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Hardcore Minecraft Modded Survival Season 4-2 (Finding a Place to Call Home)

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This video from: Aubinator.
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Hardcore Minecraft Modded Survival Season 4-2 (Finding a Place to Call Home)

Season 3 unfortunately ended prematurely too... That's embarassing. So this calls for the creation of Season Four! Special guest star is ShiftyHero again! This time he's going to keep me in check...

Hope you enjoy!

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If you want to see anything in particular, please COMMENT! I will incorporate it into the series (or start a new one if required). I am ready to please the crowd as necessary! But seeing as though I've gone this far without any other directions, I'll keep doing what I'm doing :)

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Trip behind you right behind you okay thanks whoa who's that w fuck it's me oh.

Shit I'm sure no there's another one.

Fuck oh fuck lucky the bore no more Oh.

Comes an entrance top of the well do you.

See this oh yeah why does my sword keep.

Switching stop switching I want you to be number one okay this Endermen I. Almost looked at them too did you get.

That other creeper I only got 10 i guess you ain't my option to my feet per second on render distance short.

Shit I found him oh ok so I'll take some.

Renovating flash explosion much fuck be.

Some work to get into the the workshop.

What do you have in here oh fuck you got like everything in here 13 oh man that means I could cry what do I need.

Nice that'll work.

I'm just grabbing some wheat as well I just as I can okay we need to leave soon I would like to get over some stone.

I hear it what here so you have been.

Digging here right at the edge of the UFO started young although there's so.

Many holes in this yeah it doesn't like its ability I think we're going to use only feeding emeralds Your Honor we get back yeah I realize that something came.

Down behind me I would die you mean do it man that thing is still standing a theory it's just like.

Alright so I got at least 15 stones I don't look at it look at what whatever. Is above the well really watch this.

Haha try to get me in the water bitch you can't.

Didn't like me too much I just stepped.

Into water again and clothing teleported away cloaked away I was trying to actually like knock the floor under out from underneath it to see if it would hear you all areas that's all you I'll Bobby if you're anything it's all you because the speakers are my that's it now holy man it takes a little longer to.

Kill song is no better still sore I have. You still so on I'm dying to mother I met Johnny I've got three states all.

Right I got some I'm just gonna make a wooden axe and then we're set are then I'm ready to ditch oh holy man there's a. Couple things Mary right now wooden axe.

Re oh yeah that's what I'm gonna do.

Check out these hot pants and uh how did you make something I use some of the leather I've got 18 coal which I'm going. To convert its kind of them in the torches so I now have 40 torches in typical join a bunch of this garden then and just take the seeds sing with that.

Karen actually I think we got more than enough seats carrots and potatoes that they have any we'll take those I didn't know I'm not gonna reply.

Whoever use this as a trading post for literally emerald you make anything in the Emerald Lake anyways I don't know you can make an emerald block even and he didn't hear he's in this lot 115 chicken for that guy right there okay all right that has been ransacked rock and roll rock and or roll which way let's see I've got oh I'm missing an axe I have two axes okay I'll take one of them I think that's the only thing I'm missing and then I'm back down to stone again there you go and then oh what happened to your armor gun really yeah fast Wow okay I'll kill some chickens on the way here what do I have for food even oh did we take all the steaks from the oven I don't know check it's good.

Call though got corn we got seeds for weeks and I've got tons of weeks and I got some sugar cane to start already so we're good I just gotta move this guy move let's go yeah roll let's go towards the water you say um bullsh watch it.

Actually I know I gotta get some books.

Here we go I got 21 bucks oh did you empty the like The Wizard stuff there do you have a reserve stuff up there I left it in the treasure chest up here no no I in this in mind air black spinner oh you got it already done okay okay oh there's leather okay grab the leather okay we're good everything else is a wooden dirt Oh a torch there's a torch we're going I don't worry about the torch escape were you I'd torches there Katie the way um.

Not a good start I don't know the mat. Man go give me a break okay I'm not gonna run him just go yeah I was gonna say if you're gone off the faster I go. On to the hills you wrote a song Ron oh.

