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Spy and Pranks with a ROBOT!

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Spy and Pranks with a ROBOT!

Thanks to Moose for sponsoring this video. Paxton got the new MiBro Robot! It's Awesome to spy and to do pranks. They find the Halloween candy. They hear Payton's crush. They give dad a toothpaste cupcake. You can order your own MiBro!

MiBro can say anything you say, he can serve you by carrying things on his tray, and his built-in microphone is perfect for listening and pranking

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This video is sponsored by my bro.

Robot where did you come from you want.

Me to do ballet while singing I'm a pretty little girl no I would never do that you just have to do ballet no way.

I'm gonna stand on my head clap my feet and quack like a duck fine.

I'll do it but this better be the last one no we're so funny you dancing like a.

Little ballerina are you yeah of course. I met I'll forgive you if you do no way. Dude his name is my bro that means he's a libel not you blue can I at least help you do some pranks oh yeah.

I'm gonna and then than the guys are not gonna eat all the trick-or-treating candy before Halloween this year this is for trick-or-treaters only you understand well they've had a cupcake almost I just gotta finish crossing them.

Hmm before they get back.

Have you decided who you're gonna be for Halloween I think I'm gonna be a spy what about you huh I haven't decided are you gonna go trick-or-treating yeah for sure nice item to excuse me I have some.

Little brothers to dispose of I am cool.

Spying in a brace huh okay guys I'll make you a deal if you let me in on your next prank then I will just don't worry your secret is.

Safe with me I would tell anyone that you have a crush on my brother.

Cupcake check toothpaste check oh my bro.

Thank you well I suppose I've been working hard enough I deserve a cupcake.

Candy's missing too we've got some pranksters around here kids all right kids I called this meeting today because it appears we have a prankster in our home kitchen anybody know anything about. A robot or Halloween candy okay I can't.

Take it anymore that's another really rad robot that does prank hey a really. Rad robot huh all right Paxton where is this really rad robots hey that's the. Robot who brought me that toothpaste covered cupcake when I saw that robot I knew I had to have one so I went out and got my own real robot.

Gotta check out this robot my bro is so fun

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