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Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Full Walkthrough

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Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Full Walkthrough

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Gordon Oh Gordon thank god you're okay.

Hold on a sec I'll get you out of there.

Let's hope this still works stand back.

Here goes.

Wow I forgot what a kick this thing has here you take the gravity gun you're better with it than I am when I couldn't find you.

Oh Citadel.

Okay a communication center let's see if we can get out a message to my dad dr. kleiner and my dad are up north at an old missile base I hope they're still using this frequency they're trying to help launch it ah here we go. Damn what now.

Let me see if I can get it working again.

What a mess this could take a while hey if you have any blinding insights into how to fix this go for it not sure what I did but.

It worked now to check-in.

White forest white force this is Alex pants do you meet white forest come in I pour it for you there Alex my goodness is that really you yes and Gordon - were okay we made it out of City 17 Alex thank God don't worry dad we're fine but something really strange is happening with the Citadel oh yes we've been monitoring the situation the wrong discharge of the meltdown has been focused into a coherent beam of portal energy is that combine they're trying to open another gateway yes what you're seeing is the infancy of a super portal if it attains full strength seven-hour war over again except this time we won't last seven minutes my god Gordon what if that's why they were sending so much data from the Citadel so the data from the stove in the control room they were feeding huge volumes of data directly into the core destruction sequence.

I downloaded the whole packet they've been chasing us ever since my dad.

The Alyx Vance would hire miss come ha.

Ha the freemen I am pleased to see at least you are unharmed but the Alex vans her condition is grave feeling her will.

Require more than I alone can conjure let me summon my kin.

My kin will meet us at a shelter location but even the surface we must move her there quickly I will stabilize her if the free man will provide us with protection let us.

Hurry help awaits.

You idiot that's Gordon Freeman the border GaN say he was on the way dr. Freeman now expanse is over here the Boers trying to patch her up.

It is well the Alyx Vance clings to the.

Margins my kin are still some distance away for now we must not be disturbed yeah well about that as long as you're.

Down here for even maybe you can give us a hand let me show you how the antlion sensors work got some supplies over here if you need them health and ammo that sort of thing this sensor will light up.

If an ant lions coming down this tunnel more lights mean more antlions when a tunnel lights up we move a few turrets in front of it.

Baling wire this Greeks you might want.

To show dr. Freeman or we keep the supplies huh yeah everybody the boy everything you need for doctoring that coming.

Hey we got the preach dr. Freeman you.

Take care of the turrets.

Come on try to keep up let's just stay here we got 36 you handle 12 knock you.

See a bug on me how about you try to get it off next time.

You come for the breach 12 we got 24.

What the hell makes you think that coming 36 and the brakes.

Three lights we got three lights why are there so many I think we fish underestimated.

Refundable we do many advanced yet many.

More remain we must attend to the Alex pants there is no time more a client's approach we shall quiet them.


We have exhausted their immediate number now to the next matter her injuries are.

Grave this will necessitate deeper submission in the fort Essen seed we require the Largo extra ZX yes I will.

Make the journey to seek extra deep within the nest in the sacred nectarean but I cannot hope to bring it back at all we must remain to keep the alex pants alive please Freeman join the Earth Day yes there is no finer Italian well stated.

Pity the generator that requires.

No it will be a paradise let's find out.

Observe how they please but we must not.

Forget the gravity of our errand.

You have done the hardest a million years Jim truly the light now it's at his hands.

Such quantities.

It's a bounty of reliable extra.

You bear some traits we thought innate to Florida kind lion husbandry is once our ancestral practice the creatures exude many valuable compounds the extract is the most prized it dissolves ax Falls fails to divide contestants all their business.

She adds if we lose her we lose all the.

Hold the extra oculus secretion a haze.

Join now as we abide the extra yes a.

Human is needed agreed join us Freeman.

We weave the feelin's life.

Dr. Freeman I realize this moment may.

Not be the most convenient for a heart-to-heart but I had to wait until your friends were otherwise occupied.

There was a time they cared nothing for miss Vance when their only experience of. Humanity was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor when I plucked her.

From Black Mesa I acted in the face of.

