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Let's Play Splinter Cell Walkthrough - Part 1: Training (Gameplay/Playthrough) [HD]

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Let's Play Splinter Cell Walkthrough - Part 1: Training (Gameplay/Playthrough) [HD]

Splinter Cell has always been one of my favorite series growing up, and I figured it was finally time I started up a series since we have Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming out in August.

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is the first game in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series of video games developed and published by Ubisoft as well as endorsed by American author Tom Clancy. Set in 2004, the story focuses on Sam Fisher, a covert ops veteran recruited to spearhead the newly-activated "Splinter Cell" program which is part of "Third Echelon", an top-secret initiative within the National Security Agency (NSA). Third Echelon uses Splinter Cells, lone operatives working in the field with high-tech support to conduct intelligence-gathering missions in hostile territory.

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Sam Fisher I can't believe you beaten here I'd like to be early hello girl you can use my name the room safe amber T good to see you again I trust NSA orientation is going well well enough everybody's been real coy about what exactly I'm allowed to know it's the nature of the agency we don't let any one person know everything which means we've all got to work together even though I'll be out there alone you'll be transmitting to us in more ways than you can imagine we'll be online through your earpiece and offset and that's how we're handling training yep sorry to make you run the course I know you've been taking care of yourself I haven't been in the field in years sure but tradecraft is something you don't forget it's like riding a bike or wearing high heels be careful Fisher everything we say is being monitored you know how nervous the brass is about exercising the Pitts freedom I'll be good be better than good Third Echelon is a brand new initiative the role aggressive intelligence operations will play in NSA's future will depend largely on your performance I'll see you on the far side of the course all right Sam let's get started can you hear me clearly hi there good that means the implanted speaker is working correctly now the technicians here want to calibrate your equipment can you turn to the red emergency light on the wall to your left great now the one on your right okay same thing for pitch look for another light up in the rafters on the seal.

Excellent now look for one on the ground in front of me all right Fisher we'll get through this as quickly as possible we'll start simple climb up onto that ledge for that pool alright guys what is going on welcome to a Splinter Cell the very first Splinter Cell in the entire Splinter Cell series there are five slender cells in total as of now blacklist being the sixth one but since blacklist is coming out in August I figured it was finally about time for me to jump into the Splinter Cell series and we are going to be starting up with Splinter Cell 1 at which I was kind of kind of iffy about doing because it's really really really wonky trying to record this in a 16 by 9 aspect ratio I had to actually go into the configuration files and change it up and it it just doesn't really record well and a 16 by 9 aspect ratio so I'll probably have to stop the recording after every single mission and I'm not sure I'll be able to leave in some of the cutscenes so you'll just have to bear with me but that also means I'll probably make the videos a little bit longer and I do want to get through this game a little bit quicker since we do have five games to go through before August which is only two months away so I am probably going to go through Splinter Cell Games a little bit quicker and make the videos a little bit longer but yeah welcome to Splinter Cell one of my favorite series of all times so let's get going let's do some training I'm ready fresh jump shift at the base of the ledge and grab onto it so I've already configurated or configured at my key bindings because this games really weird with trying to play it on the PC we let you do your thing here you're looking at your basic assault course I'll chime back in once you pass it like by default spacebar is.

Interact which is understandable but shift is jump that's just the oddest thing to me so I had to go ahead and change up my key bindings I'm already actually played through this just to get the gist of it make sure I was doing okay so it should be pretty good here I should have the key bindings down and should should be good to go climb down.

It come on climb there you go there you go this game actually still looks pretty good I'm not sure how long this games been out I think it's been out since 2006 but it still looks pretty decent it's not bad I played worse I've definitely played worse on channel get up there ah yeah.

And I've actually only played three of the splinter cell's this one double agent and conviction so if I do happen to play chaos theory and I don't know what the other one is starts with the P then those will be completely new territory to me so that'll be interesting but for the most part I should I should kind of know what to do in this game I don't know if I've ever actually beaten this one in particular but when it comes to double agent and conviction I played the hell out of those in the past so those are probably. Going to be pretty easy for me now I'll probably be trying to stealth my way through as best as possible that's for this one I'm not even sure I've beaten it really I'm not sure about that I know I've gotten a pretty good deist decent way in it off the wall but no. Idea if I've actually beaten it but hopefully we can manage to complete it. That being said I mean it is an old game it's like what seven years old now and that would have made me 11 note I don't know why I always him I want to be 18 forever so I always think I'm 18 but I'm actually 20 years old so that means I was 13 years old when when this came out.

So yeah it's understandable that I. Wouldn't be able to actually beat the game as soon as you can find the way over the gate Vaughn took over and off-street now that is the most difficult game in the world but it's definitely got its a its difficulty level alright let me through damn bird I got this no you had to do some stealthy stealthy stealth you're moving on into. Covert ops the objective is to sneak through the area without being detected we've got live bodies in there the top CIA instructors have currently volunteered to be your victims these guys are fucking troopers I mean they're volunteering for me to knock the hell knock them out so they are definitely troopers I wouldn't do that they'll Sam Fisher would he do that Sam you'll need to use your lock picks to get through it yet I know how to lock pick it's actually pretty easy and this lets see any day there we go get the lock pick get I'm trying to there okay how do I use it there we go it's actually really easy to do this with the with the keyboard I'm.