You're not hey check it out I don't want to be this pulse though the water yeah i don't know i don't want to be this close to the village the village on out here oh geez watch it through the drop do you want it because i was going to light up in my house out of the water and you're gonna build those out on lad did you want to build yours in like something like this oh yes you got those out I'll. Go around to see if i could find me more oh yeah there's black sheep here there's a green sheet here okay I got two sheep right now I'm not picking up any of it because I got full inventory shit I got absolutely full inventory what don't I need but I got room for like five six items still do you okay come over here and get that stuff I'm going to draw I'm good well here's one more sheep though I need this one I have wool a bed geez I don't.

Know what to drop you know like so much good stuff Oh yellow flower that's wrong get rid of her okay good how much will do you have 53 okay I got any more now.

The next sheet that will see Wilshere so that we're not as a sheep here do you got a sheer no no no yeah we need two pieces of iron for that which we don't have anything right now we've done so little in so much time it's just rain that he worked so hard to it's just the rain gotta stuff I don't know if it was the rain so much as it was we decided to stay in the villagers really get every time we tried to get away it was it got dark fast or rain yeah okay now is this. Far enough oi is there a desert over here because it is all we can be glass out of this stuff this is a desert around the corner here let me get your mini-map disabled yeah ok meet here I have no idea what's up here there's no shortage of sheep that's for sure good that's good well you'll need them for other mods look at all these sheep man they're everywhere it's like a oh ok this is a cool little alcove you see this well I know what I'm gonna make my house over this way you know what I need. For my house though I remember what I told you I was gonna make it out of would what do I not have any of what would look I have 12 planks jungle wood. Planks I'll buy it so I don't because I like the scenery that is this little alcove there's two of them there's two little neat little out clothes do you want to make like a lighthouse I you know you know there's there's some ruins out here in the middle of water we can make a floating city come I need kilts.

Piggies actually I'm curious.

Portal gun we got the hard moving miniature black hole which requires another star pulling on.

Yikes this is a little crazy okay oh word about a hundred we do two part that's fine are we doing here can we build in here I venecia I'm just this where I get lost I just get carried away just I'm trying to like basically just find a ravine or rocks you know I'm just looking for rocks yeah well we could dig straight down there's tons of rocks over where I am yeah have you seen what's over here this like it looks like an amphitheater almost I'm we're near some.

Cool to your left Bobby okay yeah yeah. Yes nice I saying yeah yeah I'll be nice little place yeah figured i could not pretty yeah well that could be I don't know if you wonder that is your beachfront property now I was going to still be out on the water I'm just gonna go I'm gonna skip one more like world mountains there on your left I know it's pretty much snap your neck it goes into water over there yeah trees how far though the core around the corner we haven't a completely massive you know what though we should actually like build a hole or something well I yeah I can't see the Sun is again download their sugarcane here okay pick it up for now and toss it to me eventually we can make a sugarcane farm eventually okay here we go i found something rock on the wall here okay I'm cheese oh I hear some zombies with in here so underneath the sand I swear there's old ruins here today is there yeah our old roads I mean like in the water again yeah yeah oh there's some water beast ocean bees or whatever they're called from the forestry mod I'm going to build me a ship over here hey blue tree blue tree cool cool I'll.

Fire you for me well there's an opening to a cave system underneath in the water here okay where are you then I'm on the water I wish I could uh let's get dark though like in that pass through this quick I might have gone a little too far already just don't too deep or dug too deep and somebody she.

There you go now oh I know creeper okay so I know it's.

Too dark already i'm gonna get done here oh my god right they're everywhere come.

To the water is that oh my god yeah that's right the sea we go buddy go I.

Don't know if I could run faster to get to you oh my god I'm not half a heart i'm coming buddy get in the water get.

The boy trying come there's nothing behind you alright can't eat no water I.

Wouldn't fly oh maybe you can okay here I go hey welcome to my boat there's.

Enough room for two beds I don't think we're gonna use it my god doesn't sing.

