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Prey Walkthrough Part 1 - Prey Gameplay 2017 FULL GAME (PS4 PRO)

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Prey Walkthrough Part 1 - Prey Gameplay 2017 FULL GAME (PS4 PRO)

Prey Gameplay Part 1 - Prey Walkthrough Part 1 - Prey Review - Prey Part 1 - Prey PS4!! Today we begin Prey, a game I initially doubted...but now LOVE! If you enjoy and wanna see more, smash that Like button and let me know what YOU think of Prey in the comments below :D

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Prey is a first-person shooter with role-playing game elements and strong narrative. The player takes the role of Morgan Yu, a human aboard a space station with numerous hostile aliens. The player will be able to select certain attributes of Yu, including gender, and decisions made by the player will affect elements of the game's story. To survive, the player controls Yu to collect and use weapons and resources aboard the station to fend off and defeat the aliens. According to creative director Raphael Colantonio, the station will be completely continuous rather than having separate levels or missions, at times requiring the player to return to areas they previously explored. The player will also be able to move around the outside of the station in zero gravity and find shortcuts connecting parts of the station. Colantonio also stated that the aliens have an array of different powers that the player-character can gain over time; one such alien has the ability to mimic everyday items such as a chair.

The game will have multiple endings, according to lead designer Ricardo Bare; the endings fall into two major narrative structures depending on how the player broadly interacted with the station and surviving humans, but Bare said there are "tons of little permutations" based on specific events.

Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where United States President John F. Kennedy survives the assassination attempt in 1963. As President, Kennedy directs more funding into the space program, allowing it to flourish. Drawn by humans' activity in space, an alien force made up of many different species, collectively called the Typhon, attacks Earth. The United States and the U.S.S.R. band together to fight off and capture the Typhon. Together, they build the space station Talos I in orbit around Earth's moon, to be used as a prison for the Typhon. Over time the station is expanded out by various agencies, leading to a wide variety of decor ranging from retrofuturism to Art Deco. The United States eventually takes full ownership and creates research labs atop the prison spaces to study the Typhon. After a fatal incident between the scientists aboard the station and the Typhon, the United States shutters the project.

Some years later, the TranStar Corporation acquires the station. Advances in neuroscience allow corporate scientists to harness and control the Typhon, in order to use the study their physiology to create Neuromods that can restructure the human brain to grant new abilities (including superhuman ones). TranStar grows financially successful from sales of Neuromods on Earth. At the time of the game's setting, about 2032, TranStar has further expanded the station to make for suitable living quarters for its staff that spend up to two years on the station between regular shuttles to Earth.

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