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Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

A video describing all the problems with the thirteenth Nancy Drew game.

This video was edited by Serge Hanna. You can follow him here:

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This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Last train to blue moon Canyon features three different locations none of which are Blue Moon Canyon why is it the last train to Blue Moon Canyon are you saying nobody else in the history of the world will use this train stop there's a - after Laurie Gerard and Nancy's letter but not in the textbox city some people can be a little too rich and a little too famous for their own good if Laurie is so famous why does Nancy have to tell us who she is and I've always wanted to join forces with the Hardy Boys I guess all the other games that the Hardy's don't count Frank and Joe would be a lot cuter if they knew how to pose for a camera the Hardy Boys get to invite a guest but none of the other passengers do that's not fair why is Nancy sitting by the window why can't she be at the table with all the other cool people Nancy should be visible in these group shots John dramatically glares at Laurie for saying his name sure Lena ignores Laurie's speech and starts typing sure Lena is a jerk Joe gives a thumbs up when Frank's name is said and Frank nods when Joe's name is said they know their own names right the Hardys give each other an angry look when they're called amateurs even though that's what they are John is leaning over in this shot then leans over again in this shot Sharlene his glasses don't move when she adjusts them we see the kidnapper sneak up on Laurie here even though there is no kidnapper why did the lights go off when the train entered a tunnel the goldfields it was rumored to be haunted Laurie ends her speech the exact same second the lights go out this is amazing timing on Laurie's part Nancy says she's before the lights turn back on how did Nancy know Laurie disappeared when she couldn't see anything it's okay everybody just stay calm no need to pen I'll get to the bottom of this Tino says when no one is panicking charlena looks different from the last time we saw her what was your name again charlena doesn't remember Nancy from secretive shadow ranch ah Nancy Drew surely no lies to Nancy's face and pretends to remember her for no reason at all sure Lina is a jerk Sharlene is hair sure Lina keeps a flower by her armpit sure Lina was invited on this trip because she's great at research but she doesn't do any research all she does is write a romance novel charlena spends days writing her novel yet the screen of her laptop always stays the same she must be really stuck on that one page we don't get told why the Hardys switch from sitting at one corner at the table to the other corner is it just because joe wanted to steal tea no seat hey Frank the 1980s called they want their clothes back can't we at least tell about doochie that we do stuff for a tack you know the rules the crime-fighting organization has a rule against talking to the police there's a rule against talking to the police but apparently there's no rule against telling your friends I'm amazed that a tack has managed to remain top secret for so long it's certainly possible and the way she talked it didn't sound like she knew any of them maybe that's what she wanted us to think or maybe that's what one of them wanted her to think Joe suggestion makes no sense someone wanted to trick Lori into thinking she didn't know them the Hardys do all their investigations off screen even though they would be interesting to see what do you want. Hello I'm one of the passengers and I just thought you should know that Lori Gerrard has disappeared so the engineer is a jerk.

Oops this pipe is clearly not connected to the wall this creepy goat I when Nancy pulls the emergency brakes she dies instantly when Tino pulls the emergency brake he survives with no injuries this must have been the sleeping car none of the rooms in the sleeping car are labeled how do our heroes know who sleeps where lead is the key or is it. Lead is the key Nancy gives away the trick to the puzzle all the quotation marks here are double quotes except for the one after bed they put the space before the quotation mark not after what do most people our ghosts are actually temporary distortions and local electromagnetic fields I can't understand anything John says but the fact is Lori's missing and I for one I'm doing everything in my power to find her everything besides looking for her that is this looks like some sort of game.

Nancy wins up the key for one rotation but it does at least five full rotations during the jumping game the picture of Jake and Camille's car doesn't match the picture of Jake in the dining car there is no need for this piano clue to mention sharps and flats when they don't appear in the song that Nancy plays the pipe puzzle is so much fun you have to do it four times Nancy right Tino. Balducci Tino is a jerk Tino needs to button his shirt oh thank you. Nancy is a sarcastic jerk you don't like.

