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5 Most Chilling Video Game Easter Eggs, Mysteries, and Discoveries

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5 Most Chilling Video Game Easter Eggs, Mysteries, and Discoveries

In the spirit of the winter holiday season, today we've diving into the coldest, most chilling video game easter eggs, mysteries and discoveries ever found.



Games Featured - SPOILERS

Fable II

Virtua Fighter 3TB

Banjo Kazooie

Donkey Kong 64

Final Fantasy VII and IV

Clip and References

Fable II - Winter Lodge Mystery

Virtua Fighter 3TB - Strange Snowman Dude

Banjo Kazooie - Ice Key Mysteries and DK64 Connection

Final Fantasy VII - Hidden Aries Dialogue

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In the spirit of Christmas, today we're going to be looking into - WOAH. And stay out! The top 5 most chilling easter eggs, mysteries and discoveries ever found. Fable II. As a Peter Molyneux game, most gamers by now expect a lot of the things that Molyneux say are going to be in his games - are not going to be there. For instance, Molyneux claimed for Fable one you could plant a seed and you could literally watch that seed grow into a tree in realtime. Obviously, that never happened because what the hell reality does Peter Molyneux live in where that's possible in a 2004 game? Despite this, Fable II ended up fulfilling most promises but nothing left players wishing for something more than when they discovered the winter lodge area. Throughout the game there's hidden demon doors, which are talking doors that let you into smaller areas for additional exploration and lore. These doors will only open after you complete a certain task in front of them, such as playing a song on your lute for the door that enjoys music. One of these doors opens up and brings you to this beautiful winter setting, where it takes you on a calm and alluring walk down a dimly lit snow-covered path, eventually.

Leading to a warm and inviting home. As soon as you walk through the door, the entire thing transforms into the disturbing.

Aftermath of a brutal torture scene with bloody chains and bodies at your every turn..

At the top of the stairs is a single chest and inside is just a sword no better than the sword you probably already have... and thats it. There's absolutely no other answers as to what this highly disturbing massacre was supposed to be. There's not a letter or a code or any sort of forensic evidence that can solve this crime. Just an unsolved cold case in the middle of this lovely winter lodge. Merry Christmas? Virtua Fighter 3TB. In Virtua Fighter 3TB, on the character selection select Shun and pin him against himself..

Then on the level select you have to choose the level Wolf. Now this definitely isn't a simple task but the player has to achieve an excellent rating with Shun and make sure his back is facing towards the dark sky. If you do it just right, the camera will move into just the right angle and you'll see....

What the hell is that? I think it's a snowman... Oh damn and it blinks. Is even an easter egg or is that like some sort unfinished model or something? Who even knows... Banjo Kazooie. In keeping with the cold weather theme, I thought what better time to explore some of the lesser-discussed mysteries involving the ice key of Banjo Kazooie. The mystery began when players completed Banjo Kazooie and were told of additional collectibles that would unlock if they 100 percent completed the game. This sequence briefly showcased a hidden ice key which was an item that could be found in a random crevice in Wozza's Cave, just out of reach behind an impassible barrier of ice. Once players 100 percent completed the game they realized these collectibles never became unlocked and the ice key remained perpetually inaccessible behind the frozen ice wall, leaving.

Everyone out in the cold why it was even there. After managing to get into the room by hacking the game, an immediate mention of Stop 'N'Swop appeared that only raised more questions. Players asked Rare for years what this referred to and one time in 2004, Rare responded during.

A studio tour. " was never officially announced as being part of the game... It's in the past. Let's move on." Damn, cold. It was eventually said in an interview years later that it was a cut feature where players could have taken out of the cartage of the game while it was still running it and slipped in another cartage where the unlocked items would added bonus features in the sequel Banjo Tooie. This ultimately didn't work out because Nintendo made revisions to the N64 that no longer made this possible. However, a reference to the ice key was actually found in the code of a totally different game,.

Donkey Kong 64, which was also developed and released by Rare at the same time of Banjo.

