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Def Jam: Fight for NY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - (Let's Play - Walkthrough)

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Def Jam: Fight for NY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - (Let's Play - Walkthrough)

Def Jam Fight for NY Walkthrough Gameplay (Let's Play / Playthrough) on the PS2.

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Developer: AKI Corporation, EA Canada

Publisher: EA Games

Platform: PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, PSP

PlayStation Portable

Release Date: September 21, 2004

Genre: Fighting

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer


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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel today today we start Def Jam fight for New York y'all boated this and from the gameplay I see look like the computer likes cheat if you plan on making me play a game which I might break a controller I can but anyway this will be part 1 no talking dorrance cutscenes i've never played them down fire from new york even though this game was 10 years old when the round of town this was released I was knee-deep in this grand theft auto san andreas which release in the same year so let's go ahead and get this started I also got Scarface the world is you're sitting over there on PlayStation 2 because we plan this old-school style where PlayStation you can shoot two controller so uh let's go ahead and hop into this man make sure the options is set medium difficulty I turn the music down you always got to turn the music down on youtube nowadays because of all the other stuff that we got to deal with another thing if y'all catch videos not enable on mobile I didn't do it it's just some time YouTube if you have some content in there some music or something it'll just disable it in some countries and make it only available on mobile so let's go ahead and hop into this I believe there is some type of story mode on this as well so so now I was looking.

At the creative character a little bit before I actually started and from the looks of it we will go ahead and try to create a drink like character yeah and I'm saying just because I feel like it I really don't care I hope it doesn't possibly acting funny oh my god he's creating characters that look like celebrities that ain't in the game bruh it ain't even that serious what happened was I was looking at how to create John Cena it was a list of people that have made characters and he looked more like Drake so we just gonna call him Drake there we go when they start talking out I'll stop I'm Santa y'all can hear no see ain't no subtitles on this game I don't see how you forget done look at the roster these are all Def Jam artists at this time sir if they're actually artists we got four hoes let's go Oh.

More EPS I see heavy braless Doug see.

Did Jim fight for New York you messed up the mob yeah who's gonna put my kid through college now yeah don't worry someone also come along and take his place ain't that right.

The car came out of no that is look at the guy just try guys took a look at the mug shots my no way she works and I got down precinct man you see her come on.

Man anyone here the rain I read here alright let me go ahead and pull some information up real quick I'm gonna hit create a fighter that's a news a preset alright here we go rhythm is a six feet I said oh wow.

Then we can't go below buck 65 all right.

Okay all right facial structure we're gonna go with this skin tone all right well we attempted we intended to make the brandon's but you could only go so far or creational in this I want you to describe the suspect bra is this the man. We should be okay oh I'm gonna check it.

Man yeah drink expose ahead of rough boys I hope they let me go in and change that game over that's why I'm the chimp.

Bitch oh snap demob yo we thought you was what.

Arrested Otis this is the guy who was helping me get home while you two clowns were sitting around playing video games hey at least we're still around who knows what people are thinking after that shit you pulled man okay look look we got the count up our soldiers and put them on the streets now so is this guy in or out he's in remember man we don't know shit about this guy no offense he look like a straight how we know he cool cuz I say so well if he stays he's got to be able to carry his own weight can you fight I can take care of myself we gonna see about that my schizo might be just a bit.

Too lay down.

And I motherfucking saying ranch still a street fight go with street fight.

Alright let's see what they talkin about cuz I'm not a play hope there's a like it's a toy order or something I'm gonna throw me out there had me fight now that's a shame yeah ei man he ain't really had a good roster but these last generation they ain't give a shit they put on let's see if you could take on big house look at this big swarm up dude homo that's what I'm talkin about don't you own it got his soul in the job.

I got it be on it ain't even right how.

We doing this dude rabble now you're talking give him some more that's like.

What they doing a warrior yeah we're not just push I fav with the same button I need to start the blaze shit like that good lord hmm that's it the tutorial.

Over we'll make the first episode.