Objections that she was a mere child and of no practical use to anyone I have. Learned to ignore such naysayers when quelling them hmm was out of the question still I am NOT one to squander my. Investments and I remain confident she was worth far more than the initial appraisal that's why I must now extract.

From you some small repayment owed for.

Your own survival see her safely to.

White forest dr. Freeman I wish I could. Do more than keep an eye on you but I have agreed to abide by certain restrictions well now listen carefully.

My dear when you see your father relay.

These words prepare for unforeseen.


We have a very measurable God nice dear.

Oh oh my god I thought I thought for.

Sure I was dead the campaign hunters caused traumatic injury a hunter so. That's what it was we need a shattered bone and be stored circulatory integrity yet it was a free man who retrieved her fort essence yeah that's Gordon how long have I been.

Out a matter of hours hours we've got to get.

Moving a moment longer but we have to.

Get your white forest it's vital no fear we will put you on the right Road now try carefully to rise whoa I don't know.

What you did I have a feeling I'm lucky to be here come then I will get you on the path to white forest come on Gordon looks to me continue our hunt for advises farewell goal say travel.

Well good knocking out there okay Freeman be adequate hell does that mean.

I don't know it sounds like some of the parts would say.

Yes and they carry should be a license to the occupation they gather.

Nice work well done.

Freeman you dispatched those guards with great dispatch come now the vehicle we seek is any encampment above this lift.

Will carry us to where the vehicle awaits.

Thanks Gordon.

The sentries should have spotted us by now you think the combine filmin such a theory is hardly far face.

The combine found them alright but came to no good in themselves headcrabs have had their way with both parties.

Hey look out on that bridge I think I see the car you were talking about it.

Appears they attempted an escape but made it no farther than the abyss well if they got it over there maybe we can jump it back to this side we recommend the freeman for this - hey. I'm feeling a lot better that condition will not last long if you plunge into the toxins below we would do well to lend our protection from above while free man skirts to hazards in the pit this mounted Don may prove useful the.

Gun would appear to be perilous go.

Freeman I will look after the Alex vans well Gordon I guess it's all up to you.

Here I'll get this filled down.

Careful now.

Oh my God look at this car we scored.

Shotgun Oh unless you want it I fear.

More urgent errand demands our attention there are advisors yet unhatched will. Keep on the lookout this road will take you near white forest but be wary that others may use it as well I can't tell you how grateful I am our bonds are of nature and require no gratitude.

Should have known it wouldn't be as easy as just drive looks like.

A radio tower if it's working we need to set a warning white forest no idea the combine.

Nobody's home wonder how long it's been deserted they must have a transmitter in one of these babies.

I'll keep a lookout while you poke around inside.

We should get our warning out and keep moving that was probably a scouting party here it is okay.

The signals really weak well let's give it a try that white forest come in white forest do you read what force do you read this is what are you I give you.

Hours ago well we had a bit of a set don't you understand the gravity of the situation the survival of yes I know but. The combine they're heading your way I.

Wonder if we got any of that let's get back on the road here let me open the gate.

See if we can pick up the road somewhere ahead.

I know that piece you can see it's a white forest we're heading the right way.

Gordon there's an advisor around here.

Someplace it looks like we weren't the first finest place I think we found our.

Advisor the board said we should kill.

Them before they hatch hmm.

Life support what do you say Gordon shall we pull the plug sorry about this.

Maybe I can get this open there we go.

Oh my god.

Gordon thank god you're all right. The thing was hurt did you see it I can only imagine what it would have done Oh. Called its friends soldiers.

Get out of here.

We may have to ditch the car this way.

Since you brought that chopper in on your tail wanna maybe.

That was amazing wait you threw their minds right back at him well I could sure use a drink who's with me we need to get back on the road but our engines shot to hell I don't suppose you got any tools for working on cars tools got a whole shop over here come on we'll get you set up.


Oh you are kidding we'll be back on the road in no time well that could be a problem here that all the gun going off out there I normally run supplies on the white forest-based few days ago combine cut off access.

Maybe I'm getting the car fixed up you can see about clearing up that roadblock all the fresh zombies coming out of city 17 and kept them pinned down it's just a matter of time till the troops start pushing this way do you think you're up to it we'll let you out there huh he's always up for it Franklin we got a trap door up here where I can let you over the other side that way you'll get to see the gun before it sees you. Good luck taking up that auto gun.

