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Layer 3 Live Stream | Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod | Diabolish | 6 | MineCafé

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Layer 3 Live Stream | Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod | Diabolish | 6 | MineCafé

Good Morning and welcome to MineCafé! This is CoffeePi, and I'm excited to explore the next layer of Diabolish with y'all! Join me on Wednesday the 26th of March at 5P.M.(17:00)EST for fun, conversation, blood, and ragging at a silly game!

MinCafé presents: Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod. Dungeon Siege is an RPG made by Gas Powered Games. You play as an adventuring hero, out to save the world from the evil forces that want to subjugate everyone. The main modes of attack are melee, ranged, nature magic, and combat magic. The Legendary mod combines several DSI maps and the 2 main DSII maps into one game. This includes Diabolish, Kingdom of Ehb, Legends of Aruana, Return to Arhok, Utrean Peninsula, Yesterhaven, DSII's main map, and Broken world. Some aspects of the original game are lost or changed in order for it to work, but it is well built, and organized.

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Gaspowered Games Techiem2 Bare_elf PhoeniX Darkelf Ghastley U6 Project (Team Archon, Project Britannia and Team Lazarus) Niko Makela Theresnothinglft Killah KathyCF Elys Araknum Partners in Rhyme Rsimpkinik57 Mantello Hardless Sigomugmort DrakeLyon / DrakesIsGod Moros Gemeaux333 Marco Blondin235 Lukawh Shadow Watcher

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