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The Sims 2 - Demo Walkthrough E3 2004

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The Sims 2 - Demo Walkthrough E3 2004

Will Wright shows off the E3 demo for The Sims 2

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Right WI ll w ri ght game designer Dax. So this is the Sims 2 this is actually the neighborhood level we've made the game a lot more customizable than the Sims one was this is actually a train that was generated in SimCity 4 if you choose you can generate your own neighborhood in SimCity and import it you can also make multiple neighborhoods and so this is like a new level of editing that the sims 1 did not have even at this level I can actually add things like water towers trees hot-air balloon ships and there's behavior I'll go through the process very quickly of how you create a new sim because I will give you some insight and how detailed the Sims have become we're now dealing with a new 3d engine at the same time we've really increased the depth of their personalities they have long term memories and aspirations they can get to very extreme ranges of behavior the character creation I'm going to kind of quickly pop into this like The Sims 1 that kind of start I can pick you know male or female it's much more detailed though the process you know here I can pick our hairstyle coloration just about anything you can imagine customizing on this character I can change you should pretty much reasonably be able to put in anybody you know in this so these are different base styles they can go directly to where I can pick individual things like the chin actually kind of modify the chin or the nose the chin I mean the mouth eyes eye color even things like makeup so here's mascara blush lipstick color I can give her glasses change our eyebrows it was a man I could give them different beard styles the clothes are now a separate part from this Sam and the original sim do is all kind of burned into one thing now there's a wide variety of clubbing styles that I can pick for it here these are tops these are bottoms this is her normal wear that she'll wear during the day I can also define her formal wear what she wears when she wants to dress up also her underwear jamas swimwear athletic. Those can all be defined for the sim finally there's the personality we have a new thing in the sims 2 which is aspirations each cm cannon has different ambitions in life you know what is gonna make them happy how do you have to play them and sims with different aspirations you have to play very differently you know the different tactics in the game so I can give her a family aspiration or knowledge or wealth or maybe romance and down here I'm actually picking a personality and as I picking four personalities I actually come to see that oh this is a little bit shy or I actually see their kind of manifesting the personality on screen this personality is a little bit or kind of grumpy in a way as you can see anyway I'll just kind of select her right now so you can go fairly deep into creating a custom sale I'll make another one here I can also fight only with that whole process just kind of click and get random Sims and get a sense of the range of styles I can get out of them now there's another way to create a cell I'm just going to accept this guy if I wanted to creating a child for these two I could actually do a different method I can come in here and I could say if those two are married what would their plausible offspring be and now it's actually using genetics in the game you know the genetics both at the appearance level and also at the personality level so you know if they're both grouchy the kids like me to be grouchy or if one's grouchy little ones not the kids going to get kind of a random reshuffling in their genes so basically I'm kind of jumping through random children they could have this is what he would look like as a child if when he grew up to be a teenager he would look like this as an adult this is what he would look like and then you know as it got older like that's a connection link and how they would appear that their entire age range they have installed the Sims now they actually kind of smoothly aged you grow up and the way you play them changes your personality changes they have different needs and desires as they get older you jump out now back into the game we're going to go back to the neighborhood the building mode of the game has also become much more elaborate we can do a much wider variety of building styles than when you're doing the sims 1 you can kind of actually just kind of look in the buildings that we have here and get some sense of the architectural breadth of the game and let's zoom out. Place these are all basically savegames these are all places I can go and play in the game see I think one of these yeah this one I think has a family and it goes into here so now we're going to load this house the students also have much deeper awareness of what's going on around them because it's 3d we can really zoom in close to them as you saw in this implication they are much more detailed in appearance but they also exhibit things like facial expressions a much more subtle body language so rather than having a lot of graphs that you are having to read to figure out what's going on or what your mood is you can pretty much look at them and your body language will tell you so here we are in this household this is a family a small family that lives here they're having kind of like a little party so they have a lot of guests over right now the game is paused final pause the game now we see it start moving so this is the husband that lives in this house east of the pool swimming this is the mother and she has a small child and the rest are neighbors and family they're over visiting I can look at her and see her aspiration is its family and so this is her little toddler I can actually have her do different things with the original Sims had about 30 social interactions that you could do between the characters The Sims 2 has about 130 you know very detailed level of kind of social interaction between the characters right now she has different needs or wants you know based upon her aspiration so one thing she wants to do is hug her son once she accomplishes that we'll see and you need appear in its place that's the spinners doing here she also has fears if there's certain traumatic things that happen to her they could become phobias later in life until they screw up again you know developer really screwed up some psychologically now it's Alex's birthday so he got a cake now if I have her actually light the candles on the it will actually progress her toddler up to a child and this is kind of a major life event for the kid right now she's talking to this guy I think it's her father you can actually have multi-generational kind of stories that you're playing out in here is there a husband he's kind of a flirt basically so she lights the candles here and the other Sims can recognize what's going on and they're coming over to celebrate his birthday 'evil party trying to say on that a bit now this is. A kind of significant event for him and so he pulls out the candles and then he'll actually grow up to the next level and at that point he becomes a child we actually play him somewhat deeper.

