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Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - SUMMER TO AUTUMN (Full Game)

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Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - SUMMER TO AUTUMN (Full Game)

Forza Horizon 4 Walkthrough Part 1 - Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One X 60fps Gameplay Performance Mode

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Hello and welcome to Forza horizon for the horizon series been absolutely massive on the channel but our foods our eyes and to our than three and now boon for yes it be at facility and career work we can somehow match who's a Horace in free I don't think we can I don't even possible if you guys could please leave a support the likes the comments I do have a review copy pens I'm playing this game a little bit early yeah I can't see I can't thank you guys enough your support and to celebrate the launch of the best exclusive on the Xbox this year and as a thank you to you guys for being fulsome I'll give it away this an Xbox one is yes with the white slim Edition alongside Forza horizon free and CF eaves in one nice little bundle what they do is they have a like on the video subscribe to the channel and leave a comment Wendy for when you put my channel could be today it could be red dead redemption it couldn't anything I will select the winner on my Twitter and I'll be announced when the game comes out pull the Rosen for to believe this at the beginning right let's jump in some play.

This game on the Xbox one X so I'm gonna play in before most so it is 60fps 1080p gameplay you can paint 4k I decided this just seems to suit YouTube a litte more the high frame rate hopefully it improves my driving hopefully you never know here's what I see.

I see festival that never ends.

Where you can be whatever you want to be.

It's not your dream holiday anymore.

It's your dream for life.

That's the horizon IT. Let me show you.

Come to autumn a new beginning for the festival that never ends don't go anywhere horizon is here to stay oh yes we're in Britain a brand new horizon festival and she goes why I've seen this game play a few times I apologize it must be the first time I've ever shown this game play this beginning intro there we go it's now the full game the full series we've got it again alright in 60fps as well as the first time ever played in this mode it feels but Elise money so smooth great so if.

This is only possible over the Xbox one X in performance mode cool you can play in 4k don't get me wrong but I think it's just suits you to bit more I don't even have the 4k TV available right now so yeah I'm playing in the ER not excuse.

Me autumn is such a great time the year when the game comes out as well it's a love and that's on the car is amazing.

Guess the season now it's Christmas and it's snowy in yes and more beast of a truck little bit cooler Cup yes the plan. For this episodes make it quite long run through from past the demo content get to the new stuff in this episodes when I beat the episode you go I have excited for me this is easily easily already the best Xbox exclusive this year it is this hands down.

I love horizon games I'm a fool I just.

Honestly I don't know something mean but I find the love as well games to be a little bit bit boring yeah professor these games and that's more of an arcade experience but much more fun wolf and snow in.

There's so many little brick walls in this game I don't know why but the block actually seen these brick walls in my entire in Bern but okay so good look at this first of all it is pumping icy Lakes and we win again Grayson.

Bill arrives in style looking good.

I love the colors of spring look this is so bright I love it now what nice cars on plants wolf gear stuff we rarely focus car hmm to me I wanted belly suit. Yeah would be absolutely incredible city for you there well goodbye yellow did.

You guys good app so you've wrecked the lab us and even if he goes throw an Xbox one we have the giveaway just support the video feel some and hurried appreciate you putting premise the end of the year is gonna be absolutely mint walnut out so many crazy very exciting also a little bit worried is a lot to do but yeah.

Yeah the way plaque they purely for events all game.

I'm going alright yeah black to death traps it's a war with the performance mode you do lose a little bit of vanilla air gasps tiny bit.

It might be the best way to play especially for online as well four bits plug the bones it looks like I'm the only one left fuck you might be right Oh slow down. Whoa this is in horizon we are kicking off the summer season with the greatest race of all time put yourself in the direction.

Let's go move so before you guys leave a comment saying this subside the demos Ealy's with them I guess but we are playing the full game I promise you that.

Then work had a lock on sir I was very impressed Oh mistreat some beautiful takes I've.

Never seen Nana and my bat mouth balloon - normally though the lot of balloons.

Never get it there's a lot beautiful um.

Hello that was tight but we won Senate dominated I imagine that's probably the most expensive car in the game my game for three at some point I don't know there's proof it's full game absolutely.

Quite a show I try my best is everyone here yeah all here boss ready and raring great okay do we have Scott that's me.