Her I can't stand those sappy books she writes and seeing as I said as much during an interview on national TV once it's a pretty safe bet she doesn't like me as part of a TV interview someone asked a police detective about his favorite romance authors obvious Photoshop this periodic table of the elements from the 1800s contains elements that weren't discovered until the 1900s the same animation place every time Nancy goes from one car to the next no matter which direction she's going players are forced to memorize all of the color puzzle solutions because Nancy can't take the clues with her nor does she write them down in her journal Nancy ignores all the other papers in these drawers what does AG mean Nancy says while standing right in front of the periodic table of the elements this handwriting Nancy follows a scavenger hunt to fabulous treasure cliche randomized 9 button keypad puzzle reused from game number 5 laurie gerard that bookshelf in the dining car you step on this thing in the floor in there and it slides open i practiced disappearing for weeks laura explains that she disappeared by using this hidden sliding door how did she find the sliding door to begin with multiple detectives searched the room and found nothing Nancy can look at the sliding door but she can't go inside it Laurie doesn't explain how she got to the caboose without anybody seeing her charlena never leaves from her spot next to the rooms only exit she should have seen Laurie in order to reach the caboose Laurie had to go through the scale puzzle only she couldn't have gone through the scale puzzle because she left the slugs behind Nadine Nancy Nancy Drew Laurie can't remember Nancy's name even though Nancy tells it to her multiple times this puzzle the game expects you to memorize all ten steps Laurie doesn't say anything about the fact that Nancy performed a dance routine right in front of her how does Dancing unlock the cabinet are there sensor pads underneath all the dance squares the game is put on hold for two minutes while Nancy reads this entire letter out loud Ruth gave up on trying to find her uncle's mind before she solved a single puzzle Ruth is a quitter I found Laurie she was hiding in the caboose oh yeah II know clearly doesn't terror that his mystery is solved but that I need this stone to build that thing in that diagram I found but if I remove it now Tina will know I'm on to something she gets Tino's detective skills way too much credit Nancy can't take this gem while Tino is in the room but she can't take this gem while Tina was in the room I wouldn't tell him a thing Nance unless it's to get lost it's out of character for the Hardys to hit a detective so much Nancy you missed it Nancy can miss a conversation even if she hasn't left the train car storyline is one word you stole one of her ideas she had no business sending the unsolicited material but technically yes now legally.

She can't prove anything and I'm certainly not about to admit anything uh you just confessed we hear a lot about this book with a plagiarized plot point and we see the book and Lori's train car but we never get to read it two words useless useless is one word this is a. Blurry photo not a ghost either you or Lori is or soon will be in big trouble john has clearly played the other games in the Nancy Drew series this puzzle these dolls are freaky the dolls initials spell out a long phrase in French that is highly improbable I have no idea why this picture is in the game I dumped her because because people said going out with her would make me look bad said she was a joke but no one took her seriously I said if I started hanging with her no one would take me seriously so I stopped calling you know nobody ever took you seriously maybe I thought it would help if I got a little positive press by solving a crime aboard a haunted train maybe I apologize and uh maybe you can see fit not to let any of this go beyond this room Tina almost kills everyone by pulling the emergency brake and he tries to frame John for it Nancy let steno get away with these crimes hey how's it going I think I know the name of Jake Hurley's engineer James Thurston great what else do you know about him well nothing not true Nancy you know how much he got paid why does the train randomly zigzag right before copper gorge the town of copper gorge has one restaurant one Museum and no houses yeah.

The creepy Crypt Keeper hey there. Welcome to Buell's old time taffy house come on over here that's not the name on the door of the building Fatima's freaky costume Fatima keeps waggling her eyes and waving her hands randomly why can't she stand still while talking to Nancy unless you go missing with the artifacts I've gotten here do that and you'll be head first in the nearest snowdrift before you know what hit you where'd all these artifacts come from Nancy makes fun of Fatima's accent do you know what's in that old trunk over there Jake's note specifically mentions this pickaxe and key are here with Buell but Nancy ignores this and asks about the trunk instead so you can forget about him cuz it's locked none of my kin have ever been able to figure out how to open it Fatima's display includes a trunk that she can't open you ain't touching it if it over there are you missing why is Fatima's voice muffled here she's not that far away from Nancy tell you what you get Charlene a Purcell to come in here so as I can shake your hand and I'll let you fiddle with that trunk till the cows come home person wearing cartoon gloves wants a handshake this puzzle this puzzle taffy costs 10 cents but Nancy is so cheap she'd rather get a free piece the lettering on this blanket is backwards according to the picture on the machine Nancy should be getting twice as much taffy false advertising nobody has found this slug in the past 150 years in the letter he wrote to his niece Jake said she should go to Camille's grave and let Camille's goodness rub off on her rub as in rubbing maybe again Nancy spoils the puzzle solution for us why did charlena bring hideous photographs of herself on this trip charlena can't be bothered to take a 10-minute break and meet Fatima in person for what Tino came to see me he thinks we make the perfect couple the sad part is it's true this puzzle better not mess with that puppy Nancy worms against pulling the break even when the train isn't moving if you could have it say to Fatima that'd be great Nancy doesn't say how to spell Fatima even though Fatima specifically asked her to sure Lena's keyboard has a blank key what does it do charlie is folder is labeled Grubbs why how pathetic can you. Get cute and pathetic just my type I thought you liked Joe I've always thought he was cute personality-wise Frank's more my type you heard it here folks best things Frank is pathetic there is no e in slimy and you found that out when you stop there so Joe could get a hamburger cheeseburger how could Nancy not know the difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger good thought hey I better get going wish me luck I'll go with you you can make me a cheeseburger did Joe ever get his Chi Berger what happened to it I need closure for Joe's cheeseburger what's more he hangs out at the local diner aka the only diner the guy at the diner hires Frank then immediately gives him time off so he can meet with Nancy and tell her about his new job after you do something for me sure Nancy does everyone else's chores cliche Fatima puts the signed photograph of Charlene ax all the way up here how did she reach that high the gears move counterclockwise but the conveyor belt moves clockwise did you know what.