You all right yeah oh good what's this. Thing here this is my boat just an island yeah as of right now I was at.

Half a heart it was inside arrows in my body I got 11 would I love the trees.

Incorrect for you underwater yep sure here there is every time I place a torch why what's the torch to torch displaces the water and then the water displaces the torch so so I can breathe temporarily that's kind of cheating i guess it's an exploit old stuff doing it oh no I ok just curious on how are you not dying cook ok so we're going to use it out of the same wood so we're to go boom boom so this is base my boat oh no.

I needed like three planks you have enough for ya that's okay you're gonna have to make my bed then because I have nothing.

Why are you making a different different color may be cool.

The bed was actually the color of the wall open-ended there's one day actually I'll just relax.


How do I make them with the torch it's my power source it's my steam ship hey. Buddy oh yeah I mean bound for LA Wow oh.

My god oh my god what do you boy with. You holy crap what look at my screen GC.

Father OMG yeah I do I was sitting in my bed oh yeah and this is what I saw and like I was looking up like this I'm like wait a minute now that appeared out of nowhere I can't even see that to Castle yeah it's just my cuz I'm my booty look that I looked all around i thought maybe bad guys were here but that's so awesome okay um well that won't do for placement. Well well so can't let me be there for app can't delete it until the the nighttime so we'll leave it there until night um i'm cooking some beef in here.

Do you have wood to make a Chester do you have a chest yeah autumn up on can't believe we're like we're living on an island but this is awesome oh damn excited well what oh wait do that kind. Of beef or what oh I got porkchop as you say what's going on here oh yeah I got beef none yeah you were killing pigs and I was killing the cows I got me make a chess I'll make a chest ok ok so that's seven would like seven trees oh crap oh there's a chest right there.

Today and I'll make one more and i put on the other side for now.

Oh. Yeah no requirement for charcoal and where we got lots of cool okay so I'm going to drop all this useless stuff in here or useless for nail stuff but will. Be useful in the future this is why I grabbed it yeah same here feathers I don't need I don't need Flint or gunpowder yet no need a crowbar eat. Flour for some reason your seeds are you going to no one yeah I just oh you want to combine the chest into one does it make more room or oh yeah it just want a single inventory okay Allah chocolate yup take care of it.

That way we can you stop a single image right for now is your meat done cooking oh I can be it's funny because I can't I.

Know it's finds it did you need some food no I got five cook meat by now chicken and pork chops never under the previous dungeon you're like hey you think we're ready for this yeah well not ready for that you got it okay there's like 20 or something on spawners in there it's ridiculous so I'm going to go walk and see if we can get into it no oh we can there's a waterfall we can climb up the water where you going bro first. One or you going to that okay there's um there's an underwater cave system did you want to check that out I do it was just that you know on the island ice is getting restless another there is nothing to do did you build that there yeah I built it straight up from little icy from underneath from something else it was there and then I got rid of it so that can your system is just over here or maybe it's not a cave system as a single crystal my cell is you foiled me it designed over here though loser.

I bet you there's a casus I they all you gotta do is dig in that land that island all right this is some pretty pathetic boat it's safe though I like yeah I like the idea actually we should market it I just go safe house ok good a good call wait points your way point hmcs spirit.

Because we got spirit yes we do we got.

Spirit how about you so I'm sure if we dig a hole from this island we're going to get into a cave system I'll bet you we dig a hole rape from anywhere we are really getting your key assistant what is this so look up platform of goodness.

All of the sound okay I'll come and come and explore with you I've got 36 torches so that'll be good for another oh there's a building this is entry okay see there's a land over there at the tree pull it down yeah I can see it in the distance up on the right there cut through the clouds they're so huge those freezer you know.

That's right Jim fine thing oh we got. Some clay here if you want to make a house of bricks oh yeah so we're gonna. Do cool younger to the next Island just island hop and see what's on that one if you want to do that I'll see if I can we'll make this our mining island right here okay seems to be safe for now so what I'm going to do is I'm going to light it up so that moms won't spawn on this thing we all know how much we love. It when the creek responds in an area where we think it's safe bear I thought isn't lit up enough for an island I don't know what is turn around and see torches everywhere.

