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"Assassin's Creed 1", HD walkthrough (100% + Subtitles), Memory Block 3 - Talal (Jerusalem)

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This video from: Zevik.
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Full walkthrough in HD quality of the game "Assassin's Creed 1" (released in 2008), Memory Block 3 - Talal (Jerusalem). This walkthrough covers 100% completion of the game. Separate videos for collectables as flags, citizens, templars and view points were uploaded beside the game plot walkthrough. All the scenario scenes, dialogues, memory text and email readings were included in the video, from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. The subtitles were added manually, just turn on the "Captions". Choose "original" in video quality menu to experience the best quality. Enjoy watching\rating\commenting the video. Have a nice day.

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PC specifications for this walkthrough:

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

CPU: Intel i7 920 2.8 GHz

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R (rev 1.6)

Graphics Hardware: XFX ATI Radeon HD 7970 3Gb Black Edition

Memory: Corsair 6 GB DDR3

Monitor: BenQ E2200HD

Hard Drive: Seagate 500 GB

Mouse: Logitech G500

Mouse pad: SteelSeries QcK (Large)

Keyboard: Razer Lycosa

Headset: Steelseries Siberia

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Safety and peace, Malik. Your presence here deprives me of both. What do you want? Al Mualim has asked-- --asked that you perform some menial task in a effort to redeem yourself. So be out with it..

Tell me what you can about the one they call Talal. It is your duty to locate and assassinate the man, Altair. Not mine. You'd do well to assist me. His death benefits the entire land. Do you deny his death benefits you as well? Such things do not concern me. Your actions very much concern me! Then don't help me. I'll find him myself! Wait, wait. It won't do having you stumble about the city like a blind man. Better you know where to begin your search..

I'm listening. I can think of three places. South of here in the markets that line the border between the Muslim and Jewish Districts,.

To the north near the mosque of this district, and east, in front of St. Anne's Church, close to the Bab Ariha gate..

Is that everything? It's enough to get you started, and more than you deserve..

If the guard won't take action, it falls to us to do something. What you propose is madness! But necessary! How many more will we allow to go missing, before the people take a stand?.

It does not affect us! Not yet! But if we continue to do nothing, it will! And what do you propose? I've watched the man. Learned everything there is to know about his operation..

It's all here, on a map I've made. He inspects his stock, every day, at the same time. This is when I'll strike!.

So you have a piece of paper. It won't save you when you're discovered. Won't shield you from their swords and arrows. If all goes well, it won't come to that. Anyway, it's a risk I'll have to take. Wish me luck, my friend..

Indeed. You'll need it..

Safety and peace, Altair. We live in harsh times, do we not? I am in an ocean of trouble..

I had a mission to investigate some strange disappearances in the Rich District, and Talal's men saw my face!.

My status is compromised! Would you be kind enough to eliminate them for me, in exchange for the information you seek?.

Altair! You rid of the ones who knew me? Excellent! Here's what I learned about Talal - he's a powerful slaver, who occupies an area north of town, near the barbican..

He pays a tribute to the city guards, so he can operate in the shadows. But from what you showed me today, I'm sure he will share the same fate as the others. Thank you again, Altair..

He's a coward! If it wasn't for the money, I'd be long gone! You're either stupid or blind. Maybe it's both. How can you say that!? You didn't see what happened. I saw well enough! Our caravan was attacked, and the first thing he did was flee!.

No, he didn't run. What are you talking about? Do you forget what became of the men who attacked us? Felled by our archers, thanks be to God! Not our archers. Him, alone. So you're saying... He saved us? Yes, he headed for higher ground, and used his bow to kill them. I... I had no idea. The man's a master archer. You'd do well to remember that..

Talal understands your pain. What you lack, he will provide. All that is asked, is an honest day's work. A small sacrifice, for great rewards..

Who knows what the future holds? What tragedies tomorrow may bring. Defend against an uncertain future, protect the ones you love. Work hard, and you will be rewarded - Talal provides!.

You made a great mistake!.

I have nothing to say to you! Speak to me, or speak to God. It's your choice. You won't stop the work he does. Cannot stop it! Stop what? What work? He prepares them, for the journey. Journey where? They are held in his warehouse. And when the time comes, they are send to Acre..

Where is this warehouse? And why Acre? Talal tells me what I need to know, nothing more. It is safer that way..

For him, perhaps. Though not, I fear, for you..

Altair! It seems I've made some enemies. Al Mualim asked that I shadow the slave trader, and I did..

Though not well enough. He discovered me, and I've been running from his men ever since..

I need to get out of the city, but I can't do it alone. Help me, and I'll share what I've learned, with you..

Infidel! Step aside! Quickly!.

Thank you, brother. Take this map. It lists Talal's hiding places. Useful information, should that coward choose to run instead of fight. And from what I know of the man, run is what he'll do..

Is this the great Altair before me? What an honor. You must be here for a very important mission; maybe I could help you..

I had been eavesdropping and I have learned much. However, I have erred..

I had some Masyaf flags to deliver to the Bureau leader, but I lost them when attacked by thugs. Could you find them for me?.

I must be back to my Mentor before he returns from the market, so you must be fast as the wind..

That is great! I knew I could count on you, Master Altair. Here is what I learned from listening to the guards near the Dome of the Rock - they were talking about a man named Talal..

They said he has many loyal followers, all of whom will readily give their lives for the man..

If their master is in danger, they are sure to intervene, giving Talal time to escape..

That is all I know. I hope my small contribution will help..