Not sure how easy it is with controller because I haven't played this game in a long time and I actually Easton this next door is keypad locked the man guarding the door has the code to open it but he's been instructed not to cooperate convince him otherwise no I'll convince him but I also used to have this game not too long ago on the Xbox but I recently got rid of it which is kind of stupid of me considering I was planning on playing it at some point but I assume since I had a non-steam it wouldn't be a problem however I would have liked to record this on on xbox because it is so wonky with the PC trying to coordinate is 16 by 9 aspect ratio hi there hi you're not going easy on me are ya not so tight that hurts sorry about that what's the door cord 2 8 4 6 9 it was a.

Pleasure wait o-69 goodnight. Yes see I I would involve interior for that there's no way no way so two eight four six nine to do eight four six times boo overly the brightness is good enough for you guys this next door is retinal scanner locked these things are cheap and near impossible to hack fortunately it's just a matter of getting the right eyes to the scanner usually an officer the gentleman ahead is registered for the scanner convince him to open the door for you I'll do more than convince him I'll shove his fucking eye in there Dan it did it did it Nene Nene got you.

You didn't hear me did you because I'm being super stealthy it's got the Duke Nukem haircut going on.

You have anything you want to say oh no I don't want to shove your face back in there I want to see if I could the terry gate oh he's being awfully quiet for someone who is doing my bidding I guess he doesn't have anything to say all right donkey punch all right we can.

Get a little bit faster now let's work on step your gun should always be a last resort this ability is your best weapon we've got a network of photocells on your outfit connected to a visibility meter on your offset if the meter is at 4 you lit up like a Dutch brothel at 0 you're a ghost's channel you're a ghost shadow and we could shoot out the lights.

Where's my gun at oh there it is I wasn't showing up come on.

Are you see look at this I shot right at the light twice in a row and a day ahead while hitmarkers a little weird in this game it's a little bullshit.

Ha all right so two activates night vision it should be good to go there's actually supposed to be laid to open the doors slowly and stealthily but I'm not where you can do that in this area I can do that.

Some cameras are not protected with the armored casing shoot these cameras will destroy them a lot of past make yourself hard to see go back to the wall and press the equip key to your sidearm when picking how you can shoot around the corner without exposing yourself CI the reason I read that is because I tried this last time and it was really really weird yeah so you do this and then you. Take out your sidearm like that but then you're not against the wall anymore so I don't understand how how do you get against the wall or stay against the wall with your sidearm out that doesn't make any sense to me who knows maybe I'm not doing it right.

Sometimes the only way to pass a camera will be to stick to existing shadows and time your.

Yeah I really wish these cameras had like some sort of way of detecting where their their detection radius is but there really isn't a way so you just kind of got to make deal hope for the best I'm gonna wait all right are you getting up like that okay go go go go go go knock out the.

Guard in the corridor and hide his body before the patrolling guard finds it I can do that danten danten Dhin Dhin Dhin.

Dhin Dhin in in in in it I got you come.

On come on we're gonna go for a little chitchat over here in the corner ever though make-out session that's okay with you dr. punch okay now Fisher let's bring in another guard to evaluate your work you.

Think you'd at least be able to see my my in you know my optic lights here my night vision lights I guess if you weren't looking for them then it's possible you can miss them plus he looks like a pretty fucking old senile guy from here at least I did it.

To God good work Sam remember that discretion is critical to our operations covering up the evidence of your passing through will go a long way towards proving our usefulness in the field eat I get that I'm shit turns.

Bright the next always the same idea but for sound I'll be monitoring a few hidden Mike's alright so we have to go as slowly as possible in this room to avoid making any noise yeah okay crouch.

Don't hit the chains I hope these don't have some sort of weird hitbox on them or I wouldn't even touch the chain and it still makes sound that'd be really stupid I'll be quiet.

Sam I did it have you started yet Fisher.

I used to fuck that up all the time as kid phenomenal work let's move on I'm.

Doing pretty good I haven't failed a single single room yet and I believe.

That's it that's got to be him yep Sam.

Fisher let me introduce you to Vernon Wilkes jr. hello hey hey I've heard crazy things about your work I hope you don't mind I told him some of your stories from Kuwait we're all friends here right on jr. Wilkes is a longtime NSA employee will be your wheels wings and weapons he coordinates transportation and equipment great pretty sure man you must be itching to get back out in the field that's all I'm good at well it's all we need welcome to the NSA I'm sure things are going to come together famously Third Echelon is a brand new initiative and we're going to have a lot to prove right the two of you will be Third Echelon first team on the ground be ready for it and do us proud welcome to the NSA welcome to the NSA my.

Head did a little weird weird head Bob there in the cutscene all right it just did it again okay but I'm going to have to go ahead and pause the recording and yeah cuz it for some reason the game tends to fuck up here when I start up the next the next cutscene so I'll have to stop the recording after every mission unfortunately but I'll be right back

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