I think these underwater structures oh there's cool rapes in the beginning here.

That's not the blue tree here too on this island is there really that's cool actually that could be like this have a. Nice i call it the harpies this will be high.

We have anything for construction when I have three pieces of wood but three pieces of dirt and I've got three pieces of Kabul and that's pretty much all i doubt i'll get some brick over here man brick yeah shake again an old structures.

Brick and green moss nice small island this kid this would be a safe island you know it's just it's very small is pretty big actually I think so so we'd have to light it up because there would be creeper if if it's more than forty five blocks away from us the creatures will like start spawning from all right this.

Is my mine shafts there are many like it but this one is mine.

Sorry I don't have any wood either man if I start running out of like tools I'm boned now this is like the worst start in a series ever like we really haven't done what much i'm gonna say maybe we can make this our tree farm island actually maybe i should i maybe i'll chop down some trees from this island then bring border the sound yeah i think it are making our mining / wood farm.

Actually we need to make a farm we need to make a hole yeah you were going to.

Make one but then you're like no I don't want to make a hole a trick so and I can't get that blue tree as much as I want to please don't I will we want to.

Use it later for magical purposes Luminum I want like an iron we need iron to start Oh secure get tickets that core tight like or nine crystals they're cool for building blocks later on that's for sure but unfortunately they're not very useful right now now let's tell you that.

Other let's play went very well we found diamonds real quick and then I blew it all ok I got anatomical I got a coal mine here now exactly so we're good I got the black lung sorry which is it six happens for 900 saplings ok Oh is open you want.

For apples yes and I've got no tools and. No word but we have enough room to fill denial to build trees on the other we're going to have to like displace dirt oh yeah we'll be fine we got plenty of room for truth ok I'm going to come to you and grab some of that I she's getting dark I don't know it so you're down i'll make my ways I'll cut down a couple more trees ok then I'll switch words the I did but broken planet is coming up over.

The horizon so cool I love that look I see two now yeah yeah and there's all these islands I want to go explore this chicken bone is having to kill them is that nothing ever think about chickens how do you over them is it just see right Jake sheets that's right okay I'm gonna try and make them so we can make some emerald great later a lot but what what can we I guess we can make the blocks out of it like you're saying what can we use emeralds for but there's no real good traits that we found from emerald to something you know what I mean yeah I was just guys I'm a little rare I'm make an emerald emerald is pretty rare you can only find it in extreme Hills biomes okay see I think I.

Got a sprinting huh spritzen sprint swimming that's awesome so now we're good i need another crafting that you have cropped a good son why i guess you could make i got 28 would ya you can make one I guess hey snapper um I like.

Some wood and chopping please ready one two three four five six seven 22 woods so okay I'll start planning. From these saplings around here look.

Behind you there's a 22 would quick gracias you know okay so that nice while.

You dug by the way so I'm going to turn.

The rest of my stuff into wood planks oops yeah let me go to at 64 48 or set I.

Got six more folks happens there you go that'll be our tree farm right there and. Then when we get rubber wood trees yeah I'm going to put on like on all maybe I'll put them in front or in the middle or something like that and then once we start getting silver wood which is that blue tree yeah um we can start worrying about harvesting some of that stuff I based on break oh nice that's actually.

That would actually look really cool if we like how to stone brick entranceway so are we gonna make this island at home we'll make it like our mining outpost so we'll go back to the house eventually the house are the they you're both the bed the bed South Pole speaking of we should um I don't know move the beds but I guess that's not important different on staying there right now let's just say we move them to it I have failed horribly on that okay I need to make myself some tools here that was an epic. Fail just don't just ignore that all of that Hey oh wow did you make this hole.

Here I made that whole safari oh I'm going to make a hole to the left and cut just got a thing a mining vain sure I.

Don't have any torches on unity should.

Do maybe he'll make some torches

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