Not only did they help me fix the car they threw in a bonus special this week only it's like an onboard radar for you guys picks up little beacon jabbers like this one here we've hidden a bunch of these things out there in the field to signal emergency stashes so keep an eye out when you see your dashboard light up you're gonna want to stop and investigate I'll fill you in on the road Gordon thanks again you guys.

The radars going off board according to the radar looks like this my cashier.

Right on.


Something on the radar.

There's the power source for the students huh I haven't skimped on security either let me see if I can disable the shields and get you closer to the reactor okay it looks like I can open them from here but I won't be able to come in with you here goes since I can't help you in there.

Why don't I stand watch outside while you disable the Power Cell.

Let's hope there's no more combine between here in white forest.

Let's add something on the.

That doesn't sound good.

I think that's white forest well we're.

Close enough to make it the rest of the way.

Oh no dog doc are you all right wake up.

Doc we're fine better now just follow.

The stream then head up the other side white forest is right there you can't miss it all right thanks okay let's go come on.

Gordon get the car.

Looks like we need to jump again did you mind.

Oh boy okay race you to the base and.

Step on it Gordon.

No let him true thanks we had a feeling.

You were close when we saw a dog take off like that I was never so glad to see him believe me well Gordon white forest. We made it.

Alex dr. Friedman you made it hey boy are we glad to be here yeah we heard you ran into a little trouble out there combines been trying to hit in the front door I think they learned their lesson you mind if we keep dog controlling out here oh not at all you heard him dog I'm gonna go see Dad I'll catch up to you later you take care of yourself I don't think. Eli knows you're here yet he's in silo one access unit right through here shall we.

Same old dr. Magnus hey Gordon man you.

Made it dad Alex I was so afraid I.

Wouldn't see you again then this we got we're together now that's all that matters look at you son I know if you both stayed together you get through anything yeah we make a pretty good team yeah well that's good because well now that the suppression feels down we all have to do our part dad can you blame an old man for warning grandkids what's what I am mean to you.

Dad it's not what it looks like I'm fine are you sure shouldn't look good really I'm fine where's dr. kleiner we should get this data to him right away okay yes yes we should he'll be glad for.

A chance to get out of the silo this way Gordon where he and Magnuson have been going had you they were still competing money something's never changed you have any.

Idea how long until the super port is active we don't know for sure you're keeping an eye on it and what about the combine will we be able to launch before they attack it's gonna be close Oh take it once tried to destroy a rocket but we're ready for I'm sorry we couldn't get here any sooner dad don't worry I'm just so glad to have you better you I'm glad to be back.

Don't worry my dear what a relief not to.

Mention a delight to see you here at last and Gordon I see you in the HEV suit you've taken excellent care of each other they're inseparable that data people that data liner are you going to sync up the satellite or should I postpone the launch to make time for a family reunion a liqu San Gordon Oh fine.

No one grants me a moment's peace but by all means unroll the red car good grief I only met them I know oh never mind him. No my dear where is this data packet you've been carrying if i delay a single moment I'll never hear the end of it it's right here dr. kleiner we've got a ton of data the strange thing is it was all attached to a transmission from Judith transmission from Judith do you mean the message didn't get through we've got to see this right away just let me start the decoding process and then we can view it in the auxiliary control room for God's sake hurry yes yes of course another alarm what net parade constant interruption hello hello. There anyone the alarms all days then.

Close the mystery of the tracks I do not know how I am supposed to concentrate with all of this racket Freeman Freeman you're not doing anything make yourself useful and find out what the hell is going on in there yes Gordon you don't mind I feel better look catch up with us when you're done the blast doors will.

Have sealed due to the alert so you'll have to go through the bottom of the launch tube I'll open this hatch to let you down now once you down there I'll have Uriah let you into the secondary silent.

Attention personnel this is dr. Matheson since the secondary side of staff seemed incapable of solving their little pro problem you will hear we have three men.

On the job we all look forward to his remedy and I look forward to hearing the stats excuses.

Freeman the Magnusson is instructed me.

To see you.

That's been sealed dr. Gordon okay glad.

