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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 18) - The End

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 18) - The End

A video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. In this section, Nancy finds something valuable. The culprit appears to take the valuable thing and trap Nancy in the mine forever. Nancy escapes and defeats the culprit. Then there's the end of the game, a preview for Danger by Design, and the ending credits.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Later April 14 1865 my dear friend Jake.

Believe me Jack my boy I can think of nothing more pleasant than tour in the West aboard your private train but much as I would like to accept your invitation the duties and responsibilities of my office forbid it I cannot leave Washington until this terrible war is over and the states are united once more I would scarcely leave my office at all these days if it were not for Mary tonight at her insistence I will be accompanying her to the Ford theater to see a comedy called our American cousin have you seen it Mary assures me that I'll enjoy it despite the fact that for some strange reason I've never felt at ease when at the theater perhaps tonight will be different write to me soon your missives never failed to boost my spirits you're a humble friend aim this is from Abraham. Lincoln he would paint as a day he was assassinated this letter must be worth a fortune yeah that's just what I thought too mm-hmm it's Laurie see what I didn't. Tell you when I gave you that letter Jake wrote to Ruth is that I also found his diary which is how I found out he'd gotten to be friends with President Lincoln and then he gotten a letter from Abe that he knew would be so valuable someday that he always kept it on his person can I have it sure sure you can look at it no if we could just find Jake's body we'd find the letter and you did it Amy you did it I'm going to be famous good famous for once hmm so you never really cared about finding Jake I mean it would have been nice if it was filled with gold and silver and stuff but this is what I was really after Oh and you followed me because you didn't trust me I trusted you to find it I just didn't trust you to give it to me and now that you have you know I'd really really be famous if I could say I found this all by myself oh if I can't get a wife for me how do I know you'd keep lying I don't like this vain of God oh my gosh what if there was like this Haven and we were trapped but I was the only one who made it out whoa I really don't like this train of thought oh my gosh that way I could not only say that I found the letter but then I tried to save you only you did something stupid and it was all I could do to save myself oh my gosh I've made the national news for sure and people would say was smart and resourceful and courageous even I do not worry that's crazy yeah you don't understand people are finally going to respect me I have to do this sorry Laurie oh great.

Now she's not dancing in the cave Laurie.

You can't get people trapped through. Those rocks there's got to be another way out of here you can't get people to respect you by doing unrespectable things that just doesn't make any sense well here's how you escape mine cart race time okay so basically you're getting a minecart but you have to be careful because there are times when you see a danger and you want to get away from the danger like this go right go right don't go left where that's where there's danger you take three rights and two.

Less to get out of this maze.

This is pretty cool.

Did you do two laps where's the next danger left left this is exciting.

Doo-doo-doo-doo anything left.

Okay come on are we out of here yes I suppose Jake died in the mine when he has this elaborate escape system for getting out of the mine and this would be a great roller car roller coaster hey I'm saying I would love a roller coaster like that ha gotcha Laurie and I got the.

Letter from President Lincoln which is going to a museum and Laurie's in the mine Nancy is everything okay hey Frank you know as soon as we discovered you and Laurie weren't on the train we jumped off and hightailed it back here what the heck's going on I'm sure Laurie will be glad to tell you all about it darn you Natalie it's Nancy dear Hannah some hostess Laurie Gerrard turned out to be when her father heard that she tried to seal me up in that mine he canceled all her credit cards and said that from now on Laurie all had to support herself she has yet to stop crying Tino Balducci told reporters that he knew what Laurie was up to all along and said he let Frank Joe and me solve the case so we amateurs could enjoy his limelight Joe was just about to belt him in a big argument broke out between John grey and charlena over whether John had really recorded Camille's ghost she started calling him a crackpot and then he started calling her a hack then well let's just say that soon the press was no longer interested in what Tino had to say as for Jake Hurley it turns out that his letter from Abe Lincoln is worth a small fortune for the ironic huh Jake spent his whole life searching for gold when you possess something far more valuable is uncanny knack for making friends love fancy oh that's kind of sweet having.

Friends is a lot more important than gold or silver any day hey sassy detective I've been awarded the title of happy wanderer award for going everywhere there was to go and seeing everything there was to see that's pretty cool have you ever been to Paris France well the Pavo because that's where my next mystery adventure takes place mmm I'm going to be the assistant to Manette a famous fashion designer working undercover I know why she's been acting so peculiar lately throwing tantrums firing people she's even started wearing a mask for no apparent reason her studio is in this spooky looking centuries-old moolah that's helped me.

Solve my next case danger by design hmm.

That sounds like fun and since that's the next game in the Nancy Drew series why don't I make that my next walkthrough huh sounds like a plan okay so I'll do danger by design next and uh well this is the end of the game these are the ending credits hope you enjoyed the walkthrough you guys are all my friends how's that I like having friends I'm sure you guys like having friends too well be Nancy Drew friends together.

Sprinkle music Megan gazer the president. CEO Rob Glee CFO. Who did the graphics in this game while tuned in they did the animation yeah I send them before but they must have.

Gotten like a budget the budget must have been like dramatically increased or something yeah add some great graphics in this game particularly with the ending scene there where you're keep to do to do going through the mineshaft and that one scene where you got to figure out where the move where the map was. Mm-hmm where you found the location on the map that was just awesome okay Warren PR and here's the cast lady Manila's Nancy Drew Wayne Raleigh s Frank Hardy Rob Jones is Joe Hardy Sarah Pappa new Pepin now maybe that's French as Laurie Girard Julia Francis Australian her cell Lowell do as John Gray Jeff Minter Leah's Chino Balducci alysom Maury as best Marvin Pattie pump Lynn is George Fayne Amy broomball as a Fatima and a waitress and Jason sharp doing the engineer the old-timer and other voices such as the old-timers girlfriend Edna. And special thanks your special thanks to everybody it's a lot of people to get special thanks to.

Using DirectX and C++ this is kind of hard to read the writing but still registered trademark of Simon & Schuster and the copyright law or it's under license okay built by her Interactive distributed by Atari all right so that's the end of the. Ending credits that means this is the end of the video walkthrough I hope you guys enjoyed it everybody see you next time when I tackle on the danger by design

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