Malik... Come to waste more of my time? I've found Talal. I'm ready to begin my mission. That is for me to decide..

Very well. Here's what I know: he traffics in human lives, kidnapping Jerusalem's citizens and selling them into slavery..

His base is a warehouse located inside the Barbican north of here. As we speak, he prepares a caravan for travel. I'll strike while he's inspecting his stock..

If I can avoid his men, Talal himself should prove little challenge. "Little challenge"? Listen to you! Such arrogance. Are we finished? Are you satisfied with what I've learned? No, but it will have to do..

Rest, prepare, cry in the corner... do whatever it is you do before a mission. Only make sure you do it quietly..

*Fast-forwarding memory to a more recent one*.

What now, slaver? Do not call me that! I only wish to help them. As I myself was helped..

You do no kindness imprisoning them like this. Imprisoning them? I keep them safe. Preparing them for the journey that lies ahead..

-What journey? It is a life of servitude. -Save me! Save me! You know nothing! It was folly to even bring you here! To think that you might see and understand!.

I understand well enough! Show yourself!.

Ah, so you want to see the man that called you here. You did not call me here! I came on my own..

Did you? Who unbarred the door? Cleared the path? Did you once raise your blade against a single man of mine, huh?.

No. All this, I did for you. Step into the light then, and I will grant you one final favor..

Now I stand before you. What is it you desire? Come down here! Let us settle this with honor! Why must it always come to violence? It seems I cannot help you, for you do not wish to help yourself..

And I cannot allow my work to be threatened. You leave me no choice. You must die..

Kill him!.

You won't get away from me!.

You've nowhere to run now. Share your secrets with me. My part is played. The Brotherhood is not so weak that my death will stop its work..

What brotherhood? Al Mualim is not the only one with designs upon the Holy Land. And that's all you'll have from me..

Then we are finished. Beg forgiveness from your God. He's long abandoned us. Long abandoned the men and women I took into my arms..

What do you mean? Beggars, whores, addicts, lepers. Do they strike you as proper slaves?.

Unfit for even the most menial tasks? No. I took them not to sell, but to save!.

And yet you'd kill us all, for no other reason than it was asked of you..

No, you profit from the war, from lives lost and broken. Yes, you would think that, ignorant as you are. Wall off your mind, eh? They say it's what your kind do best..

Do you see the irony in all this? No, not yet it seems. But you will....

Altair! Wonderful to see you return to us! And how fared the mission?.

The deed is done. Talal is dead. Oh, I know, I know. In fact, the entire city knows! Have you forgotten the meaning of subtlety?!.

A skilled Assassin ensures his work is noticed by the many. No, a skilled Assassin maintains control of his environment! We can argue the details all you'd like, Malik, but the fact remains I've accomplished the task set to me by Al Mualim..

Go then. Return to the old man. Let us see with whom he sides..

You and I are on the same side, Malik. *Fast-forwarding memory to a more recent one*.

God damn it! What's the problem now?! I'm getting weird temperature readings. I think the Animus is overheating. Christ, it's always something! How long? Too soon to tell. These delays are unacceptable, Ms. Stillman! I want progress reports every hour!.

It's gonna be a while, Desmond. Why don't you go lie down or something? Get some rest..

Why is he always yelling at you? It's his machine. His theories. He's not the one who built it. Who did? You? No, Abstergo has a team of engineers. Not much they don't have..

But I did oversee the assembly. Guess that's why he gets so angry with me. He's a dick. -He's under a lot of pressure. We all are. -I can't believe you're defending the guy. Warren saved my life. So, if he wants to yell a little... let him..

What do you mean he "saved your life"...? You're not the only one who doesn't get to go home at night. Wait, are you saying you're a prisoner? When they first approached me, I was finishing up my Ph.D. The university had made it clear I had no future there..

They didn't like the subject of my doctorate... called it "pseudo-science". Said keeping me on would "discredit" and "embarrass" them. It was the same everywhere. Other universities... companies I interviewed with... Pretty soon I was out of money and out of time. I was this close to waiting tables. Then, I got a letter..

From Vidic? He said he'd been following my career since undergrad. That he believed in my work and wanted to meet to discuss my future..

You have no idea how good it felt to hear that. So I met with him. What did I have to lose?.

And he offered you a job. Yes, here at Abstergo, helping out on the Animus Project. I'd have a chance to test my theories and prove the professors wrong. How could I turn that down?.

Think I'm missing the part where you became a prisoner. Sometimes I wonder... if they weren't behind it all. If they manipulated events so that I'd get desperate. They can do that. They can do anything..

I didn't think when I agreed to come here... they even told me I'd be trapped. For 6 months, a year max..

Once the product launched, there'd be no need for secrecy anymore. But, until then, I'd be a "guest of the company". At least... that's what they said..

And when the Animus was ready? They came in while I was sleeping. Three guys... guns....

They dragged me out of bed... God... the worst part is, I knew them..

One guy, Richard-- we ate lunch together sometimes. And now he was gonna....

They were cracking jokes... I tried to pull away... he hit me... and that's when he told me I was going to die..

-Christ, what did you do? -Nothing. I kept telling myself it wasn't real..

And then Warren was there, shouting at them to get away from me. And they listened..

Jesus... He's not a happy man, Desmond. I wouldn't even say he's a good man. But he saved my life..

They never came for me again, and he promised they never would. -You're still stuck here working for these nutjobs. -But I'm alive. Anyway, I really do need to get the Animus repaired. I'll see you tomorrow, Desmond..

What the hell? Someone's been in here..

Looks like some kind of access code...

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