Between 25 and 35 minutes now what happens a lot of town if y'all see a short videos because I I was playing and they had like not bad stuff out it's like you seen a few scraps in your tongue yeah well whatever man Swarna shit ten-to-one is biscuit knock down the real fight there's only one way to find out go buy yourself some new gear if you're gonna run with this crew you better look the part think you can handle that hey listen the cops are looking for you so you can't go back to your pad it ain't much but it's yours for as long as you need it hmm it's got potential really the voice. I really didn't mean I met the preview to voice you gotta kinda let me change that please I don't think they will I think what think we locked in and I get them and I'm not going back to change the voice.

So deep mob wants me to put your ass to work and get you in shape for the circuit I can teach you new moves new styles to help you improve your fighting skills come down to this Ableton when you're ready to swing hey man it's Blaine I just talked to Dean here's the deal I want you to hit the club's start putting in work we'll give you a call when we got some changing the character.

People upgrade your skills better wait.

Let's see and they'll do get maybe gonna be like $60 someone go get some new gear how's it going need a new move take on a.

New style oh I can go back and learn the other style ice cream I thought we just locked in trains you want a good body work at it there we go this is where I need to be yep I'm going right for speed speed first I'm filling up speed and then we'll worry about this other stuff looking good see the clothes is looking like unless the development points cost hello or the clothes development point you stop something thank you change the shit Plumpton you are looking for a change I.

Don't want to spend money right there mini SATs barber shop let's go with.

Herbie streetwear let's check this out we still getting still figuring out how to get I was cracking yes good that's what some board up I bet you these closers ass yo that looks tight on you.

Drink ain't even that big though bro like really knows.

Alright then threads looking tight on you playa I see him wear something like this tucked in tight.

Oh god no look will changes clothes later man don't worry about that stuff later let's fight this is named Bo or.

Beak huge just like this guy I think it. Begins now trick old ass face you look like seal waffle face fuck out of here.

I'm up the Smashing and I'm a all types.

Of ugly his his hat got a hat god damn. It let's go clear some space people we need all the room we could get tonight.

You in some serious trouble now i'ma break you into homeboy let's bring the action tonight grab his ass oh hey I.

Think when they um oh man I'm gonna get smashed I'm getting bears damn it I grabbed him first huh sucka yo he's.

Bought this I don't know what his brother just do to me but look like it was will take a lot of damage.

Lord Lee never we're bleeding profusely.

See that's my specialty I should miss it Oh goddamnit let's go.

Let's go I'm not a knock them out though.

Crap damn it oh you just got old bitch.

Bitch he cleared this place out Daisy that was I'm proud of myself that.

Was ice cream right I didn't brought in a thousand points thousand dollars almost 15 honey got myself some development points I'll use those blaze them lose a fighter oh I guess that what his name was trick I got you oh I think this is gonna be fun but I could already see what's gonna happen because I'm scared of those dudes that do submissions oh man I already know what that's gonna be but this is something like right here though it's going to the next won't least one keep fighting it hey yo explain hooking cut. Out big killer bees like him what he sees keep it up take the risk of more.

Messages now there's lots of ways to KO someone first to get herself into the danger zone then you can unleash the blaze a move he's a weapon perform an environmental attack we're hitting which establish if you move they'll be picking a steep up off the floor oh I need to figure out how to do that haymaker Oh what kind of fantasy my man.

Yo you got to come down to the shop I definitely got some stuff she's gonna like holla back one love let's try it again who we want to go for next even the different venues got you.

All right let's clear out the first one can we move up your name is Bo not BQ. That barbequed haha damn motherfuckers name is barbecue and he got them lumps in his head just like do head on his face y'all ready round not romba fight number two i hope the same this easy injustice.

Gods among us that game was horribly easy like my nephew beat dad he's four he'll even I agree he'll specialists win make sure y'all get a new city yeah hope you like the taste of my knuckles jump come on bitch step to me I dare you oh yeah this is getting underway.

Help help oh no help.

Oh man I need to figure out how you do.

That big-ass haymaker dude then come on.

Matt grab him first oh yeah it's all here do you mount her.

That's just sick great take a month name.

Down get it down all right so I think I. Think the crowd brass people about to.

Whoop his ass already about that oh oh.

