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Road to Mafia 3 - Mafia 1 Walkthrough Part 1 - An Offer You Can't Refuse

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Road to Mafia 3 - Mafia 1 Walkthrough Part 1 - An Offer You Can't Refuse

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1. Mafia 3 has been announced and i'm doing a "road to" walkthrough starting with Mafia 1/ Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

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Hey guys what's going on so mafia 3 was just confirmed to be announced the other day and I'm super excited for this because mafia 2 was an amazing game but mafia 1 was it was art to be honest it you know it goes beyond being a 10 out of 10 game it's something that just remains in history as the best game ever because it's definitely one my top 5 games of all time is Matthew Bourne and the so yeah mafia 3 has been announced and I'm super super excited for it you know I mean come this year get any better I mean like what else can the announced the CNO Just Cause 3 fallout 4 and now Matthew 3 but but I do think that will beliefs be released next year you know March July August maybe Mar 3 I mean if the if it does get released this year it's just no time I mean this year's just jam-packed I thought you'd last year was terrible for games being you know it's like two games every single day but this year is just even worse anyway we are going to do a walk-through for Matthew one in there you know the road to mafia 3 so I might be Matthew 2 next as well if I have time I might not have time for Matthew to but I certainly have time for Matthew 1 obviously since it's July and August there's no games to do so we're going to do walkthrough from a few one and the you know in solve celebration for the announcement of mafia 3 and they have only it confirmed that it's in development they're going to announce it properly at Gamescom next week on the 5th of August so if you're watching this you know anytime after August 5th or even after mafia 3 has been leased you know this is just gonna be you know a walkthrough for more if you won so I hope you enjoy with the best games in history if you haven't played it then you can watch this series if you don't want to buy it but I would highly recommend you go out and buy it and play it is an amazing game the soundtrack I have muted unfortunately but I have tried to edit in some of the original music because a lot of the music in the game is just you know mainstream music which is you know copyrighted and on the content ID system so I have tried to edit in some of the original music which like say is master so yeah hope you enjoy what I've done and yeah thanks for watching.


Detective Norman can I join you.

Sorry for the delay but I didn't want anybody seeing me if you know what I mean what can I get you sir mr. coffee coming right up it's not my habit to sit with people like you got a business proposition for you detective I ain't no businessman and even if I were I wouldn't be doing business with the likes of you I don't usually do business with your kind either but this is a bit of a strange deal good for you and your superiors and good for me it concerns a certain kind of trade trade well let's just say that I hold a. High position in a not so legal organization it's just the kind of organization people such as yourself would like to know a lot about and I on the other hand for certain reasons don't want your coffee sir Thanks I have my.

Own personal reasons why I don't want to be associated with this organization it ain't too easy to leave this kind of business if you know what I mean I think I know where you're coming from you'll get a bullet in your head if you don't disappear quickly right that's not the only reason got any kids detective I've got a wife and daughter I don't want them to have any problems because of me yeah well I ain't just gonna hand out protection to any walk crook you should have thought about them kids before cuz I sure sure listen I don't want something for nothing so here's the deal does the name Salieri mean anything new Salieri it time well does you got something to come with him you could say that I've worked for him for several years now he wants to rub me up if you protect my family and me I'll tell you everything names dates accounts everything enough to put him away for life high ain't Santa Claus if I go to the chief with this I need to know everything you know and I have to be sure you'll testify in court sure if you in in a hurry I'll tell you my whole story and all the deals I've worked on over the years choake I've got time and I'm listening.

I used to be a taxi driver even though I.

Wasn't making much and I work from dawn to dusk I was glad to be working it was.

A bad time and some other people were worse off than me.

It was that very taxi that drew Sally Aries people to me in the first place.

One day I was on my break and I was just hanging out suddenly I heard a tremendous crash Sam they got me damn it.

Climb up and move there's a taxi we'll be okay it was clear to me that these guys had to get out of there fast so I thought it was best to cooperate rather than ending up with a hole in my who would come on.

Or to anywhere fast I hope you're damn fast faster than Sam here was I burned rubber out of there like a bat out of hell it didn't matter we're just away from those gentlemen who are chasing my new customers now listen carefully huh guys shake these clowns behind you don't do it then we're done that includes you step on it.

Move it died.

Now listen carefully guys shake these clowns behind us if you don't do it then we're done for that includes you step on it I don't want to die Christ but if you want to save your own ass step on it oh we're done for now my taxi.

We're finished my taxi.

Movie but if you want to save your own ass by taxi.

Step on it they're still on our tail idiot go movie.

Step on it they're still on our tail my taxi I'll shoot the head off.

To head off step on it or dump or shoot him Sam I'll kill you you can't be.

Serious can't you go any faster I'm only human who a.

Faster you think I want to get knocked up I'm trying can't you go any faster move it I'll waste you before they do I don't know but that car's got something pushing it idiot go idiot go.

Great we made it good work brother I'll take us the saris Bob I'll show you the way.

Aren't we driving around in circles.

Finally we're home wait here friend Sam will get you a little something for mr. Salieri thanks.