They mail my name I can't really be a female wife uncle Scott so yeah I'm gonna pick this do actually with a little the long luscious hair but you got a few characters to pick from there's no real customization in terms of what the how the face looks but you can customize a lot of clothes your cancer can be changed anytime in the first of all it's going to a player's house this will only qualifier alter.

Would you like to confirm confirm character choice you can change this once you qualify once you qualify for autumn right so currently we are in summer but once we go to autumn we can change the cat so whatever you want it's not a set it's like a permadeath or something you can't change it we can cool them you've made a good impression.

With our talent scouts this one might have a real chance of taking a spot on the roster Rebekah's one of our former champions she's giving me a hand running the horizon road racing series excited I remember my first day at Horizon it's all pretty surreal huh I'll leave you two to get set up the first race good luck then let's get you behind the wheel which one will it be hmm this is a big. Choice is our first car in the game during my preview event I picked this the TTS can pay the charger oh it's a good looking car but I think the best option for me is this the Focus RS I'll have a look a bit it's a great car and I believe there might be a body kit so yeah nice focus are.

Right here in Britain there is one good-looking car all right let's get you.

Set up with a personalized number plate let's do it yeah I'll be very creative oh look how creative yay it's fine.

It looks good all right.

Sounds mean I'm pretty short some subtitles on so I've signed you up to some events to get you started see there uh-huh they were off the sneaky Devils save and continue yes.

So we should now get the subs holes sorry guys here we go guys the first ever event oh this is gonna be good I can't wait wait this is not a full game it's not the demo I'm freaking out I'm excited that's good if Carl actually didn't.

Impress way to play sounds good I'm gonna slightly increase the AI oh it's going for highly skilled for now I might change that later on and that will do for now yes except downloading new driver tells start our first of them I'm ready.

One sexy car so sexy look at the views.

In the background they're wonderful 60fps what a game super advanced clip.

Into first place I don't know if we need to win or not - sure which is fun else hopefully actually only come first Oh beautiful ever take brainless once you have the inside seriously soapy what a name hello golf on purpose yeah I probably slowly increased a aya over time can hunt on how I do funny eh I can be a little easier voice we want the psalms of a competition at some point anyway come on guys keep up.

Music's playin out you can tell off you want to I'm gonna keep it on it feels like it's a part of her eyes in the music it's a car music customer the.

Blare out the tunes.

This feels so right being Brendan will have many games are actually sold down.

Threat so down cause it's a very small scale it's a big lot the full-scale Britain may be crazy but yeah like a little miniature version of its.

Navigation assistant I'll help you explore the festival and find activities throughout the UK thank you Anna neat influence okay smart I have said your route to a new race in the horizon road racing series welcome.

The traffic lights it feels weird driving on them unlike the right side road for me if this was really weird most games are the other way around and it just gets some deal a bit confusing I don't know why weird oh sorry goes right into me.

Paul I'll let's flap train again like you've seen a snap train now this event. Another sprint event in a Ford Focus I know who's gonna win gonna be me their.

Confidence why not the guy who you are he's a little bit he's gonna be awkward isn't he he doesn't say anything he just stands there says knelt on the Civic.

Sighs we've collaborators call chef.

Does that bring them again yeah come again lovely look seriously soapy again Oh.

I've got the ABS off only noticed about a little bit just cuts me out a few time. In sixth place though keep climbing a little bit too much great clean racing I mean we've been near an opponent for a while so that make sense I guess but in science did boshy boshy is all good is horizon can be less of stuff. And around the outside we banged into me. Believe I believe I don't believe in any space so gonna happen.

Power up in science we are into first.

Place everybody said a brave clap your.

Hands are you doing it.

Kind of creep up too quick at the club that's an easy a bit a little bit more aggressive come on pour real lion my Terra lion damaged.

There's a bit of paintwork damage as well ooh hmm eighty-nine percent ninety percent and that goes is the end so far so good.

Apparently can actually buy that car for some point you can buy a castle come wait couldn't wait for that so I'll say our car was probably the best I guess it's an a-class vehicle but we definitely dominatus can lead how many.

Critters do we get you know PRP bonus is a little bit cheap I guess okay next get extra credits but how we do but it.

Doesn't I can fry what can we do.

