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Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.

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Now Walmart doesn't sell their gaming pcs in Canada but there's no way that. That was gonna prevent us from getting our hands on the next generation of overpowered gaming PC now I have heard through the grapevine that the Walmart gaming desktop PC as they call it might not be all that it was cracked up to be but I have intentionally sequestered myself I have not watched gamers Nexus or bit whit's content on this so that I can experience it for the first time in all of its glory for myself now Ivan you have already peaked under the hood have you not don't I send Boyle it's AI and.

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Now my first impressions of Walmart's overpowered lineup of gaming pcs was what followed shortly by dang those are.

Some pretty good specs for the price like that's very competitive much better than I expected also the configurations made a ton of sense to me it was almost like they had gone out of their way to find someone who knows what the crap they're doing to configure their systems for them I mean i7 8700 processor ok it okay it's not overclockable or whatever but like that's fine it's a prebuilt gtx 1070 16 gigs ram 256 gig SSD like it looks like the kind of thing that I would put together for you know $1500 or so. Opening up the package we get a actually not terrible looking QuickStart guide certainly seen worse connect your power connect HDMI or a DisplayPort on the graphics card they specify which one to use but they don't actually have a great diagram of that oh boy that's not right connect your PC through their net cable to hardwire your device not particularly descriptive mistakes oh I didn't even notice that in terms of accessories we've got a adequate quality looking power connector a piece of velcro like double sided velcro stuff presumably for stashing this somewhere and then you can grab it off with velcro I guess that's your RGB thing okay so more opie posters to hang in my room because i'm opie like that like what is this is this this is water so you're going to be like overwhelmed by the penis over it and you just gonna be like oh did you just say overwhelmed by the penis of it Opa Opa Opa Opa this is a.

Pretty cookie cutter or sort of vinyl decal here but it's better than absolutely nothing which is what a lot of system integrators do these are more expensive than you'd think so to make our performance test as fair as possible Ivan has actually sourced an identically configured pre-built system from those HP guys so that we can get some idea of whether it performs as expected out of the box let's start with that although one thing that does give me pause before I even get that far is the non powder-coated power supply it's.

Just got like a simple gray back I remember asking a power supply manufacturer how much it costs to powdercoat a power supply and I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of like tens of cents so it's not usually a good sign when they save that tens of cents on an aesthetic coating even though in fairness it doesn't contribute to performance we're gonna have to look at it a little more closely once we open it up actually this is bizarre - I've never seen this before a USBC on a little like daughter how would they put.

It way up there now just to double-check this is configured the same as this are there are there any key differences no which is more specifically I picked the system okay go head-to-head and price difference is about hundred bucks this is 1,400 this is 15 ok here we go.

It's got RGB color changing works as.

Expected Oh in the back the back fan is RGB too.

What can happen sometimes in shipping is.

Okay well I've never seen it like that before later Hawaii because leches yeah this just looks like they outright forgot to plug it in like I'm trying to think of what the workflow wow that is the cheapest looking motherboard maybe not that I've ever seen but Wow is it ever damn close you know how they say first impressions last a lifetime this is not a good first impression holy it I just noticed that the only onboard video output is VGA I mean not that it matters.

We wouldn't be using the onboard video but like what year is it oh the years right here manufacturer date October 2018 no I didn't go back in time I just thought I did because that was a VGA connection on there all right what game are we starting with or should we just start with like a CPU stress test yeah yeah the synthetics ok Cinebench okay we're in the homestretch here and this is about his neck and neck as I think I could imagine it being okay yeah $1.99 for the Walmart overpow WOD.

PC $1.99 for our omen okay now let's try.

Multi-core interestingly our overpowered. PC actually came out ahead in this one 1312 well you want to punish it alright fine I mean it's fair i bt is a fair test so I'm gonna open task manager as well just so we can verify that our CPU is 100% loaded ok so right now I'm at four point two eight gigahertz what are you at four point two nine okay keep in mind this guy's it there for monitoring as well okay my system took longer to start the test no it's it's being it's being hit now it's all loaded into Ram I'm at four point one gigahertz oh I'm running faster than you so have they configured this system to use an all core turbo on those VRMs now the thing to note is that our Olman desktop is actually adhering to Intel's spec while this one is technically kind of overclocked in a way that some aftermarket motherboards will be configured out-of-the-box to operate something to note though is that while ours seems to be working fine even in an all cores loaded stress test your mileage may vary we might get a really good CPU that handles all core turbo just fine your system might be unstable I mean we can only judge what's in front. Of us though and so far this thing is managing 4.1 gigahertz all cores loaded on its 8,700 and with temps that are in the 50 degree or so range to put that in context that's probably about 35 degrees above ambient it is pretty chilly in here today no the front ports are all.

USB - that's why they have that weird.

USB 3 thing out the back what what why would they how can you ship a system in 2018 with USB 2 front ports that's why they had the internal header free for that weird thing at the back they don't have front USB 3 what is this why did they create 4 partitions for the hard drives what possible thing purpose could that serve they do know that partitioning a hard drive doesn't do anything right like with respect to reliability ease of. Organizing files why would you do that maybe make it easier for people to come parth mentalize their files like hold a folder now we're not judging game.

