you can I think.

So yes hi well Edward blamed Cecilia for it.

For picking the wrong man for her meat.

Fine laddie you just need some fresh air this place can get to you.

I need to know if there's proof to what I saw.

The secretary should be here they are how could I know this seems awfully accurate for a forgotten memory the crack is right there Edward was furious seems like him and great-grandmother Rose didn't see eye-to-eye.

Trust your instincts laddie.


David are you alright.

Am i right I should be asking you I'm so.

Sorry I hurt you I don't know what happened don't worry I faced much worse in the asylum she's tough I don't think it's possible to face her sorry again maybe don't leave me outside like a naughty puppy next time yes quite I feel like.

The madness that runs through this family through these walls is starting to seep into me too I can help you but you need to open up you need to start talking to me she would not believe me if I told you stubborn just like your father I think that it will may be responsible for the death of my aunt Cecilia not directly she drowned herself in the Loch I think that it would drove her to it old families usually have a skeleton or two in the cupboard yes but my family has a graveyard for whatever secret this family is hiding it's costing lives Cecilia the maid my father. God knows how many more over the years.

If you just like to wait out here sir I need to speak with Eddie the young master and her ladyship are otherwise detained.

Fair enough if Eddie really gave her.

That pendant he might be her killer and I might not be using my mind nobody in.

This house is particularly chatty not even when I have an actual question for them there's no doubt about his loyalty.

The belongings of Eddie's mother.

Thank you for your last letter my heart soars with every word of yours I read I touch the ink and imagine your fingers at just inches from mine that we can almost touch that I can almost feel the warmth of your skin once more young Edward grows more like his father each day you'd be amazed how he shares your looks I longed for the day that this terrible war is ended and you returned home to us so we can be a family once more I shall write to you again soon know that until then you are always in our hearts your loving wife Clara the. Date she was writing this when the Death Note has arrived the poor woman I regret.

To inform you that your husband corporal Victor Mallory number 87451 one was killed in action with the enemy on the day of the 14th of September in Ypres your husband was involved in an advance against enemy lines while he and his fellow soldiers fell the action was successful and you can take comfort in knowing his sacrifice saved many lives it was not possible to get his remains away and he was buried in a soldier's grave please accept the condolences of all the company yours Captain Arthur Jones 4th army recognize that the necklace is that a young Eddie and his mother Clara.

You see the necklace was his mother's he gave it to the maid the maid you're right I need to speak to him about this but how could you know this I can't help. You if you don't tell me cousin Eddie might be a murderer how I draw my conclusions can wait for now.

Haidee I need to ask you about the maid about Elsa you didn't know her I know. That you and her were that is to say I know you've had feelings for her what that's poppycock your estranged is a farmer was David really you go too far with this behavior the police will be here soon would you not prefer to clear this up before they get here in case they link Eddie with a crime now look here young lady how dare you speak that's enough Eddie you gave her this it was your.

Mother's I did it was Eddie I was just.

Trying to cheer her up she has nothing and I had no need of it you know she sends you know she sent.

Most of her money home to her grandmother her clothing was ripped as if someone was trying to force themselves upon her I would never have hurt her my little doe strange thing to.

Call the help how it was just just.

Harmless fun that's all you're a worthless liar you think she thought being pressed against a dead animal was harmless fun how do you know it's true.

No sir and I I would never have laid a finger on her we're in love I helped her with everything even with her chores Rosie.

That's quite enough Eddie you are obviously upset and you are not helping David Angus will you please take the young master upstairs as you say ma'am I.

Think you have caused quite enough disruption here we shall settle this heritage dilemma first thing tomorrow I don't think so I have more questions now than ever about my father as the maid this whole damn house have a care David need I remind you of your father's temper I would never given the current mental state of math to Eddie who should be a part of the Heritage considerations any discussion on the topic would be futile at this point would you not agree Thank You Leah maybe it's a good thing you're here after all impudent brats.

What's going on did you notice when Margaret got angry when Eddie mentioned chores involving rose what does that mean it can only have something to do with Lady Rose Marie and aunt Cecilia and whatever the maid was doing in the Attic the Attic mmm I saw the maid coming down the stairs with a tray but there's nothing up there but an empty room or so I thought interesting.

What is it David I have to see David.


You have to start confiding in me David what are you seeing I think I'm seeing.

Ghosts ghosts of those who have died here that I see my father as a child he's trying to communicate with me perhaps you visited here as a child maybe you're remembering stories a father told you of this place when you were young you see I said you wouldn't believe me if I'm only remembering.