I reckon some off-road in hmm sounds good.

Wow you really are the image of Frankie Beaumont sorry Jo Carter arise and Driver relations now do I have an opportunity for you there's a movie shoot in there by that's a need of a stunt driver short notice I know but what do you say I'm down I'll introduce you to Mike steel he's a stunt coordinator for the movie do it so we can set waypoint we're gonna become a stunt driver whoa I'm hoping it's some. Sort of bond movie which we've just been confirmed apparently so it's Stein next year it would be R in 2020 so you'll start filming sorry next year who writes go I've ever seen kilometers well it's ways this done it one penny Mart so good see now it makes more so in my opinion anyone yes sir I think I'm a boy you'll see sir yeah that bus feel like a British driver Wow go see overtake doesn't looks if anyone's come in and smash lovely I've.

Seen that too many times yeah British drivers are the worst.

Really annoying one more to become a sponge over quickly going Ella fixed our that's not actually the tie by the way to see drive across did you get to express it put a cup second area.

Discovered those week.

Hello friends awkward here they are future star of the.

Silver screen oddly the doppelganger you promised they're like twins ah you'll do Mike steel by the way today's shorts a getaway scene head over to Broadway village we got everything set up there the kid better be as good as you say he's very good he's better than what you would expect it's off to Broadway we don't wanna lose the light now this is a car I believe this is the quickest road car in existence I believe the Pomerol a good progress as I am stepping out Dora it's very quick I like that but do I. Love the look of it a lot big Seuss type the defuser sure anyway who cares.

Laughing right it was quick.

I'm glad sweet impressive Minh but at least you look the part now this is a classic car escape the heroes being chased by a jet and escapes by jumping through an old windmill don't ask if you're as good as joe says this should be no trouble Hey remember to breathe kid just don't let it get away from you I'll talk you through it you'll be fine I'm ready a Jets gonna chase us what this is basically I guess they like showcase event.

Oh that's fun sir file what you'll just.

Keep that needle in the red maybe do some evasive maneuvers familiy the pay the void see the debt there's added Kirby's load my driver give it quick.

Backups the roads blocked off her head so you're gonna cut across the field they'll add something in post crashed alien ship or something it's all marked out for camera coverage okay you just line it up floor it pray pray Hey eyes.

Forward ignore the camera trying to look heroic boom donut everyone elections kid.

Survived you can do that again I'll give you a number two casting call you if there's another job. That is some swag phase a nice-looking hubby a cigarette for waistcoat smart. Champ alright that's that's a decent level once almost level two which I believe once we level up we get a wheel spin it better give me a car make sure you save.

Time to take part in the autumn season when you're rich and famous super stars.

He's looking for new racers to take part in the dirt racing series so now it's time to pick our off-road vehicle of twists and to do our first off-road Vince do we know where we go in sweat our Waypoint is safe to do so see miles in one direction let's go dude I believe I did have some.

Car packs I don't know if the cars are available yet it looks like that's a big fat nor no yeah the the bond Car Pack.

And the drift car so every bond climbed 20 think oh I've got because I got the ultimate edition the game the best version flames gives. You access as well to the game which pink might be the 25th of September or 28 out of 28 actually a little bit early.

I bid the full game comes out on like the 2nd of October don't quite mean sonic around that some somewhere right in a period rise time to race on gravel and dirt that you surface hello the the British Rally is particularly a well-known win challenging in blues fruit and this car.

Is also using a pick it's pretty obvious pick I'm sure most people party goes to this one I've used the TT before.

I'm really sorry right did your destinations I have never gonna post it she got past it lovely.

I would do that revealing what coaches actual coach that's my longest jump I'm hoping we can absolutely wreck that one boy what a stealer but that was an incredibly quick car and a very big jump come and see me after.

The race if you need anything else.

Stunts you pulled for Joe you know how to drive doing you sorry I'm Alex I run dirt racing for the first of all speaking of which you'll need a car that can handle the dark think I might stick.

With the fooled theme yeah the ESCO my.

Bet headedness score when I was younger like I saw it's already sort of color I. Guess it's a purpley read a lot of see I've tried that before the imprensa is incredibly tempting but yep yes cool I'm sorry yes the car team one of the best oh they're interested than the local roads of Essex wouldn't you believe that would make sense I live in Essex as well that's crazy I love this game get in the car and drive this is a classic Franny mobile.

