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10 Optional Superbosses Who Totally Destroyed Players

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10 Optional Superbosses Who Totally Destroyed Players

Featuring Ben Potter's least favourite tortoise.

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It's sometimes great to venture off the main quest path and dive into world's rich with fetch quests and secret caves however always remember this rhyme if you go down to the optional woods today you're in for an optional surprise for the optional super bosses are there and willing to optionally fuck your shit up so hard you'll die from anal bleeding but what's the difference between a boss and a super boss well for the purpose of science I've roped in a few friends to help with a visual demonstration people welcome young Peter you know Peter hello Peter I am your boss let's just get this over with number one the boss so Peter are you ready are you ready always okay I shut somebody up in.

A window let the breeze there me what yeah oh yeah about kisses with more hit.

Number two the super boss okay I yeah I.

Respect you for doing this and I think it I think it's a bit crazy but foolish by I do respect you the only thing you might want to take this jumper off that's the are you wearing padding come.

On jump it off jump it off these are expensive you know these aren't cheap sticking to you never then disgrace as.

You can see regular bosses are just mild road bumps on an otherwise smooth main story but super bosses require you to go out of your way complete crazy quests or spend countless hours just to meet them and be instantly toasted with this in mind I'm Jules your Southwest savage for what culture calm and these are 10 optional super bosses who totally destroyed players number 10 flemeth Dragon Age Origins fans of the Dragon Age games no tux two things namely that there's going to be a buttload of quests to complete and at some point there will probably be dragons flemeth provides both much to the surprise of many as at first she seems to be a kindly old lady who helps you out and even insists her daughter morgan go with you on your quest to cure the blight but things aren't what they seem to be as when you discovered that flemeth is in fact going to use her daughter as a vessel for her soul when our own body fails and you return to confront her you're given a choice either let her go in exchange for a grimoire which sounds like the type of genre serbian film should be classed as or fighter if you choose the fighter then she turns into a massive dragon and look at this face this is a man who instantly regrets his decisions the fight is truly challenging at this early stage as she's able to nearly one shot party members and possesses really high resistance to both magic and damage the real issue is at this point in the game you're going to be totally under leveled for this fight meaning that she's probably just gonna char grill you and your peasant like armor number 9 Baron Vaughn Roulin Stein Donkey Kong Country 3 DK 3 while being slightly worse than Diddy's conquest in my opinion is still a phenomenally good platformer it strode the line between accessibility and challenge near perfectly throughout the main game but that doesn't mean that one of its hidden bosses was anything other than an experience in anal tearing if the player manages to collect all the cops in crema TOA and give them to Boomer king k ruled now calling himself k rool and stein in this version appears in his secret submarine the Nautilus battling him requires perfect reaction timing and skill and for many would be a short battle as those electric beams objects spewing pipes and let's not forget moving floor can turn you into a Kong paste pretty quickly now granted this boss doesn't feel as hard as some other entries on this list but when you look at what players face before it really feels like a difficulty spike that would wreck unsuspecting players number eight add a man toys Final Fantasy 15 see now here's the thing I've not actually played Final Fantasy 15 I will I promise but I know somebody who has and who has a very personal and quite depressing tale about the game this is young Ben now we're going to talk now about Adam and toys the living mountain and it gave you quite some grief didn't it now this is a safe space I want you to trust me and Trust the audience and in your own words in your own time tell us what happened okay.

So when you finish this King game right it gives you an optional hunt I think it's called a hunt it doesn't matter doesn't feel like a fucking hunt because you don't have to go hunting for it's a fucking mountain right you go near it and the mountain grows legs it's a massive king turtle tortoise sorry I don't know if that's racist of tortoises or turtles but come after this fight it's 2-2 literal hours two hours. Of real-world hours that's two hours Jules - two hours right that you fight this thing it's not hard it can't hurt you really your party's useless you just phase strike it again and again and it's it's now to me I had a bit of an issue with this because when I initially hadn't properly strategized right I was stuck there fighting this thing after two and a half hours struggling to speak is some two and a half hours right and is it playing now are we are they seeing it they sing what's happening okay right you see this see this bullsh big giant glitchy fucking blob attached to a mountain spins around sends me flying way out of Canaria ends the hunt no XP the life bar reset two and a half hours two and a half ping hours Thank.

