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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! Part 2

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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! Part 2

Part 2. YAY!

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Hi everybody hey so hey let's let's return gun that's always fun okay um.

Okay it goes in here well I think yeah you're supposed to yep that's a must how.

Doesn't even start I'm plugged in huh besides app probably well I better turn.

The power off before someone gets electrocuted namely me where's the power I got these tools.

What to use them on.


So I'm gonna open this I guess go there.

Now everything should be working this.

Appeal to put this I don't think it's going to work until I fix the wiring and turn the power back on I don't like you Nancy ok now we good that was kind of.

Sucky kind of ruin or streaky there anyway well let's continue and oh isn't.

That the awesomest sparse to come down now where'd it go.

I don't have to go upstairs and I want to catch that cat let's go Nancy oh oh.

We're done with the chapter almost there almost there I missed it again I still. Had shown you the pros I don't care scrapple remind me is that ok Alec you want to remind me to show everyone does i keep forgetting anyway so that's why.

You don't get cats yeah it's my dogs are better kidding me it's wide open look at.

The giant hole.


Held down.

Duct tape on what now now that doesn't.

It um colored up.

Up and the duct tape there we go.

Yep so far so good look at this unlock.

My heart cry charlena purcell.

We've done okay there are two things left but to look out we have to look at other things first really like to get into this lock this all this comes to old what oh this with.

God this with this mess with this key.

With that was it I was golden time use it on this this with this and this with.

This there what's your super bonuses my.

Voice just cracked okay uh-huh they're so now the immovable needles not pleased balloon from Australia okay Jay won't.

Figure that out pick it up what you're.

Doing can wait you need to get back to the sound stage miss McKenna is looking for you white frantically I might add there's been another accident creepy.

Some old guy just yelled at us okay from the phone and you may have on a stage its memory.

It's been forever saludos probably be kinda.

Wait I got it oh gosh stop yelling I am.

Trying to do this like I said I'm.

Probably not going to get this the first time I gotta get used to it again get a.

Little bit of time to find some more oh.

Dang it oh I'm I tried to find the other 500 but we did pretty good we did pretty good here kitty kitty kitty okay and.

Here it is the curl Meister sleuth o meter and we run right so here slowly on.

My dad depends how far it is maybe she's running Nancy what took you so long we.

Walked experience bad luck what happened here couple of grips were rigging lights when all of a sudden scaffolding for the Nefertiti thrown just collapsed out from under them nobody got hurt but I thought it best to wrap for the night I see well when I was in the office I got a strange call from a bad with the Duke boys got a strange call from a man with a deep voice and he said he went back to the soundstage that.

Was Arthur Hitchens my boss our boss bonobos the guy who's financing the shipwreck of the movie see you bought the old theme park the soundstage sits on and is counting on the new improved version of Pharaoh to launch a new theme park he's going to develop it it's going to pay homage not too old Hollywood like the former park did but to ancient Egypt oh I see this whole set is sitting on an old theme park then that explains the.

That explains the old detective statue I tried putting a coin into the detective statue and the first thing that happened was you explain. The first thing that happened was a detective's eyes glued but then something went wrong because what is this life story yes because a puddle of. Water became electrified that statue is 65 years old it was part of the theme park that was built after the set of the first Pharaoh movie was torn down and bulldozed over now the parks just a bunch of dilapidated buildings and killer statues why Arthur insists on keeping an office down there is beyond me so regarding the latest accident I'd really like to check out that collapsed you've told you scaffolding I'd really like to check out that collapse scaffolding that was the main reason I shut down for the night so nobody could mock up the crime scene before you had a chance to look for clues just get to the bottom of these accidents and keep looking for that cat I need to get up to.

The part of the scaffolding that isn't collapsed media can use this dolly I just need to get it in the right position can we was it where the freak is to thank you oh there it is it's like something does. Show that's this it's basically on.

Pyramids sinks statue and then over.


Okay next Oh we'll do the rest next time bye

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