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Darksiders - All Enhancement locations

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Darksiders - All Enhancement locations

Darksiders - All Enhancements locations

Enhancement List and Locations.

1. Ravager - The Choking Grounds - Get off the giant stone statue when you free him.

2. Bane - Buy from vulgrim.

3. Weapon Master - Buy from vulgrim.

4. Blood Thirst - Twilight Cathedral - After fighting the JAILER, you go down a lift, (Light all the Torches)

5. Combat Lore - Recieved after fighting the pigions with ulthane.

6. Reaper - The Hollows - Double pool'd room swim down then down again then take ur first right and rise to the top.

7. Hellfire - The Crossroads - top left of map, break the ice with Tremor Gaunlet, then proceed forward.

8. Carnage - go to The Dry Road, and continue to The Ash Lands,

then a Leecher on the ceiling is holding a box shoot it with the shreader,

jump on the box, then jump to the left when the box is in the air.

For Legendary Enhancements here is the link

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