Our first off-road event is coming right up you gonna enjoy yourself over there oh I will oh I will let it begin I do find off-road events slightly harder than offered on road events you know me don't overtake the wife I'm the AI is the little bit quicker I guess in the velu surface is tricky to find the career I'm racing against big star slap trim oh I like red.

Learns how you drive as well I'm gonna be quite aggressive aggressive and quick my driver time I've had loads of tweets. In the past and it's coconut oil toys it's wet yeah sorry sorry.

Sorry it's good though might be the best.

Team for a rally car dance there's free laps national speed limit.

National speed in the mid science.

I'm through love the roll cage I love the fact my number play is on this car the AI is actually keeping up so I've really got a step up a little bit that's flower baby you doing.

Don't stop so you gain enough I look at leaves in Ascari's palancio Oh struggling the same difficulty I just couldn't against first place I dunno why I recommend is called or suppose that pence just likes great sir for my lap.

I'm part of this event we should get a whuppin and I was like a pre-comp for Lauren.

We just left the game we don't we have many cars I thought mine needs like three compacts you get when you play the game about a spark but on it so Rex of a Griffin a little bit freaked Aston Martin it's a bit Oh getting suspects cool focus to an estimate invented its surface a bit of an increase.

Look at that leave them take a picture. Ends an epic driver love it love the patches quiet clean why it's all muddy and filthy.

A mecca is the end of our first offer an event however it is one more to do in the introduction let me go to street racing first race and the bag how do you feel dartie brilliant I feel really dully what's a little mean.

Yeah you clap eventually you can get a new emotes where you celebrate you can act like a jerk you can do the floss you can dev as haters.

Just make it enter on two nights we are officially level two that's overall by the way - unserious you've nearly qualified for the awesome season I remember the more driving you do the more you build your influence yes.

Oh come on I love that little imp Retzer.

My presser the WRX though they've been great all right finally so it wasn't me a month it's gonna happen isn't it sorry.

My name is J I might have something that'll interest you there's a street race meet up and I think you should check it out see you there so he's known. Free street racing it's not official horizon business but I'm feminine I'm ready to race on the street can I change my car well sure I can actually no can do okay we stick with the vs.

Feels so good to be home and on the radio again this should be a smile fast travel.

Boards and you'll get a desk code on the horizon fast travel service smash them all and the best of all we'll cover your cost completely get to give a manger there are many adventures I say a waypoint yes I was fifty of those that was our first one so it's a slight discount if you want a fast travel around the map oh if again this episode of the roads honestly if you happens we watching it abroad Britain is such a good place to visit I recommend it.

What twenty-first roads let's begin its event Street late.

Oh it's you you made it I'm Jay by the.

Way Alex wouldn't sharp about you you know if you drive half as well as he says you can these guys will love you Oh before we start you've got a note this isn't strictly sanctioned by the festival don't mention this to Kira all right I gotta go work to do. See you around though yeah these might not be official but you keep coming to these meets I'll make sure everyone at Horizon knows your name all right looking forward to seeing what you can do out there have fun now yeah it's great done yeah do it yeah - some decent cars and clothes this could be tricky. Gayla knows the sprint race a sprint scoop grease Connie's up there or back. Any stepping out again he was weird son of Douglas car on a road.

One one seventh place I'm not sure we.

Have to come first in I really don't know how I work sure I'm not intended to find out how it does work Erica probably laptop free.

Beautiful face an akuna good quite again. Mating work though oh hello ghost rowboat that goes to plan his kingdom his driver saw his claim in second place is dinner and SAP Ferrari apex has a Ferrari all.


Likes to step now it's flat this is our first I guess some nighttime race as well oh this wants to. Skip and up once I cut out 24,000 look.

For that new personal best I don't really intend to get loads of plants or the speeds however all - breaking laughs oh you for the spoon up breaks are my drinks.

Full power I guess in the ground sort of convection as well musta metal not really watching some here anymore don't really enjoy loving sir pizzazz.

If the finish line nice dominant leader might have to try update I a little bit coming a little bit easy obvious to goods better yeah done first place we've.