For y'all.

Mr. Salieri would like to thank you as well as myself and Paulie its compensation for the damage to your car in your services it should be enough yes of course thanks give my regards to mr. Salieri mr. Salieri wants you to know that he is very grateful to you if you ever need anything you can come back and ask for help because mr. Salieri doesn't forget about friends who have helped him out if you're interested maybe we could find a job for you here and it would pay well we always have positions for guys as good as you ok ok I'll think about it thanks that really Thanks I'd better go to fix the car and so on all right I understand just think about it and I hope it's clear that this matter is only between ourselves you take care kid.

When I opened the envelope I almost had a heart attack there was more than it would cause to do the repairs but I didn't for a minute think about their offer I didn't want to join some criminals even if they had all the money in the world it's better to be poor and alive and rich and dead right I was going to get my cab repaired and try to forget it all as soon as possible as my mother always said you can never predict what God has in store for you.

Maybe just take me to the church downtown please okay okay.


Thanks here's the fair.

Are you taking I need to go to the hospital and you are a problem.

Put out here.

Here it is drop me off in front of the entrance.

Thanks here's the fair.

I'm lucky you're here I need to get to the theater on central island take the Juliano bridge so that we can get there quickly whatever you want.

Oh I'd like to.

Here's the money goodbye.

Good day could you're taking a Hoboken Pompeii bar good thing get in.

There you go keep the change.

I need to get to the department store car lot in Little Italy can you take me there no problem get in go across the.

Juliano bridge and then through the tunnel it's the shortest way. Ouch what are you doing Oh.

I said no bitch no fillets Oh.

Nope is right.

This should cover it keep the change. I need a coffee break.

I had a cup of coffee and relaxed in the car while I was waiting to see if I could get another customer I noticed I wasn't far from Sallee Aires bar.

Jesus we got you you little rat.

Mr. Morello is pretty angry with you we're gonna have to teach you a little lesson so you remember that it ain't right those bastards remember the license plate of my car and took it on themselves to hunt me down Louie I'll fix your face a little.

Finish him off don't waste any more time on him it was clear to me that I had to get out of that fast I couldn't handle that animal on my own I said to myself and now was probably the right moment from mr. Salieri to show his gratitude Salieri x-bar' was just down the street and the sight of it was certainly a lot nicer than a baseball bat to my head.

Where the hell is she I said three o'clock in the passageway.

Forget great.



You can afraid.

You Sally Aries boys saved my skin that time but I certainly wasn't in a good situation I had paid off my debts for the car repairs but my boss didn't want to employ anyone who's in the mob it just wasn't good business when I saw the feds he'd get up a salir his boys I thought that it can't be too bad to work for him besides I had nothing to lose mirela was out to get me so driving a cab wasn't the best job plus the prospect of Salieri still wasn't so terrible so like I always say better than I young and loaded.

Well it looks like Morello is really trying to make me mad but I'm a reasonable person what do they call you son Thomas Angela I've decided to give. You a shot Tommy I like new faces we're one big family here you already know Paulie and Sam Frank here is my right hand and looks after the legal side of our business the one behind the bar is Luigi this business ain't easy to swallow but Luigi's a wonderful cook Paul will introduce you. To Vincenzo and ruff there are a lot of us but those should be enough for now now listen and listen good we have some rules around here don't cross paths with the cops they're on our payroll so they'll leave you alone but if you go too far they'll all come after you money or no money if they ever pick you up say nothing and I will take care of you I show my gratitude to those people that help me and there aren't many left - betrayed me capiche yes mr. Salieri I'm glad today I'll give.

You a chance to get back at those bastards who wrecked your taxi will see what you're made of Morello has a bar where all his guerillas go they all have their cars parked behind the fence next to the bar if you're good they won't be there tomorrow morning Paulie will go with you just in case go see Vincenzo for equipment and Ralph for some wheels I wouldn't trust him so much.

He seemed hesitant he's let's accept an out because he has no choice we'll see Frank we'll see I'm more concerned about. What Murillo's problem is does he really want to start a war chances at Don's gun.

Expert they've known each other since they were kids and get you whatever you want tommy guns to cannons when you can set you up I always pay him a visit before a job.

Oh no Joe no Vincenzo ciao Paulie this.

Here's Tom just started up with us pleased to meet you Tom what can I do for the Boethius we got a job to do we need something to write off a few cars this classic piece of sports equipment should do the job and if not I've mixed. Up a few cocktails.

Careful would have no nice a lot.

Vincenzo bring back the bat it's my.

Nephew's short thing Ralph will.

Introduce you to us a complete idiot he's got a special way with cos I don't get out such a moron could know anything about anything but that's the way it goes sometimes the visit is all doing Paulie hey Ralphie I see you still limping so we got two cripples working it that's right but I ain't no fool and Ralph this is Tom if you bring him a stolen car Tommy I'll make it your own and no one will know the difference Ralph telling me have a job to do you're supposed to have some wheels for us right here it is it it ain't no hot rod.

But it should really do for you thanks.

Ralphie let's go.


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