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This Dad Plays: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth 3 - Speedrun Azazel 'Splode

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This video from: Aubinator.
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This Dad Plays: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth 3 - Speedrun Azazel 'Splode

Join me in this incredibly OP Speed Run!

Azazel's synergy with this particular weapon is beyond amazing, and helps me in this speed run of the Binding of Isaac! You need to see, at the very least, how quickly I dispose of Mom herself! O.o


Hope you enjoy!

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The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth:

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Good day everyone and welcome to a special edition of The Binding of Isaac today we are going to try a speedrun i'm going to try a zazzle and we're going to go where we have a room from the start here that will help us tremendously there we go boom that'll be the only put pro quo revenge fry don't know what that does but everything is going to die once I get hit anyway so i don't think the revenge fly is going to be differently useful t1 as though we mean the well.

Another heart perfect something to stop the you were there there for like a second after you actually shoot which is kind of nice okay so there's the Gold Room ticket a.m. and into the bathroom dingle will come from the top hello damn it oh look out my friend that revenge fly is actually giving you hell. Wow that is incredible what do we got damaged range up perfect and a no-no. Devil deal that's fine I get it I get stuff okay we're going to go that step can see the time perfect gold room let's go we got here lard HP up nice these.

Things are going to fire me what is this tears up and the fool I don't know what the fool is no one asked apparently ranges up so we are good we are golden let's just put Campu don't know what that does but it sounded really cool and epic didn't look like it actually gave me anything there we go a. Key I don't see anything whoa hello so.

If I stayed here I'll be safe right players the thing I'm like flying over top of these things that makes sense for me to actually be all nice i gotta i am The Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies can't touch this motherfucker the hunt I hate the hunt.

You there we go there we go that fly is doing its damage wow that is really helpful oh you got a double deal let's check it out I am yes please damage tears up thank you my friends and I get more hearts I don't actually lose hearts when I am Azazel teams how many times. Time oh whoa not curse of the darkness is the worst okay now I can't see a damn thing. Let's go here five tiers down okay we're. Actually going to pause it does that actually cause it yes I'm gonna turn the brightness up or get rid of get rid of.

Something there there we go probably see me really clearly not yet. And what we got here no troll bombs note robots this is a worst.

Anything in there no oh man there was something in there oh these are bombs. Are they oh shoot I don't want to get you please thank their bombs sometimes like things start blowing up on me and I don't even know why okay what do we got here we got a friend spectral buddy what do you do shoot pitiful little tears I get it whoa let's try my friend I can actually fly over these spikes so you're actually not an issue continue bam bam.

The stuff on the floor does not affect me much oh which bombs do affect me oh.

Here we go here we go what do we got here ah cat reasonable to burst.

Don't know that wasn't it awful that is.

Me Hey Oh for those who want the seed.

Here it is whoa right there a8 m6 and j.

97 I'm good yeah this is amazing that that reasonable to burst chisholm whoa I remember these things okay anything any.

Passage so basically walking you're.

Indestructible here we go we're going to do the speed runways and let's go in.

Fuck what is this all stats up okay we.

Didn't find the gold room that it's one thing that I will stop for the gold room I know I know I know another speedrun but ok let's go we've got time apparently oh jeez oh jeez there we go good enough that was there this is stupid of the don't robot. Chocolate Oh what is this I can see.

Forever nice oh man there's so many pillows bombs are the key nice i can actually use them to explode doors balls of steel don't know what that does and i can see forever I don't know if that's per room but I'm gonna try it oh my.

Goodness this is a good room this is a good run I could feel it.

Okay no gold rooms in here let's go over to here.

Okay let's try this for a second see if we got anything nothing nope okay there's got to be that cold room there it is oh I don't have that special because it didn't didn't follow through nice try okay in we go rocks don't know I don't think so ok no rocks will not be had ox will not be had anything else cool he i'll take it for the next few runs you never know when you might need key Kate we were just gonna go right through I've wasted a full minute then again this was in a nice special room Oh.

Bad is not so nice not so helpful okay we're gonna continue on to the next level I foresee a lot of damage in the.

Next few levels here are you ready I'm ready here we go BAM just like that through the level.

Oh no no no no no summit moms don't want that I've got a much more powerful weapon right now now all i need is homing i can find some homing this would be in credible whoa where you jump to what do we got what do we got what do we got what we got these little keys I don't want to get all those that is a waste of time damn we got strength man.

Oh I'm huge now oh I'm huge.

Oh totally gonna get hit there what is this old robot postage okay we're good.

Well I gotta wait like one potato because otherwise I might not make it through that particular little geez this is incredible run are you jumping up and down there we go here we go is the dead.

End we got it with self. Geez this is incredible I keep it.

Destructible what is this whoa oh oh oh I may have just oh yeah forgot about you.

Guys no we don't want to temporary demon no thanks although yeah not we're gonna do this via CC boom boom boom troll bombs you kidding me okay what do these health.

Up oh is that another health up BAM okay.

Now wasn't there like a heart room in here that I found no that was the other one you can see forever that was a waste I was actually legitimately a waste that's okay we'll continue with what we've got here and we're going to go this way goodbye recharge next let's try.

This what do you got for me this better be good all steel I think that's good sounds good to me I mean if I balls of steel that'd be pretty epic pretty epic I'd say let's go this way BAM you. Thought you could trick me i can fly i believe i can fly what is this the magician is this really what I think it is is this really what I think it is no I thought it was homing for a second or was it only for that room all man okay I bet you that was only for that room were you speed up well I don't know.

What what does okay speed up it is nope.

