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Those Old Games: Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed Let's Play Part 1

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Those Old Games: Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed Let's Play Part 1

Those Old Games: Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed Let's Play Part 1

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Heather jasper-howe at the grand opening of blue pools only and Criminology was here with the master detectives at mystery in with all your success are you still gonna have time for us a little okay let's go of course little old Coolsville can solve its problems without us but we'll always be here to help thanks guys see you inside alright guys with a guests of honor so everyone be on their best behavior like no problem.

Mystery Inc is proud to donate the costumes of criminals we've unmasked in the past including the Black Knight ghost the skeleton men and even the dreaded pterodactyl ghost we've also donated the costumes of some of our more ridiculous folks like chickenstein ridiculous obviously she forgot that dude try to pluck us oh come on guys remember what I told you the whole city's watching so let's keep a brave face she's right up close they look. Totally fake.

The black night ghost citizens of Kools.

Fear this is only the first rung on the. Ladder of your demise and this time mystery Inc you'll be the ones unmasked as the buffoons you truly are the.

Pterodactyl ghost has made quite a mess inside the museum help Scooby clear the way so we can look for clues drag the objects around the museum floor to make a path for Scooby Scooby can only cross in a straight line be sure to clear a path directly from him to the other side.

Let's continue the mystery a secret. Hatch the real pterodactyl ghost must have come through here and a reptilian scale almost wonderful clue all the.

Costume exhibits are scattered throughout the museum help me figure out where all the pieces go to put headgeared sword Eddard's costume.

Captain Cutler's boots skeleton man's. Chest captain Cutler's helmet captain.

Cutler's costume red carrots boots miner.

49ers costume miner 49ers aft headgear tact fascinating go into man's.

Leg miner 49ers pickaxe no that's not right minor 49ers boots.


Skeleton man's arm let's gallatin man's head jinkies peplum.

Amazing let's continue the mystery.

We have to be more like real detectives scooby-doo raise your paw and repeat after me from this day forward we will no longer be our goofy selves run run run we will be awesome detectives we.

Will be terrific fantastic and spectacular and cease to be a loser riffing plant a sztyc and suck tacular Rara suck Jacky. Whoever did this seemed to have a need to take revenge on the city and humiliate us maybe it's a guy we unmasked but who would be able to create a real pterodactyl ghost the original pterodactyl ghost dr. Jonathan Jacobo so you think Jacobo is behind this impossible three years ago his body was lost at sea during a prison escape what about this Jacobo cellmate Jeremiah Wiggles was released from prison two months ago the Black Knight ghost that's one of the costumes that was stolen seems like old man wickles deserves a visit before any of our other creepy conquests make a comeback.

Freddie up here on the right 5:05 troll court old man wickles ancestral manor oh.

Man another creepy crib real creepy but. Hey creepies my middle name like let's go

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