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Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

A video describing all the problems with the first Nancy Drew Dossier game.

The little Arglefumph logo animation, at the start of this video, was made by Serge Hanna.

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This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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The cat is in the proper room in the opening scene but not in the actual game no one falls into quicksand in this game the game does not have a save feature if you like a particular chapter you have to replay the entire game in order to play it again is on a very old movie lot which is apparently being made into a very modern theme park according to the pamphlet the very modern theme park has only one ride which is left over from the 1940's park that's not very modern Nancy encounters no traffic in Southern California in real life Hollywood and Illinois are not within easy driving distance of each other there is a long tutorial that you can't skip Nancy only visits two of these five locations these fake answers are so fun it makes me sad that you don't get real responses to them game saves on animation by only animating half of the characters bodies then saves on animation again by only having them move half the time go outside to Main Street and get the ankh out of the storage room behind the pawn shop okay the ankh is a prop why isn't it in the prop room the ankh is not in the room behind the pawn shop the ankh is in the pawn shop if you get enough points to get the bonus ending but the game doesn't tell you how many points you need so players are always left guessing as to how close they are.

Multiple chapters start with a walking animation that lasts for more than 10 seconds clicking on the task button for more details is useless this piece of paper has been lying here untouched for over 60 years this piece of paper is still in perfect condition after being discarded on the ground for over 60 years Nancy follows a scavenger hunt to fabulous treasure cliche this game has way too much pixel hunting Nancy's flashlight is on the action bar for the entire game even though it barely gets used the cat breaks things.

At the pawn shop and Nancy doesn't care that's the cat Molly wants me to catch I better go after it Maisie lets the cat run away before trying to catch it with the lockpicking minigame you can choose which of the upcoming items you want to use you can't do this with the other minigames even though it would be extremely useful Nancy uses pliers to put a plug into an electrical outlet Nancy doesn't shut the door behind her which allows the cat to escape quite reach it I need something long and sticky the duct tape does not count as something sticky Arthur has a complex series of puzzles in his office how does he get any work done I guess I should add to that Nancy is breaking and entering in someone else's office but she still answers their phone Arthur calls his office to talk to Nancy how did he know she was in there molly is full-size here then she shrinks to half size then immediately becomes full size again why bother shrinking her in the first place why Arthur insists on keeping an office down there is beyond me Arthur has a working office in an abandoned amusement park why did no one notice these papers earlier look at the letters notice how the bubble appears when it's time to use it that happens a few times in this game and it spoils the puzzle solutions obviously the item that just appeared in the puzzle is the one you need to use the ramp moving scene is 26 seconds long Nancy whips the bus to knock them off of a high shelf but they don't break who scratched out ETA's a nameplate I lost two pairs of Italian shoes in here what is eita have Italian shoes she wears an Egyptian costume all the time hey you should head over to the casbah and meet the people you'll be working with good idea except she won't work with them the production assistant job is just to cover oh yeah Nancy says oh yeah when the subtitles say oh yeah use some help here behind the bar what do you say to taking care of a few of these smoothie orders says chores cliche Nancy is a production assistant but this bar is not part of the production it's a place where a cast members like to eat therefore Nancy shouldn't be forced to make smoothies here if you solve the puzzle quickly you don't get to hear all the gossip it's like the game is punishing players for being good at puzzles oh the time I don't think the set is cursed I think it's haunted you know who I.

Can't stand the snake Wrangler guy have.

They put dog biscuits on the menu yet no that's gross in those things anyway blueberries orange slices and peanut butter somehow those ingredients combine to form a green colored drink Arthur wrote a note to himself on a 75 year old letter was that seriously the only piece of scrap paper he could find Arthur says the clue is in the tell-tale heart that's not specific enough to be helpful I have to imagine Nancy was forced to read the entire story from the beginning until she found the clue he was referring to unbeknownst to MS McKenna is the real reason I suggested she hire you Arthur continues to sabotage the film even after hiring a detective to solve the sabotage mystery that I am Nancy no need to apologize for breaking into my office Arthur acts like this is the first time Nancy broke into his office even though earlier he called his office to talk to her I'd like you to have this it's an old lock-picking kit clearly Nancy doesn't need a lock-picking kit since she broke into your office twice nancy has a lock-picking kit but for most of the games she ignores it in favor of finding hidden keys correct I have reason to believe that the director hid the missing footage somewhere on the set of the original movie what is the reason you have for believing this is it a letter from him you should show Nancy this letter why is this note inside a full candy jar why does Nancy need to disguise herself can't she pretend she's at the hotel on work business apparently doesn't have a room at this hotel where is she staying the computer company begs Molly to write her password down so she doesn't have to call them anymore why is the company going out of its way to avoid making money the card falls out of the boot but the zoom-in has the card in the boot why does Nancy use her eyes to unscrew the pen cap doesn't it make more sense for her to use her hand to do this this puzzle I assume the manifest on the clipboard is the fake since it was lying on the ground when Nancy first enters the room whereas the other manifest is hidden behind a multi-step puzzle that said this is a terrible attempt at forgery you can clearly see someone scribbled on it in pen that's not good that stuff can also be used as an explosive inside a proper Decrypter I.