That's over we couldn't get in till you sealed off the silo and the blast doors opened up we read ibly true I better let my dad know you're all right dad yes yes.

He's fine and thanks to him the base is secure we'll head right over.

The freeman must follow if you would.

Take the Freeman from here I can return to my place of honor at the side of the Magnusson it's your thing thanks for the help dr. kleiner told me that Judith headed north and a helicopter right after they got here but he wouldn't tell me why.

I'm fairly sure they've done the location of the project it's hard to say how much that might have survived intact or whether there's anything remaining compromised our work if it were just subject by the combine we'll need to take a close look at it of course but I shouldn't be able to give a better opinion within a few hours if it decided so everything it is did it speed no mortis I'm gonna cut the short we may have been spotted there was no stopping.

Her do I wait a moment there's something.

Else here it's the borealis good god.

Incredible what the borealis it's real oh yes quite real despite its almost legendary stature are appear is an aperture science or at work on a project of some promise but in their rush to beat Black Mesa for funding thing must have compromised ordinary standards of risk mm-hm their research vessel had simply disappeared vanished with all hands and even part of the drydock few believed the borealis would ever be seen again it should have been lost forever ah but now that we've found it we can use it against the combine did use it that thing is to be destroyed but think of the advantage for Humanity we can't simply waste all that potential mr. Turk you anything there's no controlling that kind of power well yes there's always a risk Eli but my goodness we have coordinates blueprints hailing frequencies quite ingenious dr. Mossman to hide it all in the carrier way that means she's still alive up there but it's a combine catcher you tear out everything he knows there'll be nothing left over but we don't know for sure take that chance I'm going after no Eli the only thing worse than Judith falling into their hands would be if they should get a hold of you she may know the particulars of the borealis but you you know everything about the resistance listen to dr. kleiner dad Gordon and I are more than able to handle this we'll get her back where are you why isn't the decody finished Oh fine the code yes Magnusson it just needs a little bit longer waiting for the combines go ahead they'll soon be gonna give it to you in person I'll hurry it along Magnuson I'll be back as soon as I finish dad are you okay then I can't I can't I can't.

Dad prepare for unforeseen consequences. What did you say dad okay it's okay just.

Just looking into me let's get your feet thank you baby I'll be fine in a minute - okay do you. Need anything actually Alex would you would you mind getting me a cup of tea there's a hot plate Neal staff room I'll be right back Gordon just keep an eye on him well we're not going anywhere thank you me.

Unforeseen consequences the last time I.

Heard those words was back at Black Mesa you had just stepped into the test chamber when he whispered them in my ear you know who I'm talking about our mutual friend when he brought in.

That crystal I knew I should have aborted that damn test but I didn't know went to hell that day and now now he's. Using my little girl putting words in her mouth god damn it I should have. Known money rescued her it was for its own reasons Gordon there's so much I need to tell you between us we may finally have a change here you go is everything all.

Right there's nothing gonna be all right people change of plans there is no way we could launch before those Striders are Oh oh excuse me if I'm interrupting teatime I'll just step out until you've finished if that's more convenient I believe I found the perfect use for you follow me quickly we'll talk later I'll catch up with you in a bit.

Bremen Striders are coming a single one of those damn things could shoot down all right don't dare long until all Striders are destroyed now you've proved yourself capable and the staff seem to respect you therefore I'm putting defensive fight forests and this ingenious new weapon of mine in your hands we call it the Magnusson device not my chosen label you understand but it seemed to please the personnel now look lively in there warm up the delivery part whatever you say and what it is is a sort of sticky bomb although cleverer than that makes it sound from your point of view you merely pitch the device at the Striders halt then blow it up I've struggled with a mechanism for launching the device but well your zero-point energy field manipulator clears up that little problem now follow me and would let you get in some practice while we still have time.

Don't be alarmed Freeman this Striders days of impaling your friends are a thing of the past now out in the field will supply you with all the magnets and devices you need through delivery ports like this one for the safety of the base these devices they cannot explode that.

Those you will find in the field go ahead and take the device out that's right now oh sit at the main body of the sprite there you go.

Huh not too difficult at this range as it gets a bit harder when it's moving about and firing at you of course now let's move on to a more challenging task Uriah send the target to the far end of the rails.