Kazooie. When the key was hacked back in in that game it appeared in the inventory but its visual appearance was completely gone. Even stranger, a glitch was more recently discovered that seems to indicate where the key would have actually had an application in Donkey Kong 64. By pressing A during an exact frame of the intro cutscene, you throw off an internal timer in the game manages where the cutscenes start and begin. Once the Intro Story Glitch has activated, the player has to jump into this level and immediately start to polymerize Donkey Kong until his health is down to one. Once you're done torturing Donkey Kong, have him climb back into the clubhouse and stand at this exact position. After waiting for a certain period of time to pass, the player has to use oranges to knock Donkey Kong backwards in the home without ever actually stepping in. If done correctly at just the right time, the game loads a completely unused never-before-seen cutscene, where the camera slowly moves into the corner of the screen. This fades away and teleports Donkey Kong to the other side of a random ice barrier in Crystal Caves, way later in the game. Some players noticed in early press photos of the game there was originally a fridge in the corner of the clubhouse that was actually covered in Banjo Kazooie imagery..

Connecting these pieces together, players now believe the ice key in Banjo Kazooie was originally going to be used as a Stop n Swop item for Donkey Kong 64, in which the ice key was going to unlock something with this fridge which would teleport them to this area in Crystal Caves for the final reveal. Unfortunately whatever the hell that final reveal in Donkey Kong was supposed to remains a complete mystery. Even despite there being an unlockable in Nuts n Bolts that supposedly gives you all the answers. Go figure, the unlockable requires 6,000 music notes to unlock, and there's nowhere near.

6,000 music notes in the actual game. Fortunately, hackers have pulled through once again and by modding the game to have well over the actual possible amount of music notes, we can finally unlock the Stop n Swop truth. It says, "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. And we couldn't show that in a game with this rating. Put it out of your mind and think happy thoughts. Thanks for the notes." Once again, trolled by Rare. Mat Hoffman Pro BMX. In Mat Hoffman Pro BMX, there's a rather amusing easter egg if you were to pause the game and restart a run ten times in a row..

You ride like a grandma! Hey, I haven't even rode yet. Oh.. Well, now you've unlocked the hidden character Granny, and being that every pro BMXer has.

A highlight reel if you were to beat the game, completing the game as Grandma unlocks this video, as you watch what I assume is one of the game's developers dressed in drag complete.

With this holiday c lassic..

Final Fantasy. The Final Fantasy series has always had a couple of chilling instances of video game mysteries. A particular mystery of note involves the character Aeris, who - sorry for the 20-year-old.

Spoiler - doesn't exactly make it to the end of the adventure, which broke the hearts to a generation of players who to this day still long for a way to make Aeris survive. However, through the use of hacking, or a glitch known as Yuffie-warping on the PC version, Aeris can be brought back to life and can be placed in your party where she joins in on the rest of the adventure without saying anything for several protracted scenes. Chillingly, this suddenly changes once you're at Great Glacier several scenes later when Aeris begin speak some unique lines of dialogue that can't be seen anywhere else in the game..

Weirdly, Aeris continues to have some small lines of dialogue throughout the rest of the adventure, which implies to players Aeris was either originally meant to survive the adventure or that the long lasting rumor that Aeris could actually be revived in the game is somehow actually true. An even colder mystery was found in the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV..

On extremely rare occasion, players would encounter a random battle in the game where the characters names didn't appear to match the sprites on screen. Upon completion of the battle they received an item so rare I only have this not-so-great footage to prove it. For some strange reason, an item would appear in the inventory called I'm cold....

According to the item description, its actually an axe. However, it can't be equipped or used by any of the characters. Additionally, players that went to sell the item found out that it was actually worth 3,375,158 Gil..

Oh, sweet. While its unclear it was intentional or not, we're still left entirely in the dark about I'm cold....

Is or referring to at all, making for one of the most chilling unsolved mystery items ever found in video games. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more content like this, please subscribe. And if you know of any other chilling video game discoveries or mysteries, please let me know down below in the comments, or come tell me on the discord or even submit it on Shoutout to Dr. Love, Emery, JayDay, Pestlentsleeper, Nes Dude, Nick Fade, Spencer, and Towerizer.

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