You Ben number seven the Reaper persona 4 golden so I'm pretty much brand new to this series but thanks to Ben and his unyielding love for all things we be I'm now deeply ingrained in persona 4 golden I don't know how to describe this game other than telling you how it makes me feel it makes me feel good like really really good like velvet anima good I adore the characters find the combat super refreshing even when I'm grinding more than a coffee obsessed college girl at the weekend and the old-school RPG elements found throughout are sublime however it was my obsession with exploration that led to my very untimely - so I was traipsing through one of the many mental dungeons and was looking for every bit of treasure I could find then to something really strange happened I distinctly heard the sound of chains now despite being in a TV dreamworld with a talking teddy bear on using poker mines to defeat enemies this was a very weird experience it turns out that by opening 21 chests I'd unleashed something very very bad like a spiked mace enema bat when I approached another chest I was told an intensely terrifying presence was in the box see upon reading the description for that box I thought to myself that could be only one of two things inside there either it's gonna be my search history or it could be I don't know this guy the Grim Reaper the harvester of souls and Punisher of the greedy my she was totally pushed fighting this beast and it turns out that in the original persona 4 you could only fight him in a second playthrough burning golden he was able to be fought right off the bat you're welcome right number six reptile Mortal Kombat sometimes people seek out pain GIMP some BDSM lovers people who excessively tattoo or peers anyone who attends a Kevin James stand-up show God knows why they do it but clearly gamers to love a bit of self annihilation as anyone who tried to beat reptile Mortal Kombat one can tell you the journey to this fight is ridiculous enough with you having to get to flawless victories without blocking and then performing a fatality you also need to be playing on the pit stage and an object needs to be flying past the moon on the stage which only happens once every six rounds so let's assume you've done all that I mean I definitely didn't but let's just say you did your reward for all of this tiresome and stressful work was a one-on-one round with a creature in a match which felt by Conor McGregor with laser guarded fists going up against a prematurely born baby with a target on its yet to close fontanel number 5 Dullahan Golden Sun a super hard boss from an extremely super game Big D puts the ow my spine into difficult and yeah I know that's not how you spell it but that's because Sunny D knocked the letters out of existence with one of its four actions per turn which is nearly unheard of in the game this headless suit of armor guards the summon tablet which lets you use the iris summons so trust me it's a thing worth trying to get but as before mentioned this chap is standing in the way looking Margy be cooled steroid night if he was in a yacht club game dil edu dillion's has the highest stat bar for any enemy in the game plus he can restore his health after each turn he is literal hot hits he's so hard that if you play the game on hard mode he's one of the two enemies which doesn't get their stats buffed by 1.5 because the game literally can't go that high he is that tough number four Sephiroth Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts it's just such a lovely game it's weird for sure but once you get over the thought of Mickey Mouse hacking down enemies with a keyblade it's an absolutely charming title the difficulty is pretty appropriate as well slowly ramping up towards the end boss but along this curve of challenge is a spike so hard and so tool you'd think you were looking at my groin that spike is the one wind angel himself Sephiroth found in the Hercules inspired challenge arena this silver head monster of a man is a true challenge his attacks are lightning fast and his health appears that are great slower than erosion for all the damage you've seen to do he can teleport cast Ultimo which will ruin anyone's day and he's also got a move that takes you down to one HP and zero MP this battle requires pitch perfect timing and patience which has my dance moves show is the exact opposite of the skills I possess number 3 Katoon pre patch world of warcraft when you need to have the developers patch your tributes because players can't actually beat you then you know you deserve to be on this list C'thun or curtain is just such a bastard and his giant I definitely was witness to many players deaths at his hand or tentacles as it should be I've not got much to say about this wrecker of rate other than if you were unlucky enough to encounter him before the hot fixes you'd have less chance of beating him than winning the lottery by claiming a used maxi pad as your ticket number two Kang ax boulders gate two boulders Gate 2 is a phenomenally good title from my youth and I spent more hours on that than I should but one boss which always came up behind me put its hands on my hip took a deep breath and just really leapfrogged over me in terms of skill is Kang axe this deme leech was only available to fight once you collected all of his body parts and wants you to slaughter the last pelvis in place all manner of bad times is unleashed Kang gaks possesses rapid health regen an outstandingly high defense and when he switches to his second form becomes almost vulnerable to physical attacks in fact the only way to hurt him is with weapons with a +4 and charmin or higher which at this point in the game you've probably only got about two at this caliber as a result many a party was pooped on by this guy's ridiculous effects and number one the black rabbits Seiken Densetsu 3 now you'd be forgiven for thinking that this black rabbit would be a pushover I mean just look at some of the things you've depleted in the run-up to this moment and I mean for God's sake it's just a rabbit the type of enemy that even Gandhi with a protractor could kill but this black bunny means business conjuring up images of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as it decimates your party with strong attacks and magic if that wasn't enough then it can summon help in the form of demons at level 99 and can turn your weapons to dark ones which heal him so what do you get for beating this Buster bunny nothing absolutely nothing but apart from the self-worth you get from beating a difficult body but where's self-worth ever gotten me right you're welcome.

And that's our list got any more optional super bosses which made you weep like a little baby well let me know about them in the comments below and wanna swing by what culture calm for more news and daily articles every goddamn day as always I've been draws and follow me here on twitter at retro jay with a zero and i will speak to you soon oh hello there I'm billionaire philanthropist not Bruce Wayne and as you may have heard we've actually started up a wat culture comics channel oh that's better where you can go for. All the comics lists all the comics news and all the comics discussion so go on go and subscribe to what culture comics for loads of amazing comics coverage

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