Now a bit more challenging at this range.

Isn't it magnificent device isn't it.

I'll be right over here when you are ready to set up had enough your car is.

Fueled and ready to go now every building in the valley has its own dispenser port so you'll have ample supply of explosives now I must get back to my rocket Freeman I'm relying on you not to squander my trust or my mechanisms oh and Freeman if you pull this off I might just forgive you for that debacle at Black Mesa you know the one I mean involving a certain microwave casserole.

I've taken a few liberties with your car check it out I added Iraq for magnusson devices back here I tweaked your onboard radar so the.

Combines show up red on the dashboard unit now plus it'll send a homing signal to your HEV suit case you get separated from your car no need to thank me now check this map we're right here at the south end of the valley rest of the gangs up north by the old sawmill here head on up there and they'll fill you in on the battle plan I'll be staying here to watch the field and send status updates good luck out there.

You'll find the sawmill at the far end of the valley.

Perimeters clear still no sign of incursion keep alert.

Dr. Freeman so they've sent Freeman have a good man we've counted a dozen Striders just north of us our job is to keep them from reaching the base to the south if they get close enough close enough us enough for one good shot at the silo the whole launch is a bust and in case Striders aren't bad enough recon indicates they're being escorted by a packs of hunters now what I want you to pay attention o North perimeter breach we have a Strider approaching from the crane.

Stridor at the sawmill.

Keep an eye out it looks like hunters are traveling with the Striders is still working in packs.

Now we have a Strider coming in from the water tower.

Away with those practices.

Only if you Stryder slap.

Oh Strider has been spotted by the crane.

Another Strider from the water tower.

Looks like that was the last one wait a. Minute get ready everyone which spotted drop ships carrying even more Striders we have about a minute before they hit so gear up this is gonna get ugly before it's over.

Alert there's a spider getting close to the base.

We have them all good work everyone.

Hey Gordon Freeman thanks Wow Gordon you.

Were amazing out there.

Which is in its final stages the Buddhist Christian but Blackie Magnussen sure will be at uh.

Freemen well I see the Magnussen device performed flawlessly I feel compelled to.

Thank you personally for saving my rocket so thank you that's enough.

Chitchat I've got a rocket to launch Wow for a.

Minute there I thought so we're gonna get a hug close let's go to the control room we can get a great view of the launch from there well here we are again.

While you were out having fun I found an old helicopter that I was able to get working I've got it all packed up and ready to go never a dull moment huh I'm seeing a. Payload anomaly of approximately hell of.

A job you did out there son let's not forget with the Magnussen device those strikers practically destroyed themselves yes well I think perhaps Gordon had something to do with this I.

Really Gordon was a champion y'all here no objection from me it's all yours.

Our rosters t-minus 10 9 8 7 6.


Now it is still too early to celebrate we need to reach altitude and transmit the signal to write the clock is ticking.

It is going to work right it attitude once the rocket is in range of the portal we'll be able to switch on the scene iam resonator well let's get outside I'd like a better view of the fireworks there should be quite a show regrettably I can't come out with you Magnusson and I will need to keep a close eye on just as soon as this is.

Wrapped up I wouldn't dream of letting you go without a proper goodbye okay I'll hold you to that you too dr. Magnussen there you are the more I think.

About that warning from our friend the more I'm convinced it has to do with borealis don't be deceived that ship must never be used you have got to destroy it whatever the cost where are you two you're gonna miss it be right there Alex Gordon thanks for everything you've done for Alex for all of us I couldn't be prouder if you were my own son now when you get back we've got a lot to talk about.

The combine aren't too happy right now but we've got plenty to celebrate I wish you didn't have to head off it's okay.

Dad we'll find you tooth and bring her back dog hey why are you.

Don't go too far well there she is.

Gassed up and ready to go remember to keep in constant contact we have no idea what to expect don't worry dad we'll be all right I just wish all this didn't have to fall on you Alex your mother would be so proud.

Come on going the choppers waiting for us you have everything you need I think so. Dr. kleiner gave us the borealis coordinates we'll keep the hailing frequency open on the chopper radio in case Judith tries to reach us again good ideas she could well make another attendant dad.

Oh oh my god I love you.



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