Got Ferrari for a eight that's sure the beer me but he didn't it's a decent four.

Seconds behind so street racers have all these unspoken rules about respect and honor and who can and can't join but all you need to know is drive like that and you're welcome anytime any funny one price down for that.

Street scene round soon while looking those credits forget a lot credits we're doing alright do we have enough into it maybe though we're not quite ready for awesome just yet hey you know there's another round one dontrey starting soon a few fans here see you there oh and me and G have just finished setting up a new dangerous sign you should check it out if you find some thrills along the way oh I'm down for that right now so guys I think you saw him and never gonna do the last Derby well it's the last event for now let's go I believe that yes horizon festival it was like what the hell is that wall now I know.

Brown yeah we hit that things time we're gonna try and fly to the moon see how.

That goes hopefully we won't die that's. Great I can't honestly just I can't wait is its goal the whole map six weeks love listen we're coming up on a break.

Rose the jumpy here that's a fly let's fly yes we have arrives they'll hit the.

House oh dear everyone did em here oh that sucks.

We're gonna try again so I need to go slightly more to the left let's try come here accelerate to the lair today the house again I've done exactly the same angle most fun mmm me.

And Alex went around and probably whacking great flags on all of them voila Warlow sign is born so long as you survive the credits we are so close so close I.

Look in the new seasons after this event. It would definitely already it's doing summer yet also my car looks absolutely. Trashed how do you realize judge to see it other Oh Rock landing I guess.

Whoopsie. I mean hitting walls like that of the really help let's get this done I'm ready I like you still being fixed if by magic with no money how does that work please please tell me.

Are you guys ready I am.

I'll have this event to be a little bit tough so we gotta concentrate now every corner.

Sphere hello fellow escorts diet nope. We're good well it's luck isn't it as well spot the Ichiro.

I believe as long as you're following that individual they might pop into your day.

Up into first we are absolutely fire picking Bobby's Carlo the locks er I was struggling but.

His escort just seems them.

Well um bloody kiss I want.

I'm really enjoying them I didn't go woods I'm not really an FPS poor but miss this I'm liking a lot it's really.

Really really smooth really slow.

Lost left severe domination the guys at the pack I do in Danis coffin for you. I recommend it it's got the game wire approval.

I think in here my Elif there's a chicken sweat one over I believe you caught one of animals okay so I saw Hungary yes you can try but you won't. Succeed sheep have have epic reflexes I don't have it but they can dog like me open the matrix Wow all I can do is apologize.

I feel happy bonus that's gonna add up.

Over time in plugs that's definitely enough bad news obviously is that it.

Doesn't start until autumn sticking around do you what does that mean I believe we can go to a house all right I'm gonna repay the.

Favor by giving you a free house who is this man and I want I want to find him please. Okay maybe for shortcut this is gonna.

Drive on the streets learn a little bit more this is all very new to me in my.

Seen earlier can take out the. Traditional telephone boxes you can actually hit them and destroy them it's a terrible thing to do that you can do it Oh laughter so wrong the so wrong never hold still as well and as many many homes in this game but. In Finnell.

So now we're gonna travel three miles and my customers actually that's fileinfo I will see you there coming through I'm going so quick it's Carl right now I'm doing 60 miles an hour oh it's great for you to splash me understand so here's the house is the.

First house we get in the game and it might be three and no money how how is.

That thing good house and we should I. Believe skip autumn a new season not. Gonna believe this the film producers bought this house to use as a set but when filming wrap they just left it I had a word and you know what they said you could have the house for free is a thank you for your work on a movie he worked on the movie and he. Gets a free house either one simple stunt all right fine zero credit. Excellent this one's on the movie company here's the keys this is where your threads are stored your wardrobe is like a map of your career so the more you get yourself out there the more clothes you'll get in return a big name needs a big style you know you did all right let's why not.

I love The Horizon festival or The Horizon box jackets I guess and we can put that so over the top yeah over the top of the t-shirt as you tell a lot of this is locked I don't know if there's any like VIP close I don't think so.

Oh looks Locke to me I believe so anyway.