Can use this to hack into the chip from the security camera why do you need to hack it just put the memory card into the computer and watch it normally you got permission from Molly ahead of time sideways Tetris that's the same cloak ice on the Wardrobe room only it didn't have a hood the last time you saw it this game takes place over the course of a single night yet Nancy rates three different articles by Lydia Lynne's paper either they print new editions multiple times per night or these are old papers that everyone pretends are new why do they have lasers guarding Edith's locker but none of the others why don't they have security guarding any of the other rooms in this game Arthur Molly and eita leave behind notes to themselves saying where they hid things why can none of the characters remember where they put their stuff why is it creepy that Eden Lois look-alike they are playing the same historical character in the exact same movie I'd be surprised if they didn't look like AGGA panthis Africanness or the lily of the Nile what's the point of the flower block has it that Nefertiti was the original owner of this ginormous emerald that became known as the jewel of Karnak that's the jewel of karnak the jewel of karnak is supposed to be a large diamonds but in the ending it's rather small zeebee Collinwood left these music notes on his movie poster they've lead to the location of the blueprints which were hidden years after the movie came out he planned the scheme very far in advance why did someone leave their ID card inside a fountain why does George have Arthur's credit card this puzzle go over to the casbah and keep your ears open listen for the latest gossip on EDA I have to figure that out as soon as I'm done snooping in here Nancy came to hear gossip not to snoop the only way to get the key is to break the glass do they put the key there every night because it must be crazy expensive to replace that pane of glass on a regular basis Nancy has to upgrade her decrypt her because it can only process video not audio how useless is a video player that doesn't include audio ring is cope perfect.

Nancy claims her decrypter can't process audio but it gave her audio when she used it earlier.

Nancy manages to play all of this when she was only given the first six notes by coincidence the song on the piano tonight is the exact same song that was put on the poster over 70 years ago Nancy goes to the docks because of this song but she was going to visit the docks anyway so the entire song thing is kind of useless the pop-up text covers items that Nancy wants to read the blueprints clearly show there's a pathway to the docks behind the pawn shop but Nancy doesn't try to use it the trunk is clearly empty but Nancy finds a box of tools inside it who moved the box of tools from last time why didn't the car move when Nancy used the statue last time according to the game Nancy goes through a wall to reach the docks according to the map she goes around the area the game has a minute and a half of uninterrupted exposition I wonder that Bowie is marking something how did nobody find the blueprints in the past 60 years there is a buoy marking where they are this puzzle why does Nancy need to get rid of the crows why can't she just ignore them and go straight to the cellar the game has to time challenges in a row why can't Nancy use her flashlight in this dark room why does Arthur keep bolt cutters in the lock safe Arthur's envelope leads to the arc which leads to the final key how did he know this old prop was vital to finding the lost footage if I were you I'd figure out how to sneak a peek inside that safe in his office how did Eva know Arthur had a vital clue hidden in his office why didn't Nancy find this clue the first time she explored Arthur's office by coincidence all the characters show up at the exact same place at the exact same time darn the passage is blocked but it looks like someone's been using flash boom to get deeper underground how Nancy didn't unlock this pathway until a few moments ago why is this a time challenge in real life a constant stream of light doesn't disappear after a few seconds again can't Nancy use her flashlight in this dark room Wow cool let's check this place out and buy that Nancy means let's look at the area to the left this puzzle oh my gosh if someone were to die as tragically and mysteriously as Louis Manson did on this movie oh my gosh it would make headlines all over the world oh my gosh that way I could not only say that I found the letter but that I tried to save you only you did something stupid and it was all I could do to save myself oh my gosh I make the national news for sure after Nancy removes a series of planks the airhead celebrity tries to boost her own fame by killing Nancy in a cave-in this is a pretty blatant repeat of the culprit reveal from last train to blue moon Canyon how did Nancy get flash boom here did the culprit let her borrow it the flash boom minigame appears four times in the final chapter the lost footage is clearly designed for a projector but Nancy plays it on a modern computer she must have been some kind of spy or federal witness or something Louis faked her own death so Nancy assumes she's a spy those two things are not necessarily related the jewels the same size as Louis his eyes now it's much larger than Arthur's eyes.

Come again I'm afraid I don't follow huh huh interesting maybe you should go lie. Down you lost me I'm not sure what to say I beg your pardon that doesn't make sense sorry what huh it's interesting that's nice okay any other pearls of wisdom did it make sense to you is there something wrong with you are you feeling all right I'm not following huh you lost me okay uh next question I.

Don't know what to say that doesn't make sense I'm getting confused that was funny huh that's interesting you're pulling my leg right are you on medication say wha now that's just silly you're strange what you're a riot

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