You want to order yet Edna I'm still looking did I tell you that my granddaddy was the engineer on a private train owned by one of the richest men that ever passed through copper gorge ringing a bell causes this guy to gossip about something that happened over a hundred years ago the puzzle setup is very contrived make me another one fast and do it right this time Oh daddy's got some voice on her doesn't she according to the recipe the server's name is Flo who orders food based on the first letter of the ingredients the eye of the tiger is fixed on a star zircon lies in fingers that scar amethyst throats in a hand from the deep citrine is what the foul mouth shall keep Germany owned by a soft arm is ensnared peridot presses had the book of the mare the IIFA Tigers become a star their calm eyes and fingers at scar and that this wasn't a hint for the deep citrine is what the fellow shall keep turn levite us all turn as it's near rest of the play the mirror we hear this extremely long clue two times in a row this letter from 1883 says that Mark Twain hasn't thought up the name Huckleberry Finn yet but that's not true because Huckleberry Finn first appeared in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer which was published seven years earlier in 1876 this puzzle forces me to do math why am I not surprised Nancy's question needs a question mark Nancy should still be able to push this lever down without repairing the ax handle this puzzle where he found was definitely not gold poop jokes would you by any chance have any duct tape duct tape why I happen to have a roll right here in my pocket great don't be a ninny don't be a jerk charlena.

Jake built this with 1870s technology of course anything you find in the mine is well mine so if I find out that you've taken something without telling me let's just say things could get ugly lori breaks character for our moment in order to threaten Nancy Nancy fails to recognize this obvious culprit giveaway sounds like the trains leaving where's it going Frank and Joe will make sure it comes back for me I hope sounds like Nancy legitimately believes the Hardys will abandon her to die that might put a damper on their friendship Frank and Joe will make sure it comes back for me unless there's a turntable nearby this is impossible this puzzle the entrance to the mine is sealed but Jake's body is located inside did he seal himself in the mine on purpose why the only way this puzzle works is if none of the lizard's have moved in the past hundred plus years what is controlling the color wheel right now is there a GPS inside our are these lizards somehow magnetic Jake's clothes and skin have decomposed but his letter is still in perfect condition oh my gosh this is from Abraham Lincoln and April 14th is a day he was assassinated Nancy knows the exact date of the Lincoln assassination off the top of her head can I have it sure Nancy hands over.

A priceless treasure without a second thought but even if I got you to live for me how do I know you'd keep lying oh.

My gosh that's wait for a dramatic pause in the conversation before they fly away it takes 30 seconds for Lori to explain her plot to Nancy the whole time Nancy stands in place and does nothing Nancy dies instantly if she moves one of these support beams but Lori kicks one of the beams over and she's not hurt at all how did Lori get out of the mine without the magic color wheel yes you could have retraced the path she took to get here but that requires remembering what happened two minutes ago and I don't think Lori is up to that task Lori subtitles say sorry I have do this minecart animation reused from previous game.

Minecarts normally have brakes the minecart goes uphill even when there's nothing pulling it up gravity doesn't work like that by coincidence lorry just happens to be walking along the end of the minecart track when Nancy appears the minecart challenge takes a minute in 20 seconds I don't think that's enough time for Loreen and leave the mine and walk all the way around the outside to be in this area at the exact same time is Nancy Lori is clearly too far away from the mud to fall backwards into it there's no letter on the ground by Lori here then the Hardys arrived and the letter magically appears how was Nancy seeing Lori and the Hardys from this angle did she suddenly grow ten feet tall Lori is still muddy in the ending pictures that means she didn't change her clothes or wash herself off during the train trip back to the station when her father heard that she tried to seal me up in that mine he canceled all her credit cards and said that from now on lore'l had to support herself Lori tries to kill Nancy and as punishment she loses her allowance how about jail time for attempted murderer who gets the money for this letter jake has no living heirs and it's clear that Lori doesn't get the money so who becomes an instant millionaire

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