A few different trousers jeans let's go for these gray skinny jeans they are incredibly tired how does one man breathe in those you could wear a skirt who am I to judge you can do whatever you want there's some outrageous outfits absolutely bonkers you can do whatever you want I would like I run a lot of the time of black trainers I don't know why I don't like black trainers so I'm gonna do this thing for him you can wear some glasses you can wear a clip-on start at some point if you want a gloves outfits. Which are class to me they're like legendary or very very rare or looking at double-o modern bond suits you any.

Good at dancing you can bust a move to show off before race and bust an even bigger move for when you win trust me it'll be great great oh my god just.

Waiting around I'll go for two-step for.

Victory and then I go for yes showboat just wait it's waiting around shooting out being chilled but when we win we celebrate we dance right. So this is my cause opening up see cars went to be that the DLC packs kick in I don't know you can upgrade and sooner as. Well if you wish it's a garage obviously it's where you come to watching your cars make sense so far are we good to go. Series has progressed.

Qualify horizon Ultem oh that is cool.

Hey that's cool we're slowly changes that's free that's.

Close to qualifying for the next round of the dart racing series you should combine two tone hose is completely different than autumn alright does they mean different driving conditions or just how it looks I wonder there's actually a photo opportunity about here who you think I.

Am oh sorry paste thanks let's pose there's.

A sheep this is a photo for beauty spots.

It's here well I found this looks pretty doesn't it ah the offensive way horse this thing's incredible the first prehistoric display of horse power one one one whose power only one now we.

Want multiple horse powers right Villa.

Is a wonderful beauty spot it's only 12 to discover and that was one of them alright this this is a brand new event I've never done it before by the way this is now officially awesome hence the rain hence the the pholis with a little bit more Brown do a bit green in there but Brown as well that's what I like about Bryn all the seasons I'm very clear well most of the time I would say some has probably been a little bit too long and a little bit too hot this year but there's always just love with some I love spring I love the stuff summer I just it's just there's always that going on with the weather with the weather we mowed a lot but I like it well if you guys la hot.

Water swim don't mean to constantly hop pretty much always someone. Anyway let's do this events about the air school I could upgraded it I didn't sum up what I need to yet Risty.

Just back from saying. Set on the hospital record stage it was amazing.

Gold worth gold.

While we were doing that some of us are still here doing odd jobs actually through the new season with more drum and bass anthems rise on both stage youngest of them nice and I brought you.

You early what the hell are these guys on I brought you a loop it's gold and brown what all conkers copy you guys.

Were out what the hell are you talking about our concert battle same course.

Drive so it's asking me to up my a I.

Basically gave my said yes so now it's.

On experts great I'm guarantee I'm not. Gonna lose damn it I'm winning by Farmar. Dude let's make it a little bit tighter and there is fire difficulties that's not all Wow is different that's the same course whereas wool stuff where it's muddy pretty left grip good start. Though within the increased AF.

It's completely different of it foxy when it's winter he'll be looks snow and ice Mississippi look big size in seconds feeling fixed are so good at racing I know myself. Wow for acceleration so traction diskettes put in those times let's do a couple more laps will get scindia the Hawaii kitchen definitely why I'll have to rewind that because I'm playing an expert right now I don't to redo the whole event like a bit of an idiot for doing it but like why not happen there in my happening in actually.

Control it up the inside like you miss light melt.

Use me now racing odd right Yaffe expert.

For the we're on that right now messy and to dust lay down in some games.

We'll see you this go through it's not a back tuck almost like floats on it this came in defeated realistic.

Sorry. It's all. But do not straighten up mama boudin at me sir that's running through it.

We got Fitness already I am fully in love this car oh no damn it that's completely my fault.

Has been a little bit so aggressive so I did not want to use a rewind I try not use it most of the time but occasionally ever took the last lap of a real on race and I crash but you undo it again got me. It just sucks what fun idea.

Definitely a wires going around that puddle I didn't if you can.

On that road I thought it was a bit hairy wasn't it on that second lap but since we got into the lead thumbs up great shot you still.

Got the the better car yeah I think experts 20 the riot yeah the right typical see for now oh my God look at that Wow I regret picking our moats almost look 200,000 already in credit that is kind.

Of mental night thank you very much it.