Loading times here just because shadow of the tomb Raider's installed on a hard drive here in an SSD here so let's ignore that but that doesn't affect gaming performance oh we were wrong about that so I don't know maybe it's to do with the fact that we're loading new scenes of the game so frequently anyway the point is we've got all games on the SSDs for both systems now let's click run and let's see them side by side baby everything's looking pretty normal so far this one actually seems to be maybe running a touch faster but I guess holy crap so I went to change the color and it turns out there's like a bazillion different patterns if you keep pressing this LED thing like I swear I've been through 50 different patterns at least already what the crap this is about as RGB doubt as I think it like what is this I will give them credit the system actually looks pretty sharp and pretty clean I mean for now the only issue is that these intakes are completely unfiltered so that's gonna look like ass pretty quickly but anyway anyway we've got it it comes down to the results let's have a look average FPS 86 mins look reasonably and.

Things do not get any better in Assassin's Creed origins that this is an ultra 1080 so everything looks fine 63 FPS compared to 71 okay yeah that's an improvement but if you look a little closer the CPU frame times are 15.

Milliseconds whereas our CPU over here is 9 so you can clearly see the GPU is the difference so that's where our frames per second actually isn't that much higher over here but our CPU is performing way better for some reason ok bringing us to our last one Deus Ex same thing here if all we look at this is exactly why you can't just trust average frame rates eighty seven point eight versus eighty eight point two over here but the minimums are over ten frames per second lower that is like 15 tene person probably about 15% that is nuts okay let's get the HP out of here and let's tear this thing down so take this no knots you can leave it here now this.

Will be the first time that we're taking off the other side panel so there's a few things I really don't like here number one that is a single 16 gig stick of RAM I understand the argument to be made for upgradability but single channel memory oh I wonder if that's what's killing our CPU performance anyways single channel memory cuts your bandwidth effectively in half also these wires I don't know what better way to describe them then as Pinner these are really thin wires these are providing all the power for your motherboard we do get an 8 pin connector for our CPU so I guess that's probably a relatively good sign look again wait what oh no nevermind it's an 8 pin connector on a 4 pin on the board can they get something right here ok that's far from the worst cable management I've seen like this is the weird thing about this whole experience is that there's these sprinklings of competence but then somehow they've ended up with an end result that is underperforming for the. Hardware that's in it by this very significant margin and that just has these confounding least stupid errors bhop need on the USB 3 connector why would they do that that's not even a connector that is generally known to come out if anything these things can be so hard to remove that you can end up ripping the housing off the board when you try to unplug them what a strange thing to do and then they didn't even hot glue this one it's what like there's just these weird sort of moon logic things going on here we're like if we see this as a concern that needs to be rectified by hot glue why is it a concern here but not here it's the same connector alright it's not super light but it's also a great wall unit who aren't really known for making amazing OAM power supplies so it's a 500 watt unit of which 21 of the 45 amps on the 12 volt rail are dedicated to the CPU apparently. And then you've got 24 amps left over for i/o whatever that means so it's a 2 rail power supply which means that you can't have any more than about 300 ish watts now there is one more thing that we can have a look at here let's see how good of a job they did of their thermal compound application frankly I don't.

Know what to expect because some stuff has been done to a reasonable degree of competence like the cable management honestly considering that the parts for this system only come to about $60 less than this completed system so we're only charging a 60 bucks for assembly like that is definitely a $60 assembly job for sure it's I consider it quite adequate but then there's other things like not having the graphics card plugged in that are just unbelievable yeah no concerns there this was probably the pre applied thermal compound on this heatsink though so it's a little bit of a heavy application but it's quite thin where these direct contact heat pipes actually touch the integrated heat spreader so I really I mean I have no concerns there and I didn't see anything about the thermal performance of the system that raised red flags and that's the thing is I think the bottom line here is that I just even though they're not really making it a huge amount of margin on this thing and they're not charging an unreasonable amount for what you get there's just these gross errors in the configuration of it that make it impossible to recommend USB to ports on the front panel what is that and the motherboard it needs a significant upgrade so that you don't have to give up performance in order to get upgrade ability you should be using a proper board with four memory slots and while you're at it a little bit more expandability like what it really feels like to me is that they blew the motherboard and power supply budget on RGB lighting and I get that RGB slice for gamers but first and foremost gamers need performance and stability and right now this system just has too many red flags for me to possibly recommend it and this whole thing is unfortunate because I had really wanted to be the contrary in' you know I thought maybe Steve was being too nitpicky or something not that Steve would ever nitpick on it you know a minor technical detail not Steve but I thought maybe he was being nitpicky or something like that but I'm just in a position where I I'm just not comfortable telling anyone to buy this thing either Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design business technology and more and Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes on must know topics so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work that you love Taran here at Linus Media Group has actually been using Skillshare a bunch he's done courses on logo design mastering Adobe Illustrator skill shares more affordable than most learning platforms out there with an annual subscription available for less than $10 a month and the first 500 of you to use the promo link in the description will get your first two months for free so go check it out so thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy a this I don't know if there's anything in this video that we feature that I would necessarily recommend buying at this point in time but maybe we'll put like something fun down there while you're down in the video description you can also check out our merch store which has cool strips like this one and our community forum which is definitely worth joining what.

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