Things how would I have known where to find dependent how could I have known he tried to force himself on her unless you think I killed her I don't think you killed anyone David and you're right I can't explain it so so we focus on the. Facts as we know them no one you saw The Maids body her neck was broken that was the work of a human not ghost yes I suppose so yes Lady Margaret knows more than she's saying that's for sure Godspeed getting anything out of that old hag no I know but Eddie might be an easier option yes yes we need to find him and make sure Margaret isn't there to interrupt I believe she's already gone to bed but I'll check you go find Eddie.

Well that's clear enough.

Well hello my dear Elsa Oh Edward you.

Look very handsome today howdy why thank you you're as beautiful as ever my little doe Oh self-made dolls.

Yeah the stuff of nightmares Eddie can.

You hear me what can you tell me about great-grandmother Rose what did else have to do daddy what do you see here.

Eddie itseif the little rabbit said to.

His brothers leaders the Fox is fast asleep so rabbits tiptoe past sly he wasn't. Asleep at all.

- my dear close this will be the last time you defy me the eyes of the gods.

They've shown with cruel light isn't punished on the rabbits and ate them all one by one it was only then he went to sleep his tummy full his heart content a.

Secret passage what do you think you're doing now won't be long I hope look after ready.

Just a little further.


That's it open wide good that's all right here did.

I tell you that John's son David has arrived he's as volson as his father not worthy of this place poor Angus will never recover from the site of John's charge remains selfish selfish man I do not.

Enjoy this as you well know but you brought it on yourself your son was a good man you should not have defied him.

Rosemary oh my god she's barely skin and. Bones how is she still alive which was.

In the bookcase you scared me half to death I hope you will insist on wandering off without telling me where you're going him I just managed to avoid lady mouse with Jesus God I saw this in a vision.

Edie would beat her with it used it to cripple the poor woman oh my god and he hung it there to remind her everyday take it down you're sure do it.

Thank you thank you.

Rosemarie I'm David Johnson your.

Great-grandson here try this.

No like this gently who did this to you disobeyed how.

Did you disobey.

What was he doing Rose Marie Rose Rose.

What did he do to Cecilia I don't think you'll get anything more out of her poor woman come on Lady Rose Marie.

We'll get you out of here we can get you.

Somewhere safe the black mirror Margaret.

Has a lot to explain.

I think we need to have words with her ladyship.

Margaret we need to talk about Lady Margaret if you please never mind that what the hell are you doing with Rose Marie you're one to talk you're just like your father leaving nothing but fear and misery in your wake what in God's name are you talking about you spoke to young Eddie did you not now he's convinced everyone is trying to kill him he has taken poor Andrew hostage and his threatening his life where is he he's taken him to the old wing and he is armed I'll go I can talk to him you will not you too of course quite enough trouble already we how dare you when you continue to worship Edward even though we drove poor Cecilia to drown herself I will not allow you to to what to speak the truth to say that Edward he never you come here and you know you you are.

The one in the wrong here you know more than you're saying and we both know it there's something in this place an evil that has plagued our family for generations instead of blaming others maybe you should look closer to home for the cause of your misfortune you know nothing what I did what I do everything.

Everything is for this family how can you possibly understand please my lady we can discuss this later miss Farber you need to speak to master Eddie take us to him.

This way have a care in the old wing it isn't used and for good reason a section of wall fell into the sea some years back and the rest is falling to ruin.

Over there sir Eddie no no they're after me all of them.

Trying to kill me no please healthy look at me Eddie just at me it's going to be all right stay back here I'll try to reason with you you will not this is what I do.

Eddie talk to me Eddie tell me what's troubling you troubling me he is a dear viewer they all are what.

Eddie accusing me think I killed the.

Maid you mean by didn't I didn't steady now I believe you Eddie I believe you.

Stop wriggling about he stay still let him go adage everything is all right.

Come here.

Bits of bone should work if I'm careful.

It seems intact let's hope this doesn't.

Snap under the strain.



Would what happened relax everything's fine fine are you out. Of your mind oh please contain yourself Andrew I must certainly will not and I'm not spending another moment in this madhouse I will fetch the police from the village immediately I don't think that would be wise sir are you threatening me perish the thought sir I'm merely pointing out the folly of driving these roads in the dark and besides we may need the car if Eddie's condition worsens the same pack could jump off the roof for all I care I for one will rather risk my life out there than in here leave then and before you even think of telling anyone what happened here just remember who you are dealing with and yes you may consider that a threat Angus kindly help me with young Eddie careful now just take it slowly I'm sorry I didn't believe you science.

Took a beating tonight after seeing what happened here I think even dr. Floyd would agree with you the mirror I think it's some kind of dark force an ancient evil summoned by the Druids and they lost control over i

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