Oh no we need to give this thing seriously that would have been hard to do especially the Sangha little got another goat the scapegoat that is too funny all right all right you gotta go way over here across the way nope get out of my way ma'am nice try no oh shit.

Oh shit didn't expect that one we're gonna go this way um oh bugger all that.

Could be the damper on things oh shit well Mazel go with it me some good get. Is a good are you miss I think oh I.

Think that was temporary let's hope that this actually gets you somewhere else no hurts see the worst.

Okay one hand is gone two hands are gone I don't know how many hands she has she's my mum she's a little crazy bit on the crazy side so I'm just not gonna stop moving what does that guy do exactly he's just walking around aimlessly here what do I got what we got ma'am right through the inside oh I went in there by accident well I got a shit ton of coins cups it is here we go now I.


Come on speed up speed up speed up uh okay over her mom already holy shit I did not know that.

Mom already shit I did not.

Did you see that did you see that I can't even get that oh man oh man ok ok.

Ok ok ok oh well excuse for a minute I.

Need to look these up what which is the there's got to be like a homing one ok we're going to pause this and we're actually going to look this up and i will be right back once i figure out what these are because you're too good to pass up ok so i've done some home run hitter and it looks like the feather does some crazy like area of effect but it's activatable which is not good um this guy really here he does piercing shot this one doesn't unmask of Tears so like those those two or not this is damaged up reading is something that I just hope it does not affect my tears and let's find out damage op.

Let's go let's go time where's the other.

Guy there is whoa what are you never seen you before.

There's a lot you had here a lot to be had oh my god a lot of enemies a lot of.

Enemies I was really hoping for the the.

Homing tears but unfortunately that did not happen for those of you who've never seen this when you do a speed run on you enter into what is called the super boss battle and it literally is just that it's it's like a thousand one different kinds of losses and you're trying to fight your way through them so there we go if they don't seem to be either i'm really really powerful right nor they don't seem to be as effective as least whoa pull and i'm saving this crazy.

Power for something that i may be unavoidable will you are something else.

I must say we're all damn everybody's gonna die.

There we go there's one more how many hearts I got Tom that hurts would she be hurt by as much either I don't know if I've got protection of some sort maybe my little buddies helped me where is my little bugger violent I had a second buddy to that huh something to follow me around the shoutout tears I I think he's gone missing done something crazy if you got caught up by the authorities or something but you know what to ditch me on a time like this not cool man not cool whoa I forgot you did that okay where's the other guy there you are you I'm not as effective against oh here we go oh man is that fly working for me twenty-four/seven cat wrecked it's the.

Worst oh that's the worst I have no idea where anything is there we go and we're still moving on I think I'm still fighting every single boss man every single boss every single boss get rags holy man wow what is that what was that okay I got a heart something that was like firing like a brooms don't shot way over here not impressed Oh was you well you're done and the mask is done the oh. We got the horseman horseman around horstmann around there we go horsemen are down Oh Devil horse man devil horsemen round that you're done don't even try don't even try just just go back to sleep wasn't worth it in the end whoa you sent out your horse like a motherfucker you got angry what there we.

Go here we go goes at it oh no you got the devil himself. Holy shit cause i'm lagging look it's.

Just so much happenin ok i'm down to know black hearts left I've used them all what's left is that it I did it I.

Did it there's all these hearts and I can't do anything with him because I don't have enough although it's good thing I got all those HP ops I tell you what is this all these things popping up all over there I don't see any special one so let's just keep going let's see what else we can find here there's a good heart any clones here let's go down into the room I still have the cat I have damaged umph you can see how far we can go this could be awesome ok which way to go which we go looks like I remember miss north yeah got rid of you.

Because you suck whoa you suck I I I.

Changed my mind you suck worry worry oh.

You were like one of them sorry little buddy sorry little buddy worry.

There we go back up and adam back up and out and up we go we go get rid of these things too then I'm gonna go fam ha oh.

Is that just an item all that's not what I was hoping for hmm ok let's go down.

Then I don't think there's item rooms in the moon I'm just wasting my time.

All that is such a good distraction that's a good decoy I like it oh my god is holy you kidding me.

Okay and then we're gonna go through here oh jeez fish on a stick come on. Come on come on come on but up open up their little Suzie I gotta wait for you. That's got to kill the run not that I haven't you sir anything here not really.

Okay we're going to continue pull all.

Why is it lagging a little bit.

There we go it is done it is done I'm around grab dad no you will not you will not stop it stop it okay okay any hurts.

Yes I need to go back up to get some nerds because i have not been very careful or is that hurt damn this music.

Is amazing the background sound effects all right Ariel one room from the boss oh come on just open up open up to me that tell me your problems the Headless Horseman I dealt with like five of you before you you are nothing nothing you ain't got nothing on me no I actually don't like that I don't want that no horseman we're continuing here we go let's see how fast we can do this I stayed home in tears that's what I want to know we're not going to the arcade this time oh come on now come on.

There's one here nope that is just a. Regular oh nice try nice try I'll mobile this.

Way troll bomb screw you goodbye. That was quick it's real quick oh wow.

Yeah buddy that was amazing unnecessarily used but fast and the furious I don't think there are any skull things here on just low at home moms her true arms hurt.

Here we go that was the ending of that one I was expecting some sort of secret level or something but I guess I didn't go fast enough let's find out what we got I guess we opened up Mia the Holy peanut butter jar all its glue for the.

Eyes I get it I get it I got it there we go well thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the binding of isaac stay tuned next time we'll see if we can get another 18 and stay tuned for the next video ciao

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