Wait I thought these are the danger zone how's that not a kale.

You while you down there how about you shine my shoes how about you kiss my ass clean up the debris people we have broken teeth out there somewhere only.

Got 9 bucks for that unlock look like you get 150 developmental points development points excuse me per match that's two down I smashed it to look.

Like to figure out how to do the goddamn haymaker I'm wondering is this triangle but I think they got to be on like I'm.

Stunned here we go hey this is wrong if you're not there right now you better be on the way down to the gym the message.

Hey yo kid remember you take a cut of all the action that goes on behind the scene that Chef fights there's always best going on so the more cautious you pull off in the heat of battle the bigger you couple me ah how did we get.

Over there I think it was in a shop place Stapleton athletics big Hemi Roz.

In there looking all roided out welcome back you want a good body work at it now.

You're a force to be reckoned with why because I increased my speed what'd I do all right here we go here we go foundation once more smash you smash you.

I don't know who that is let's go ahead and get help yo this dude. Got like two styles that's oh yeah you can get two styles I forget your name is.

NaN he's spelling with a wack game of spell about two smashing no no friends.

Hey you smashed by Drake though you're. Ready we got a big debut go down tonight check it out y'all run they get cargo.

Coats all with shorts on them done yo let's do this Ready Set let's get it on.

We missed oh let's make good help me Oh.

God Hill there you go every time they block Mazal gratis that look like that's the strategy that works they go to a block just look like the crowd really be.

Getting the ball come on one second ah.

Shit you do too much block and they will mess you up.

Oh that was nice the crowd came through.

Giving it breath oh my head front of my head come on god damn it.

What is that DDT without a doubt what a.

DDT. Before the danger zone get myself out of.

The day design come on there you go when they down like.

That his ass.

Oh there you go so you get that crash.

These people are dressed ridiculous look at these guys I'm gonna do back there would look like those Oh ditch there we.

Got the last man standing at the foundations I got 1,700 for that I was pretty good crowd favorite uh-huh ladies a move.

Speed bags so yes those are all just finishers well how many do you get cuz it looks like the fight is pretty basic you got your kick is you I said kick is though you got your kicks in your punches video blazer moves but like the kick in the punch and maybe some of the other stuff maybe that changes would like your styles I guess I can only guess just like we.

Thought Kronus boys up in Harlem have been on you add up or turf ain't nothing to be worried about though so for all he done it since second rate jumps down a star up a little shit in our clubs let's hope that's the end of it every time you want to match again development points that we can use the Train yo ants keep coming by the gym every couple days and I'll make sure you show results okay this guy.



No more abs you can get this work let's go ahead it's look like the boss to clean him up we clean them up and then we move on to episode two where's the story last there's only been a couple of cutscenes support I know.

Keep them thickest clear make sure y'all get it music any last words.

Pump the kids stop me son I'm with dance around you all night long we all week me.

In his ass alright we're already in that ass and a crowd is going to help us.

Let's go many dudes I got nothing on me okay I'm getting the hang of the game now I got to be careful.

Oh oh no no no oh man I was winning up.

Until then oh you know about that how do.

That shit sound like that's what I'm.

Talking about let's finish up scrum finish that sprout.

Baby get your ass on the ground French. Get names tail laid the bitch out bow down to the champ chump these are the rookies ain't they the other Pig goes better than these dude I'm gonna get smashed I know it I know it are we looking at 30 no more development.

Points I know a lot of y'all gotta pee like a mud we bout the seat what's up we're gonna check our voicemails I'm gonna make a couple changes to our character and then we're gonna move on to the next episode I'm probably gonna record about four episodes of this today so I don't know how many of them will actually get up on the channel but I'm for that since.

Yeah yeah fight laughs hey max Doc's owe.

Me a little something little young ass with my snapper keep up the good work tough fight last night kid hold it out.

You given that I knew I knew that already the mouth set up a fight for you they against the iceberg ice-t himself this is your first big shot head down a 357 whenever you ready gotcha hey I got some stuff come down to the shop sometime all right I will see y'all next episode make sure if you like this stuff man you gotta you gotta come through our peace mouthpiece

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