Now as a child I can kind of look at we know what his needs and ones aren't they going to be very different than the adults so I have to play them differently so every stage of life is almost a different strategy and the different personalities are different strategies I can look at the husband for instance this is dawn Baxter his aspiration is romance and so I can look at what his wants are he wants to talk to Dina who's one of the I think the cute neighbor I'll actually he's talking to her right now dancing I have a chat. With her a little bit right now they're dancing now depending on how far he goes with this you know his wife is likely to kind of notice if she's in the same room right now she's having a conversation with this guy over birthday cake but uh looks like they're hitting it off pretty well here they're talking about trains or something or curvy roads curves that's what they're talking about so basically there's a lot more depth to the personality of the cell but yeah we tried to make the game such that somebody who has never played two sims before they can come in and it looks pretty much like the sims 1.0 what if i play the sims 100 i can come in and come in and play it exactly the same way without having to understand the additional complexity so we want to make sure the game is still very accessible even though we're going to go you know far more detail in all these different directions it's customizable and one of the things we want to do with that is we now have the ability to make movies you can capture movies within the game there's a separate camera mode that gives me more of a cinematic camera they can kind of fly around like a quake cam I get different kind of all zooms and pans and dolly shots I can give you exactly a quick example of a movie that was made in the game by one by the producer Lucy Bradshaw. Yeah so this is all captured in game footage oh then you just play the game turn on the the movie mode and this is a very simple stories about this kid with all the girlfriends he's had it gives you some sense of you know the different situations different socials you know and this you know it was very dull to find our to make you know just kind of doing this stuff in game capturing it put it together now it's going up to an adult.

So the sims one had this storytelling mode where you can capture screenshots and you know write a story it was kind of like making comic books until the difference here is that now the users would be able to actually make movies and if you look at all the different levels that a player can customize the game in all the different directions you know we have a huge community that built around the sims 1 huge amounts of content for the game and with the sims 2 we're trying to build an even more vibrant community with more content and so once we have all that content available then you'll have huge amount of resources you know props and actors to bring in to make these movies and then you'll be able to share these movies over the net so I think people are gonna think about this you know somewhat differently more like their director in a movie um in every level of game even down to like the you know the build mode in bio modes is the buy mode all the objects I can pick now and I can even recolor them you know to match styles I can make collections when players make custom objects they can actually transparently appear in my interface without me leaving the game so we're trying to make the player 2 player transmit a pollination of these objects more transparent so almost any point of the game where we can let the players do more customization we did and you know any place we can make the sounds kind of exhibit deeper more interesting behavior we did see what's he doing now with our other dancing again let's have him flirt.

Probably not going to make his wife very happy yeah I know he's funny work there so his wife actually kind of had is having like a little tential a little breakdown here now why she's seeing or having a breakdown we can kind of look at her you know her point of view let's see here with her um she's going a little bonkers there one of the things that actually happens that she has an imaginary therapist that appears if I select another person you don't see him the only person that can see this guy is her so if I select her he's visible but if I select another character he's invisible so they can have these neuroses that develop depending on how you play the game and you know one thing that people really enjoy doing with the game with the Sims is exploring kind of the dark side are all different failure states and so we really a large hole to add but deeper more elaborate failure states all around the sims 2 but that's generally in a nutshell we basically talk you know typical we thought players like the most about the sims 1 and tried to keep it exactly the same and took through the new areas where we thought we had the most opportunity to expand the game and really push that out both in terms of the simulation and the graphics technology and and hopefully you know we'll see this huge amounts of player creativity emerge from that both in terms of custom objects and in terms of like the movies that domain

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