Doesn't matter if you've already done this roots the fans will keep coming back for more you'll get noticed and it'll help you qualify for the next round it's a win-win hey Scott welcome to the horizon awesome season my team are helping me find our most influential rookie to compete in the next showcase want it to be you convinced me back tells me you're in round 2 of the road racing series and Joel mentioned that someone named Mike steel is after you better stumping speaking of stunts Jays on the hunt for our next stunt hero and Alex says he's ready to kick off round 2 of dirt racing but he's really excited to get going on the cross-country Series well what are you waiting for my mind is blown what the hell knows the stuff just pops up on the game although it's stopped but no idea what stopped what are these boards influence of boards.

Alright I'm interested have a look hey Scott just letting you know the Auto Show is now open come on down and browse or I can send the catalog to your house that you prefer what what was that about right I don't. Know was that my VIP bonuses and stuff I might have to have a look he said the. Velocities I guess they just beat me influence to smashing them my wife thinking that this is 1150.

Cheaters have them all over the place that one was good for an influence first it was it's got this next one and I think we can go back to the horizon festival there might be gosh no bets were home for free no got pay for a go pay ten thousands of fast-travel what a joke.

Try another influence aboard I want all the influence what's that cost Punk tots tots pumps love influence aboard there's another thousands with a wall I like the fattest game now has like white and like extra storage on these cars I mean that's a cool addition oh I have this is a skill.

Plan for the car every car has its own.

Set offering unique perks and bonuses but skill points can be spent on any car you own so I'm gonna spend it on SS cool and I'm gonna select a weekend Toya your car gets noticed everywhere you go get instant 2000 car collection influence my.

Bad never go up and see what for as well optional extras really nice was this.

What 5 million unlockable perk I don't.

Have five million is it free or I feel.

Like I want to have a look so we can do on the way up I can smash the speed cameras like possibly I mean if Scott isn't the quickest car in a world but we've got past anyway I wanna have a look at this VIP like collage around level look miss is safe to do so.

Here comes the speed camera awesome it's a break I look you want a break keep it going it doesn't feel secure wait well two stars one star lose the.

Iced coffee back in a fullest I'm now ranked 2 and we get 10,000 cluded feels like this game you need you need money that's a strong need a lot of money because these provinces are expensive the cars will be expensive you need the cojones pledges we're quite close what's. That I'll grow discovery what is this madness we're heading fairly new here this is not part of the map I've ever been on always exciting to explore parts of the map so that's pretty another has worked so it's a VIP bonus but I've still got paid five million to get it is that how it works country lanes it's terrifying sometimes. When it says like Oh a country lane and that means to mill at 60 miles an hour and it's quite tired quite 30 corners and yeah yes just go 60 it's all good.

Right here's the lodge coming up energy.

Suite they look a bomb plants me.

Yes pompons on or in this game where's the lodge view the house oh well it's swanky can I get it for free I'm a VIP I can house and ground.

What try the road access you can sit in the front room and watch the quiet calm waters that is assuming I don't have to help a stranded driver in the middle of the lake again I can get it for free it's 5 million I get five super wheel. Spins a fool's er boost as well Wow okay yeah I'm definitely good but I'm buying it my second free property in the game to me anyway congratulations.

That is perfection you can sit a special home yes this is definitely my new home new content has been added to your profile new cars to collect in your garage guys we have some new cars I bet this is also a VIP bonus so this is a super sports van horizon. Edition or fools or edition can I accept tips is it because already Wow. Destructive skills and we have a Samba fools er edition my god that is quite.

Impressive did we get some like super spins or something sure that's what I read also we can have buy cars I might do a video to shame every car in the game I think I might do that at some point right I found the DLC cars it's just under DLC cars I don't know I can't find it view all the cars can I just write us get them I guess so these all the drift cars are look at that 240sx drift car look at that there's loads of them Mustang as well and it's all the James Bond cars in credible unproven but.

Highly skilled huge potential I think they're going to make this one to remember so you doing anything right now I don't think so so route but be honest with NS episode Wow yeah this is a good car what's the hell crazy look at the rear yeah it likes to step out price surprised he's a fifth car for the expects car oh my all that is sweet.

The handbrake ebrake oh the tree I love his car pack I am absolutely in love so that will. Conclude so hope you guys enjoyed it this game is a must buy for me have an xbox go and buy it enter the giveaway and I'll see you guys soon bye bye

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